Monday, September 18, 2017

1 Year Later


Hope everything is going well for everyone!
Craziness! On thursday I hit 1 year in the mission! That doesn't seem real at all? The time really does fly by! Weird to think 1 year ago I walked into the MTC. It really has been 1 amazing year! A year of a lot of laughs, smiles, learning, and growth. But I love it and wouldn't change it for anything. And I have 6 more months to work hard! Time to get back to work!
But here is what happened this past week:

Antonio- we talked with him again about the Word of Wisdom and helped him realize the real question is if Joseph Smith was a prophet. And that knowledge comes by reading the Book of Mormon, which he hasn't been doing very much. So we told him that is what he needs to do. We have seen him since, but he texted one day saying he read and it was beautiful. We'll see what'll happen!

Our ward mission leader and his wife the relief society president gave us this referral a while back, and we taught 2 of them for the first time 2 weeks ago. This past week we got in again and taught the rest of the older kids. The Gonzalez family! They have a lot of potential! It was weird, part way through the lesson one of the sons and his girlfriend walked in and sat in on the lesson. At first the girlfriend seemed pretty opposed, talking about the pope a lot. But by the end we taught about the Book of Mormon and that it was written by people in the Americas. The girlfriend thought that was really interested and asked for one. We talked with the mom after the lesson and she wants to keep learning, she wants to go to church and see what it is like, and says that baptism is a goal she has. Lots of potential! Fast forward- the mom came to church on Sunday! And afterwards she asked for a priesthood blessing! She stayed for the second hour and said she felt peace and felt very welcome! It went so well! We're excited to see them tomorrow!

Thursday we had multizones! yay! We went to Moreno Valley and were w/ the MoVal zone and the Mnt Rubidoux zone. A lot of missionaries I have served with in the past were there, which was a lot of fun. There were a lot of Spanish missionaries there too! Basically it was a party. I played the flute for a musical number and it went pretty well! It was a very good multizone! The Hammons are great- super loving and just sincerely want to help each and every missionary. The trainings were great and were super needful. There are like 8 or so elders going home in 1 week, and like 6 of them were in our multizone so we got to hear 6 outgoing testimonies. It was a great day all in all!
The La Sierra zone!

On Monday a missionary serving from our ward came home and so there was a welcome home party on Friday. Good food and fun to be with the ward. Everyone was so happy- but nobody more happy than the mother of the elder, haha. She has been so excited for this day for the past month! On Sunday he gave his homecoming talk and an Hermana who used to serve here and reactivated the elder also talked (Hna Castrellon). 

Church on sunday was a little crazy! Saturday we called some of our investigators to invite them to church, etc. Chaba said he couldn't come because he was going to a festival or something. But sunday morning he called asking if we could find a ride to church for him! This amazing recent convert Hermano picked him up. At first when church started, we looked back and nobody that we are teaching was there. But at the end we looked back, saw the Mom of the Gonzalez family, Chaba, and a returning less active hermana who just moved into the ward and her family, including her nonmember boyfriend! So we stayed pretty busy during church!
When you call Chaba and then he plays you a song

Sunday night we went on splits and I went to one of my favorite hermanas in the ward. She doesn't have a car so sometimes we go on splits with her and help her do her visiting teaching. There is an hermana in our ward who has had cancer for a few years. A few weeks ago she was in and out of the hospital, but this past week they put her in hospice. So we went to see her quickly. Super sad- oxygen tubes and all. She seemed really tired and weak, but her family was all around her. This hermana I went on splits with recently lost her mother to cancer, but she was unable to go back to Honduras to see her or even be at the funeral. She hugged this hermana so hard and they cried together. It was a very sad moment, but just another reminder how great it is to know of the plan of salvation!

