Monday, October 16, 2017


Jurupa (Norco)

This past week was pretty busy! We saw a lot of people! Here is a quick run down!
Oh- and we'll save the best for last :)

We picked up this family the elders taught when they worked in Mira Loma. Mom and 4 girls- the girls are pretty funny! A little bit sassy to each other, haha. But apparently when the elders were teaching them they could never go to church because they didn't have a car. But now they do! Yay! They seem a little scared of meeting new people/going new places, but they have a lot of potential!

While seeking with faith we talked to this funny man named Miguel. He is just hilarious- no way to describe it. He was telling us the story of Noah and the ark and just the way he said it was too funny! Anyways so we taught him. He is visiting from Mexico, but said he might be able to go to church next week if he doesn't go back by then. He has seen the missionaries a lot in Mexico and seems pretty cool!

We had dinner with a returning less active hermana. Last sunday she came for the first time in a long time and she came again yesterday! At dinner she told us she knows she needs to come back, even if her family isn't super supportive (her husband isn't a member) but she knows she needs to do it, even if all by herself. She is super determined and it is awesome! She legit just came to church by herself last week. She called up an hermana to ask for a ride all by herself. Awesome!
Hna Cruz- post splits. She is the FUNNIEST

Hna Cruz's daughters!

Inocente! We asked him why we wants to meet with us/what he expects form our visits. It was a very good talk! He understands better how this message is unique, how he needs to really seek for an answer to see if these things are true, read the book of mormon, etc.

We are beginning to enter the "winter schedule" of missionary work it seems. The typical do studies in the morning (because everyone is at school or work), seek right before dinner (when there is still light and people are coming home from school and work), and try people throughout the night. GONE are the days of seeking past 7pm. Gone! Yet as we are going back to a more traditional winter schedule, the car said it was 97 degrees yesterday...... confused, or is it just california?

At service this week w/ the old folks, we made puzzles. But ours was super easy so I spent the rest of the time talking to the lady, Patricia. She told me all about growing up in the great depression, being the youngest of a family of like 10. 

Chaba- actually smiling with teeth

We had a lot of people potentially coming to church Sunday, but in the end only Chaba could make it. Funny man. We called him in the morning to make sure he was going so we could get him a ride. He was sold on going once we told him it was the PRIMARY PROGRAM! yay! it has been forever since I've seen a primary program! It was way cute, and I loved listening to the songs in spanish and hearing all the kids say their lines in spanish. Chaba really liked it! We'll see him tonight for a lesson because it has been awhile since we have seen him. Really the only thing preventing him currently is drinking alcohol. We'll see what we can do!

Ok so the best part- is a man named Alberto! Last Sunday he came to church w/ a returning less active hermano and his kids. They are brother in laws. It was his second time coming to our ward. We taught him and the hermano's kids Sunday night and invited him to read the book of mormon. Tuesday we saw him again and taught the Restoration. He had read the introduction and testimonies of the book of mormon. He agreed to read more and pray about it. He loved the lesson, has good questions, and is just HAPPY during our lessons. As soon as we mentioned baptism, he said he wanted to be baptized. He wants to change, become a better person. He is so cool!!! The only thing is either he will go back to mexico (he lives in the states for a few months, then goes back to mexico for a few months, etc.) this coming week or the end of November. Hopefully the end of november!!! Then we saw him wednesday. We taught him the plan of salvation. He prayed and asked God the night before if this was a good path. Right after, his wife in Mexico called saying his son hurt his foot. Then Alberto asked us about opposition, but he still wants to keep learning. But because his son is hurt he might go back to mexico sooner. We saw him again friday and finished teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ from sunday. Saturday the english sisters texted us inviting us to a baptism. So we called and invited Alberto so he could see what is was likely. He and hermano came, but sadly right after they finished the baptism and closed the curtains. But he still saw the stake center, gym, and what the font looks like. Sadly they didn't come to church yesterday because they are working on completely redoing hermano's back yard so they were working all day. But we'll see him tonight, see how he is doing, how his son is, and when he is going back to mexico. So we saw him 5 days out of the week, had 4 lessons. 
He is so cool! He wants to change so bad and is very kind and humble. Definition of real intent right there. He always smiles when he sees us. For both Hna Flores and I, he reminds us of some golden people we taught in our first few months of the mission. He is elect and we are so lucky to be teaching him! 

