Tuesday, January 16, 2018



Lluvia means Rain! And we had some! It was wet, cloudy, and then muddy. I use to love rainy days back at home, but on the mission I prefer the sun!! Either that or I'm a cali girl.... which is very probable.

This past week is kind of a blur- not sure why (also if I spell words wrong it is because this keyboard has issues with some letters)

Monday we had an FHE with our ward mission leader, a recent convert, and David our investigator! They are from El Salvador and Hermana made pupusas!! (yay!) Then we talked about the restoration and watched the restoration video! It went really well! David is doing so well! More on him in a bit.

Usually every week we have service at a train museum in Perris. It was super muddy after all the rain! We went to this one shelter place and swept up a ton of dust and dirt around this old train cars/cabooses/etc. Super dusty! That day I was on exchanges in Spanish land! Both of the lessons we had that day we could speak mostly English, so that was a bit different for me, but good!
We also celebrated Hermana Padilla's birthday that day! Yay! She has, well now, less than 2 weeks on her mission! Crazy!

Friday we watched President Monson's funeral at a member's house (she is the bomb!). It was neat that we were able to watch it, weird to just jump straight back to teaching right after (weirder that past few days not being able to say while teaching, "and we have a prophet today named Thomas S Monson"). 

I think I mentioned before the 40 day fast our zone is doing. Last week we fasted from lame church invites (so we wanted to teach the doctrine of keeping the sabbath day holy in every lesson, not just mention in our lessons what time church starts, etc.). It was awesome! We had 3 investigators at church- more about that up ahead. This week we are fasting from music. It is day #2 but it is already hard, haha! But I'm loving listening to talks in the car, but my attention span isn't super long sometimes (especially while driving).

The exchanges I had this week went went! These sisters were doubled-in to their area and have been trying to build it up for the past month. They are finally finding success and discovering what works best in their area. They have been super diligent and now are reaping the rewards of their efforts.

Saturday at our blitz I got to be with Hermana Caldes, an hermana who is serving in Lake Elsinore. She was on exchanges w/ the other STL in our zone. But she is also a type 1 diabetic! And she wants to go to BYU and study film! wow! My transfer prediction is that she'll be my next companion (you know what's better than 1 diabetic hermana? 2!!!!!)

Snow! (sorry, that's it!)

Ok now so some of our investigators:
Margarita was sick for a long time over the holidays but we finally saw her again! She read in the BoM and is in 2 Nephi! Wow! She wants to keep learning and hopefully come to church soon and maybe go to a BoM class us missionaries teach each week.

We finally taught Cesar again! We found him last transfer on exchanges and haven't been able to see him again! His family was taught in Mexico a few years ago. He has been reading in the BoM during his free time at work! How cool! We are hoping to be able to see them more often.

David is doing really well! At first when we started teaching him, he wasn't reading, praying, or going to church. Now he is doing all 3! We had a lesson with him Saturday (on exchanges) and brought an awesome couple from the ward! He loves our lessons, said he loved the BoM and when he went to church last week! We had a ride to church all set up for him, but Sundaymorning he wasn't answering his phone so the ride didn't go. So we were pretty bummed that he wouldn't be there. But at the end of sacrament meeting we turn around and he was here! He borrowed his son's car and came! We are seeing him again tonight!

Then Edgar. Remember him? He is the husband of a recent convert family. We were teaching him but then he didn't want to take the lessons anymore. Well we stopped by Sundaymorning to teach his nieces and he told us he wanted to start the lessons again! He came to church later on that day! Wow! We saw him last night! He said the first time he took the lessons he just did it for his wife. This time he is doing it for himself. He has some drug issues, but has been clean for 1 week and feels really different- a lot better. He already told us he wants to be baptized! This time he already seems to have a lot more of a desire and a lot more of an ability to learn and understand. It is awesome and a huge miracle! We are excited to keep working with him! He has his whole family supporting him!

Overall that was about it for this past week! This current week will be sin musica, we'll have multi-zones Thursday (Sister Mackley and I will be giving a training on Overcoming fear), and normal missionary stuff!

Hope you all have a great week!

Hermana Schooff

Monday, January 8, 2018

no time to be sick!


This week we were pretty busy! We had exchanges and MLC.
Part of this week I started to get a little bit sick- just a cold mostly. But then it also affected how I was sleeping and yeah it wasn't bad, but not great. But there was no time to rest so the body kept on going! I feel fine, just a bit tired. I think I'm on the better side of the sickness now!

Do you remember Maria? From Christmas time? Well she went back to Riverside and the riverside hermanas started teaching her! She came to church at least 2 sundays ago (maybe yesterday too, I'm not sure), but she is progressing towards baptism!!! Hopefully everything goes well, but it is super cool that she can truly apply the gospel and progress now that she is back in a more stable situation!

All I have is pics from MLC this week and the DL/STL meeting last week

Wednesday night we stopped by 2 less active families in our ward- one the mother wasn't home but we taught quickly the young adult daughter who is not a member. She seemed pretty interested and thanked us for stopping by! Then we stopped by another hermana we've been working with for awhile- we're trying to help her gain a testimony of the BoM. She didn't read because she was sick, but we read 2 Nephi 4 with her and she loved it! She told us she never really understood the BoM or ever really felt anything while reading it, until that night. Wow! It was a super cool experience!

Thursday was MLC! We talked about leadership, fear, using the BoM, and setting/updating goals for the mission. It was pretty cool!
Some elders in our zone and in our apartment complex got into a car crash (everyone is ok) and now their car is OUT. So now in our complex we have 5 sets of missionaries (2 hermanas, 3 elders) and only 3 cars. So we have to share our two cars (the sisters) with the elders more often. It is a little more complicated, but we'll make it work!