So after our splits sunday night, we were just one new investigator to hitting our goals. And not that hitting our goals means everything, but we were determined. So at like 8:30 we try this young man we met Saturday. His grandma answers the door and lets us in even though her grandson is out. Funniest lady ever!! hahaha!! We sat down with her and her husband and soon after her grandson came home too. I don't even know how to explain, but she was just super funny. Very nice family too! But just another De Anza last minute miracle. I feel these happen every week. Last try of the day, last day of the week, etc. A lot of the times the week starts out rough- few lessons, few new people to teach. But by the weekend everything turns around and we are swamped with miracles sometimes. 

The heat has stopped! I don't know if we'll go back to the 100's again! We've been a little cold lately, need a cardigan on at night or if there is a breeze. It is only getting down to like 70 degrees, but man we are getting cold. Soon I'll need a jacket, and then my coat. I'm wimp, I'll admit it.

Last week of the transfer! Anything can happen! Like 27 new missionaries will be coming in, only like 8 leaving (like a ton of sisters coming in and only elders leaving), so there will be a lot of changes coming up. Anything can happen!

That's about it for now! Hope you all have a great week and talk to you next week!
Hermana Schooff

Monday, September 11, 2017

Weird Week


This was kind of a weird past week. Here is what happened!

Tuesday was our pday and we went to the Redlands Temple!!! Yay! We went with Hna Villalobos (our RS president and wife of our ward mission leader) and Hna Oteo. Cuties! I love the Redlands temple! It is a smaller temple (1 floor as far as I can tell) but beautiful. It felt like along time since I had been able to go (since the end of January). But we loved our time there and dreaded leaving. 


There was like a polynesian wedding going on behind us

Wednesday Hermana Flores had some appointment things to do. But before that we went to the mission office to see if one of the office elders could magically fix our phone. Not quite, but there was another slide phone at other hermanas gave up for a flip phone. The only thing wrong with that phone is sometimes the colors on the screen get weird and some of the keys are harder to press or will type like 3 of the letter when you press it once. But it was better than our phone and better than a flip phone so we are content. Then we taught this new family (all except the husband). They seem really nice! We also saw the Vargas family- well only the wife. But we went over all the restoration and gave her a BoM. She is so chill and enjoys listening to us and learning. Their family has a lot of potential! They were so pumped to go to church sunday, but then some family came in to town :(

Thursday I woke up feeling a little sick. Luckily it was a pretty chill day since we had studies and weekly planning. We were supposed to have a lesson w/ Chaba, but he was drinking the night before and didn't feel good in the morning.... Thursday night we exchanged!

Exchanges! I was w/ Sis. Ashley Harris (because we have 3 sisters w/ the last name of Harris) who was in my incoming group. We both didn't feel too good, but good enough to do work! At old folks service we built a puzzle w/ a lady named Donna. Pretty hard- we didn't finish. We had dinner w/ the Madrid family and taught Word of Wisdom. The first time I ever taught the word of wisdom to somebody who drinks coffee/tea/alcohol very rarely but was not very willing at all to think about giving it up. You would think if you don't drink if often it should be easy to give it up, but not yet at least. We'll see what'll happen. We also picked up a new investigator and I translated a little bit while Sis. Harris taught. Sometimes it is weird to me that I know another language. That like 90% of the time nobody has to translate for me, but now I can do that for other people. 

Saturday was my sick day. This week was the first time in my whole mission that I have gotten sick (other than my last week at the MTC when I finally caught all the MTC germs). I had off and on sore throat, lost my voice, congestion, sinus pressure, bad headaches, overall tiredness, etc. Luckily no temperature or anything like that. But saturday I just felt bad. So we tried one morning appointment and then I went home and napped. Didn't realize how tired I was until I woke up like 4 hours later. That evening we went to a stake activity- a luau! HUGE TURNOUT. I think they said they expected like 500 people but we had at least like 1300+. They had to order like 80 pizzas because they started running out of food. One member in the stake teaches hawaiian dancing classes and many youth in the stake are her students so they performed. We watched a little bit and it was cute! 
The Spanish know how to party (well at least the north half of the mission)

Spanish Missionaries for the win!