And that's about it! This coming week we have multizones in Riverside so that'll be fun!
Today for our pday activity we hiked "the pumpkin" in norco. Very dusty, but a pretty cool pumpkin/rock! happy halloween!

Pumpkin or rock?


The La Sierra Zone

Hope you all have a great week!
Hermana Schooff
we saw this today for the english ward....

Monday, October 9, 2017

sickness and success

Hola! Como estan?

Just to start clearing any worries, No Mom, I wasn't sick this week. 

So last pday for our pday activity we played giant 4 square (no me recuerdo si hable acerca de esto la ultima semana). We were in the church gym, the 4 squares were made by tables set up, we used a giant exercise ball, and two people were in each square. it was crazy! I was NOT good at it, but it was super fun to watch!

Here in Jurupa I ate my first omelet ever. Then the other week at a restaurant I ordered one (wow). So then last week I felt like trying to make my own! And I did! Hna and I both ate it and it was pretty good! We call the dish, "Mi Jardin!" (My garden) because it used a lot of veggies, but it also had salsa so it was in Spanish. duh!
I made a fancy omelet! Egg, Chicken, green pepper, cucumber, tomatoe, spinach, and salsa!

Tuesday night (our pday) Hermana Flores started to feel a little sick, so we went in a little early. She was sick Tuesday night-Friday. She still isn't 100%, but a lot better. So Tuesday-Friday her nurse told her to stay in and rest. So we were in the apartment a lot and I went on splits w/ hermanas from the ward a lot.

We did one split with the english sisters one afternoon and we taught 2 new investigators- Ana and Ana! Mom and daughter. The daughter was a referral from her friend who is serving a mission in Bolivia. The daughter seems super cool, super sweet, and willing to listen and investigate. The Mom wanted to sit in, was nice, but she is not as open. But we got to know them better and we'll see Ana tonight! It was a spanglish lesson since I was w/ an english sister, but it was another reminder to me how much more natural teaching in spanish is to me than english. Yes in english I can more freely express myself, but to me missionary work is all in spanish.

That evening I went out w/ a young adult in our ward and she and I saw our investigator Felicia. We also picked up her brother and brother-in-law. One of the men is super excited to read the Book of Mormon and he already knows he'll read a lot. Felicia just moved this weekend outside of the mission, but hopefully the missionaries up there will stop by her soon!

The next night I went out with another hermana and we visited 2 of our investigator families! One of them was really cool! This investigator, Raquel, is going through a really hard time. When we walked up to the house, Raquel just walked out of her door to de-stress. We didn't sit down with her, but we talked to her for like 30 minutes at least. My team-up was so sweet and loving and Raquel just completely opened up to us. A lot of things are happening in her life, but what is really bothering her is guilt with her late mother. Her mom died almost a year ago, but Raquel feels so much guilt for sending her to a senior center eventually, not caring for her more, and in the end agreeing to stop life support. It was so sad to see and hear her express all this! But the team-up was perfect!!! This hermana who was with me almost recently lost her mother and she cares for seniors for her job. She knew how that kind of situation works and gave her a lot of comfort and guidance. Then she automatically just invited Raquel to church and relief society activities so she can be surrounded by other women (she only has sons and said she feels alone). It was amazing! Raquel got sick this weekend though, so she didn't come to church. But I'm glad we got there at the time we were needed and we asked the perfect Hermana to come out with us that evening!

Once hermana Flores was better, we saw Inocente, who came to a session of conference last week. We had our high preist group leader with us, which was a huge help. Inocente had a lot of questions about what are 70 and the 12 apostles, etc. It was rough at the beginning because he just started off listing all the things he has learned that he doesn't agree with. But by the end of the lesson, we talked about the Book of Mormon. He said as he has read the Book of Mormon and the Bible together (he LOVES his bible) he has been able to overcome some of his doubts of our message. So by the end of the lesson he was telling us he knows he just needs to read more in the book of mormon.

Being close to the mission office= seeing some great hermanas often
some of us might be whiter than others, but we all hermanas

This week we saw the Hermanas in the Riverside stake so many times! We saw them for dinner one day because an Hermana from the barrio Mision wanted to feed all 6 of us! And then we had to go to the mission office one day and we saw them all there as well! Good times!
Dinner w/ 6 hermanas! technically 7!

Sadly none of our investigators came to church yesterday- well not at first at least. I'll explain in a little bit. But a lot of less actives did, including an Hermano who has unbaptized kids who was trying to return to activity in the church. Since I have gotten here to Jurupa we have tried to meet with him and his family, but we have been unsuccessful except for 1 time with Hna Alvey and YESTERDAY! I've seen this hermano attend church like twice my whole time here, and both times he brought his brother-in-law who is not a member. So we talked to them and set up a lesson for later that evening!
The dinner we had to break our fast was HUGE. Like a plate full of pasta, then the hermana gave us like 2 cups of rice to put on top of it. And more. Wow. So much food! But the hermana is one of my favorites! And her twin daughters! 
So that evening we stopped by this family. The hermano told us he had news to tell us when we stopped by. So we taught the doctrine of christ and when we talked about baptism hermano said his kids had some news. So background info first: most of hermanos kids aren't baptized for two reasons: 1, his ex-wife wasn't supportive of it, and 2 because they are waiting for his dad to be able to baptize them. So the news, the ex-wife (who lives outside the mission) is letting the elders come and teach the kids up there! and the kids have a goal of baptism, but both parents want to make sure the kids are focusing in the lessons and actually learning and progressing. Wow! change of heart! So we aren't 100% sure how this will work, since each sunday they are in a different ward, but we are going to make sure they understand what the elders are teaching them! We also taught hermano's brother-in-law. He has a lot of questions and some religious knowledge. but he is very willing to listen and learn with us. Hopefully he and hermano will go to a family home evening tonight, maybe with bishop!
So after we taught them all, technically we had 4 investigators at church yesterday! crazy!
​A broomstick or dead palm tree parts?​

Other good news! When Hna Flores and I were together in Lake Elsinore, we were helping this family return to church. The Mom (a single mom) apparently just finished the temple preparation classes! So hopefully soon we'll get a call and we can go and join her when she goes to the temple. we are pumped!!!

It was a bit of a slow week because of sickness, but the Lord still blessed us with a lot of success! It was one of our best weeks, at least number wise. The past couple of weeks with the sicknesses we have had, we have really seen the Lord bless us a lot, especially early on in the week, so that we can rest and recover physically and not worry too much about all the work we still need to do.
But we are hoping for a nice, sickness free week so we can work so much!

And that's about it! I still can't believe it is October, especially since it was still like 95 degrees this weekend, but the evening show us that "winter" is coming!

Hasta el proximo lunes!
Hermana Schooff

Tuesday, October 3, 2017



Not really sure where to start so we'll just jump into the last week!
Monday! Pday! Pretty relaxing for us since we didn't get transferred! That evening we picked up a former family, the Salazar family! Pretty cool! The 20 year old daughter (she has a cute 2 month old son) came to church once and loved it. They just didn't like being invited to baptism a lot. But we had a really good lesson with them! The 13 year old boy is so cool! Yesterday we taught them again and he remembered the story of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon from 2 years ago! He believes it all and loves listening to us when we come by! The whole family said they'll try and come to church this sunday! They are super loving and enjoy having us teach them!

Tuesday Hermana Flores was a bit sick, so we didn't go out until the evening, but even then she wasn't doing well so we headed back inside. 

Wednesday we got to meet the new zone! Every companionship changed, except for us. There is a Spanish zone leader + trainee trio here and they seem to be like a lot of fun! The new elder had one of my MTC teachers (Hermano Moore!) It seems like a zone full of laughter. We had a few lessons that evening, including with this member referral family. They are struggling financially so it is sad! They have so much potential! Between sickness, etc. we haven't really had a good lesson with them for a few weeks.
We had dinner w/ this Hermana. She said she was going to make us burritos, but thought she'd just give us the burrito stuff without putting it all together in case we wanted more food. She got out these GIANT plates- 1/3 of it meat, 1/3 rice, 1/3 beans. Then started heating up EXTRA LARGE tortillas. And she was surprised when we said we didn't want 2+. I've never eaten so much in my life. But she told us some crazy stories! When the missionaries knocked on her door for the first time, she and her husband were watching a movie about Christ. Right at the moment he was carrying the cross, his shadow fell upon the diseased hand of some lady and healed it. Right in that moment the elders knocked and her door and said they had a message to share from God. Baptized a few weeks later.
Also once she meet this friend and something told her "bring your friend to church. She will marry Hermano ___". So eventually she did. Her friend and this hermano did get married. Crazy!