Sunday I was still a little sick but we went to church and to a baptism of the elders. Sadly nobody was able to come to church this week, but we have high hopes for this coming sunday!

So it was kind of a weird week- with sickness and unexpected things that took up our time. 

This morning we have an activity w/ the north half of the mission. Basically an activity to replace Pres. Mullen's crossfit. Saw a lot of people from my last 2 areas which was fun! And we have multizone this thursday and we'll get to see a lot of them again (super spanish party!)
Other than that I can't think of anything too crazy for this upcoming week. Today an elder from our ward will return from his mission in Utah so the ward is having a welcome home fiesta friday.

As missionaries, we don't watch the news and often hear very little about that type of stuff. This past week we did hear about some things that have happened/are happening. And it is sad. Sad things that affect the people that surround me, people I serve, people I work with, etc. But one thing that has helped us this past week was our temple trip. Nothing better than serving in the temple to remind you to have an eternal perspective. Yes we will all have specific trials in our lives, but if we keep the right perspective we can make the correct decisions, put things in their proper perspective, and still live happily through it all. 
Some people probably thing it is crazy that as missionaries we can't watch/read the news. But like 99% of the time I don't miss it. It really has helped me focus in what I am doing and in the work. Missionary work is a part of that eternal perspective. It is one of the greatest things we can do to help maintain an eternal perspective. Yes when I am not a missionary I will go back to watching the news, but for right now it is something I can easily live without- and without it I am better in fulfilling my purpose as a missionary. 

Sis. Burrola won her pagents and we got to try on her crowns (Somos reinas) 

Que Dios les bendiga! 

Hermana Schooff

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Our crazy week


So I am emailing on Tuesday because we didn't have pday yesterday. Not because it was a holiday but.... because we get to go to the Redlands Temple today!!!!!! YAY!!!!!! I haven't been since the end of January.... so it has been awhile. So today is our pday. Also we are at a different library so there is a chance this computer will kick me off in 20 minutes. Here we go!

We left the mission! Redlands!

So last tuesday was crazy! I have a doctors appointment in Redlands, so we got to leave the mission. Then we had interviews w/ President at the mission office. President Hammon is a great man! I am actually really glad I got to have 2 mission presidents- it is pretty cool! We saw like EVERYONE at the office. the 2 zones in riverside, the Spanish elders in Moval, etc. Everyone. It was quite the fiesta. We are so pumped for next week when we'll have an activity w/ the north half of the mission and multizones. We had lunch w/ the Riverside Hermanas- thai food (making you proud mom).  So we did our studies at the office and a member took us out to eat. Literally that took up the entire day. 
Thai food lunch w/ our favorite old companions- the Riverside Hnas!

So we have this nice slide phone w/ a touch screen. Like a nice "dumb phone" basically. Well ours started to break this week. The two halfs of the slide phone were only connected by this plastic film strip type thing. Today it fell off. But if you hold it in place w/ your thumb it'll work. Anyways we are probably going to the office tomorrow to get a new phone. But as of a few weeks ago I guess the church is only giving out flip phones from now on. So we enter flip phone life tomorrow :( Oh well! Life goes on!
Those Cali sunsets though.....

We had dinner w/ this Hna in our ward who took classes to read people's eyes and she can tell you your health issues and then has different natural medicine/solution stuff that you can buy. So she always reads the hermana's eyes. She knew I was diabetic and like the rest of what she said was probably like 80% correct. And for Hermana Flores too. It was weird, but cool. Haha a little creepy because she got like close to my face w/ a flash light and is just staring at your eyes and talking rapidly in spanish like, "oh hermana schooff.... I see you have an issue with your pancreas....." and so on. Hard to explain over an email. Anyways she recommended I take these pills for 1 year and my diabetes will go away. I thanked her for her help (but I'll probably stick to insulin :) )

A rained a couple times this week! Which only made the high temps and humidity even higher, but we enjoyed it! It POURED a few times. That's california for you! If it rains, it pours! and the streets FLOOD! ANd then it stops and everything is back to normal. But we saw a few rainbows! Beautiful! 
Rainbow!! (which means there was rain for once)

So yeah most of the week was above 110, but we lived! Key is to try and do studies during the afternoon and do walking in the morning. Saturday we had a blitz at 8Am and it was already 90 degrees! Crazy! We met this man doing a garage sale and he gave us some old paintings he was selling for $1! (because our apartment is bare when it comes to the walls) Nice man!
It got HOT this week!