Friday we had service at the old folks home. We painted pictures of cowboy stuff (on coloring pages). The lady next to me finished her painting and she asked what the picture was. So I told her it was a cowboy boot. Then she said, "oh. I thought it was a frog!"

We went to teach a short lesson w/ an Hermano in our ward. The rest of his family aren't members. He told us his wife and kids will hide when church people come (they are catholic). But after the small talk both his wife and one of his daughters sat in! pretty cool!

Conference! We watched 2 sessions in Spanish (Sat AM and Sun PM) because 2 of our investigators came! Chaba and Inocente!! Inocente came Sat AM and he took notes and wrote down questions and everything. He loved all the references to the Bible and seemed to really enjoy himself! We'll see him friday to see how he liked it and answer his questions. He is pretty active in his church, but during conference he asked if he joins our church if he would have to be a missionary. Nope! Lol he also asked me where I was from- He thought it was alaska. Then he asked what language they speak in Nebraska.
Chaba came Sunday afternoon w/ harmonica and everything. He also seemed to enjoy conference! He said everyone speaks beautifully and only the truth. He learned more about the church organization, which he already knew some because he read the seciton in the Gospel Principles book about the Aaronic Priesthood. We had a lesson w/ him yesterday and things seem to be going well! Sunday morning he was playing his guitar with his friends at a "dancing horse place" (they train the horses to dance and Hno Chaba plays the music for them sometimes). Then his friends invited him to drink and he said no, he thought it was better to come to church with us! Proud missionary!
Flores (double meaning?)

Despite watching 2 sessions in Spanish (which I have never done 1 before) it went really well! I understood most everything (lol but not everything). But by the sunday afternoon session my brain was done! Really great talks- I can't wait to get them in print (and english). 
Between sessions Sunday, some of our ward members brought food and we had pozole! Yum! All the english missionaries had it for the first time, and all us spanish missionaries just enjoyed ourselves. 
She said: now they'll see how much I love you!

Yesterday we met w/ the less active family. They are so solid but are too busy w/ their daughter's softball games on sunday. Hermano told us they talked to their coach about changing the day b/c of church. The coach said his wife also wanted him to change the games to saturdays for the same reason. So in 2 weeks they will only have saturday games and the family can go to church again! yay!
we met another cat. Another trio. ​

You can tell it is becoming fall! We need to wear cardigans in the evening (it got to like 68 degrees last night) and it gets dark by 7. So long summer! So long walking streets until 8:30! We'll miss you!
Well that's about it- time is almost gone! I hope you all have a great week!
Lunch yesterday! Hermana power!

Hermana Schooff

Monday, September 25, 2017

Going for 3

Hola! Como estan?
going for 3 transfers together

So I guess we will start w/ transfers!
It is craziness here in the California Riverside mission! So first off, we have like 27ish new missionaries coming in, and only 10 elders leaving. So a bunch of new areas have been opened, English and Spanish. For Spanish, now 5 of the 7 stakes have 3 companionships of Spanish missionaries (Jurupa, Riverside, MoVal, Menifee, and good old Hemet). A lot of people are being doubled out of areas and even more doubled in (becuase of all the new areas). The craziest part: Saturday afternoon (after all the leadership calls were made) President Hammon gets a call saying the mission in Puerto Rico is evacuating all of their missionaries and spreading them throughout the US, Mexico, etc. So we are getting 7 Spanish Elders. So they quickly had to add them to the transfer craziness. So basically every Spanish elder companionship is in a trio. 
We have no idea how long these Puerto Rico missionaries will be here (because of the hurricane) but it might be for the rest of their missions!
So we have like a TON of spanish missionaries now! It'll be crazy to see what happens.
EVERY Hermana companionship is changing.... except for US! Hermana FLores and I will stay here together, third transfer together total, and my third transfer here in De Anza (likely my last).
Staying together!