Ok now onto people:
We are teaching this man named Inocente (yes that is for real). He has like a ton of knowledge about the bible and he read a couple chapters we gave him in the LDM. He understands things so well and has a ton of questions! Basically the word investigator is so true for him. He is pretty cool!
We had splits and the RS president was with me and we stopped by this referral she gave and picked up her and her son. Her mother died 9 months ago and it is super hard for her. Her son went to boy scouts w/ this family when he was younger and they picked him up and took him to church this sunday! What a family! The hermano is our ward mission leader and hermana is the relief society president. Such a great family!
Swan Lake- fancy trailer park

We are helping Antonio and Chaba progress to baptism! Both are still on date and we are trying to get w/ them as often as we can. So much potential!
Lol so Chaba turned his phone off for 3 days for no reason so we didn't have a lesson w/ him until yesterday. Sunday the elders had a baptism and CHaba had told us earlier in the week he wanted to go. Luckily he lives legit 2 blocks from the stake center. So We practiced a musical number for the baptism w/ the elders and then we quickly drove to chaba. He has a locked gate and a house way further back. So we honked and yelled and finally he came out. He said he'd change his clothes and walk on over. As we were driving back to the church is started to POUR!!!! So this recent convert Hermano was amazing, followed us to Chaba's house, and picked him up so chaba didn't have to go through the pouring rain. President and Sister Hammon attended the baptism and so Chaba got to meet them (Both Pres. and Sister Hammon speak spanish which is awesome!!!). 

We had to pause Baltazar yesterday. Things have been too difficult. He really struggles understanding spanish, he works a lot, and really just isn't understanding things enough. So we had to pause him which is sad, but it was time. Hopefully we can find someone who speaks Kanjobal. If you know of anyone, let me know! :)
Who else can speak Kanjobal?

Lots of new people this week including this sweet old lady who gave us fresh pears to eat, a family the English elders passed to us and the husband seems super cool!, a returning less active member who just moved here and her boyfriend isn't a member, another family, etc. 
I love De Anza! Our area is full of hispanics and there is so much potential here! 
One day while planning Hermana wanted to see the Juarez family who is less active. We had never stopped by so we looked them up in our list and actually found 2 Juarez families who are less active. Decided on one and went by. Another gate w/ a dog. So we knocked on the gate w/ my flashlight (metal flashlight on metal gate= loud= success) but nothing. we got in the car and Hermana Flores felt like we should stay for a minute. Legit like 1 minute later we see the outside light turn on and a lady come out. We run up and talk to her. Her son is the member but she is not, but has gone to church before. Pretty cool! Hopefully we'll see her this week!
We had a good week full of miracles! Legit! The beginning of our week was dead, but full of meetings, etc. But the end of our week was full of miracles and lessons! Literally timing/plans were perfect in many ways- to find certain people at home, sometimes even NOT certain people at home. 
Monica & family from el barrio Mision

After the baptism sunday night, we needed 1 more person w/ a baptismal date to reach our goals. So we were trying to think who we should stop by. We tried and few people and not much happened. Then I felt like trying this family, the Vargas family, even though we stopped by the night before and invited the wife to church. We stopped by and had a short lesson w/ the wife. She actually was the one who brought up baptism. We taught more what it is and she said she was only baptized b/c of tradition and didn't really know what it meant. So we explained and seems excited at the possibility of being baptized. And then we reached our goal! Another miracle! They seem like a really cool family, very open and wanting to learn. 
mas swan lake

Lots of work to do here in De Anza. 
Until next week! Have a great week!

Hermana Schooff
when your skirt becomes a bonnet #10:30 #latenights

Monday, August 28, 2017

Adios Agosto!

Hola Hola!

Here is what happened this past week!

We had a lesson w/ Baltazar, Hna Flores' first time meeting him! We tried to explain how Christ established his church, it was lost in the apostasy, and restored through Joseph Smith using a visual aid! We have a 6 cups to make a tower: bottom 3 were apostles/prophets, priesthood, and revelation. After those we get: Christ's doctrine, ordinances of salvation. Then the top cup is Christ's church! He kind of seemed to get it, but also kind of not. He has also been super busy w/ work. But he likes his kids BoM! We're trying to help him as best as we can. At the end of his lesson he prayed in his dialect (Kan-jo-bal or something like that). Super cool! Then he taught us how to say Hermana, gracias, etc. in his dialect. Hermana is like: gwan-up. Flores is like: scha-mack. So Hermana Flores' real name is gwan-up scha-mack. Or something like that.
Speaking of names, the ASL elders finally gave me my sign name! So when I came into the zone, I told the elders that you pronounce Schooff like a loaf of bread. So my sign name is doing the same for a loaf of bread w/ one hand making the sign for the letter "s". Pretty cool!
Ahhh corn <3

Nebraska or California? Can't tell in this pic!

A lot of the first part of our week was cleaning the board: pausing investigators, contacting referrals, getting rid of potentials, etc. Not always the most exciting, but it has to get done to find more people!
This week while seeking w/ faith I think I found more referrals for the English missionaries than ever before in my mission! Good because one set just got doubled in and they could use the help!
We visited a family in the ward who have a newborn son! He name is Art and when we visited he was 10 days old! Cute!
We were about to pause this family, but then we finally got in again and had a lesson that was really good! They want to baptize their 10 month old son, but then we taught about Christ's baptism and how he was older and babies are innocent and don't need baptism. They totally agreed and completely changed their mind. They agreed to come to church, but in the end weren't there. But they seem pretty cool and super interested!
We were able to put Chaba and Antonio on date for baptism this past week! Yay!! 
Lol Chaba is just so funny and such a happy rancher/musician man. We drew out a chart of the plan of salvation and he is excited to learn more. He wants to be baptized, just wants to keep learning with us. Sadly he was playing music w/ his band yesterday and didn't come to church- when we sang "sirvamos unidas" (as sister's in zion) TWICE! he would've loved it! But he came to the end of a baptism yesterday, but didn't end up seeing anything. But we'll have another one this weekend so hopefully he can go. We see him tonight for a lesson!

The lesson we had w/ Antonio was a little crazy! Started just talking for a little bit and then this lady knocks on the door and wants to chat with him. Turns out she is a convert from like 2 years ago in the Riverside stake, and they haven't seen each other since she was baptized. So we began teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and this random member was our team up. But it worked pretty well! Antonio wants to be baptized, but is afraid of not being perfect afterwards. So there is more we'll have to teach him about that. His daughter, Leticia was also there. She seems to really enjoy being in our lessons, but she seems scared of going to church or showing any sign of commitment. A few years ago she was investigating, went to church, and apparently also got baptized. They both have so much potential, just there are at such different levels.
Hna Flores and I are enjoying the work here! The past week has been a bit of adjusting, since we both are different missionaries since our transfer together in Lake Elsinore. But this is a power companionship! Great things are going to happen!

Not much time left, but a really good talk I read this week was from April conference "Then Jesus Beholding Him Loved Him". 10/10 would recommend! 
It'll be a hot but good week! Here we goooooooooooooooo

Hna Flores calls me Hna Cho since Schooff is like impossible in Spanish

Hermana Cho (Schooff)