So the majority of the mission will have a crazy next few days of picking up trainees or missionaries from Puerto Rico or being doubled in or out. But we luckily will have a relaxing pday :)

Last week!
Chaba walking his bike up a hill so we could have a lesson at the stake center

We taught Chaba a few times! We like meeting with him inside the stake center (like 2 blocks from his house) or outside if nobody else is with us. So this week Chaba rode his bike to meet up with us. He has composed some songs on his harmonica. He is doing pretty well! We taught the Word of Wisdom and he understands it all. But the hard thing is his work. Being a musician he is surrounded by alcohol and drinkers, so it is kind of just the culture of his job. He didn't drink for a few days, but did yesterday. But he came to our ward party of Fridayand had a lot of clean, sober fun!

The boyfriend of an hermana who just recently moved into the ward has a lot of potential! He has been taught by missionaries before and was almost baptized. This week we taught the restoration and he already knows it all! Seems to already have a testimony of it all too! We're excited to keep working with them!
We taught this older lady, Silvia. She has had brain cancer and just got diagnosed w/ diabetes. Pobrecita! But we taught her the restoration too. She told us she had this LDS friend a few years ago and always wanted to know what Mormons believe and what made them different. She seems really interested in reading the book of mormon!
This past week it started to get cold in the mornings/at night. And it is dark by 7pm too! One night we got out of the car and I felt so cold! I started thinking of taking my coat or at least a jacket into the car. We checked the temperature, 65 degrees. Buuurrrr!!! I'm turning out to be such a wimp but it is getting cold, folks! Speaking of that, I had my first caldo (traditional hispanic soup) in a long time this week! I love caldos! I think because I entered the mission in winterish time, so caldos just feel normal to me. Also they served champurada (lol I have no idea how to spell that) at our ward party. It is officially fall!
I got some new shoes last week and wore them one day while seeking. I started to feel blisters forming by the end, so we took a minute to sit down so I could check my toes. We weren't having a ton of success while seeking that day. But we stood up and kept seeking at the perfect time that we were in front of this lady's house at the exactly right time as she ran out to grab her mail super fast! We ended up teaching her and her aunt! (lol, they were super cold too!) miracle! Sometimes the Lord gives you blisters so you can find 2 new people to teach.
When your new shoes start giving you blisters as you're seeking with faith 

On friday we had a ward fiesta for el dia de la hispanidad. Basically a day to celebrate all hispanic cultures. There was a TON of food, A TON of people, and lots of cool traditional dances. I wish I would've gotten pics/videos, but we forgot. Chaba came! It was good to be with the ward. Lots of fun!
Got me a mexican dress!
but w/ the slit it is too short so we have to wear it like this for now

And Saturday night was Women's conference! yay! Our stake had a dinner before and then we went and watched it. Wow! Lots of great talks! I already can't wait to get the conference ensign in November! [Watch/read/listen to it HERE.]

And those were some of the highlights from our week.
We are excited to be here in De Anza still. I could feel I needed at least 6 more weeks here. We are setting lots of goals and are ready to work extra hard!
Not a ton of time, so I'll copy a spiritual thought I wrote to President Hammon today:
This week I was reading in Ether 3: 2-5. I was led to these verses by studying in the Topical Guide under "Jesus Christ, Lord". I always love it when I learn something that I wasn't looking for. In these verses I read how the brother of Jared was humble, recognized his weaknesses, yet he worked and prepared something to give to the Lord. Then he asks the Lord to help him in his weakness and to bless the things (stones) he prepared. Then the Lord shows His finger and gives light to the stones. These steps are so applicable to us! I was never more aware of my weaknesses until I came on a mission. But if I recognize my weakness and the power of the Lord, if I work and try to become better and produce something, then I can offer this thing to the Lord and ask for Him to bless it/me and help me with my weaknesses. That is truly the enabling power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ in action. The Lord isn't angry that we have weaknesses. Instead, He offers to give us help, as long as we prepare ourselves, work, and ask for His help.

Hermana Schooff