Friday and Saturday we had exchanges with Sisters Harris and Davies! They are awesome! I exchanged with them last transfer too.
Friday I had Sister Harris in Spanish land. After coming home from a lesson with a member, we didn't have the normal keys b/c the other hermanas had them. We thought we had the spare key for the apartment, but it didn't work. Ha, so we were locked out of our apartment for about 30 minutes. Of course- on exchanges. That evening we were driving around trying some people in Menifee when I felt the impression to visit our investigator David.
I talked about David a little last week. Remember how something was wrong with his car? Well actually his motor is broken and he doesn't have enough $ to fix it or get a new car. He is a landscaper and drives his truck to his clients. So with his truck dead his job is dead as well. We called him and he was super depressed! He wouldn't let us set up an appointment with him, but he just said he'd call us saturday.
So friday night I felt like we should try him. And he was there and was happy to see us and let us teach him! He was still pretty sad, but had applied to a nearby restaurant and he thinks he'll get the job. We read Mosiah 24 with him (real good!) and he loved the story and how it applies to us and him specifically! At the end of the lesson he told us how much he loves the Book of Mormon and the peace he feels while reading it! We also found some members to take him to church and they did! So David came to church for the first time on sunday! He said he really liked it and felt a lot of peace and tranquility (which is amazing because our sunday school class was a little interesting)! We will see him tonight because our ward mission leader invited him over for dinner and a family home evening!!! :)
Sister Harris is now a huge David fan. He is such a cool, kind man!
All I have is pics from MLC this week and the DL/STL meeting last week

On Saturday I was on exchanges with Sister Davies in her English area, Sun City.. She's been out for 3 transfers now and it killing it! She just did a fantastic job in being in charge of the area for 2 days in a row, taking the lead, etc. Sun City is a funny area- it is mostly an old folks community (kind of like hemet, but smaller!) I literally felt like I was in hemet again! I loved it! We had a couple of lessons and lots of time seeking with faith. Sad story and sad way to end an exchange: right before we were going to meet back up and end the exchange we went to get gas in the car. We had to go inside the gas station to get the receipt. I guess she didn't lock the car, so when we got back the guy at the pump next to us said some man grabbed a purse from our car. Yep. Sister Davies' bag got stolen. Super sad and lame way to end the exchange! Luckily she didn't have much in there, but she did have her camera and mission scriptures... :(

Overall that was this past week!
This coming week we have 2 more exchanges! Yay!

That's about it!
Hermana Schooff

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

merry christmas and happy 2018!!

Hola, todos!!
our christmas card!


I can't belive it is 2018! I think it still hasn't really hit me. Crazy!
Not a ton of time today so here we go! Here is the past 2 weeks!
I went to my first DLC 2 weeks ago (district leadership something w/ a c, maybe council). Normally just the zls and dls are there, but now the STLs can be there to help set zone goals, etc. It is actually really cool and helpful in my opinion!

ice! in so. cal!

We found some ice last week! We went running and it was cold and some sprinklers were on and BAM ice! Crazy! Haven't seen that in over 1.5 years!
We ate so many tamales during Christmas! From multiple hermanas! Tamales w/ pork, chicken, beef, cheese, chiles, pineapple, etc. just a ton of tamales! (did you know, the singular form of tamales is just tamal. not tamale. it is true! learn from my experience and don't sound like a complete gringo or gringa!!)
feliz navidad (y tamales)

Christmas Eve is when hispanics really celebrate christmas. That day our ward and the english ward were combined. It was a little interesting, but not too bad. then we did a lot of studies until our tamale filled dinner w/ a cute, grandma hermana in our ward! that night the zone split in half and we did christmas caroling for some less active members and investigators. we raced the elders all around perris! we got a little competitive.
Christmas we opened presents and chilled in the apartment! then we got ready to go skype our families! fun stuff! afterwards we ate dinner w/ a member and had a zone activity! we planned some games, including mafia!
tres lagos hermanas! Dec 24

Christmas eve our investigator maria came! I think she liked it a lot! This week she moved back in w/ her husband, so the riverside hermanas will be teaching her now.

New years eve we had an activity with the zone playing some more games!
ahhh these pricky things are the worst!!!

we've been teaching this cool guy, David! He super wants to change his life and return to religion! On friday, he came to a Book of Mormon class we were teaching, except only he and our ward mission leader and his wife came. It ended up being a miracle because instead we had a church tour and an amazing lesson reading Alma 36 with him! He was going to come to church on sunday, but something is wrong with his car :(
this weird thing was in the sky the other day... maybe from the air force base in mo-val?

our zone is doing a 40 day fast! each week as a zone we are fasting from something (last week was from having lame studies, so in other words we wanted to have better studies). So each week as a zone we change our fast, but as a companionship we each have our own thing to fast from for the whole 40 days! We are doing this fast to try to find 100 new investigators by the end of the transfer! and we saw miracles already (1 week in)! Last week we doubled our finding average!!! sweet! the zone is pumped!

this past week we taught this young adult girl! she seems really cool! super open and willing to learn more and she wants to come to church! she asked for the address before we could even invite her!
also we found this family! they had been taught before by the english elders, but the grandmother only speaks Spanish. Some of our members referred us to them! They associate themselves w/ our church and haven't been in awhile just because they have been having car issues! But they are super cool! we are excited to keep working with them!

a lot of awesome things are happening in our area! there is a lot of potential here!

this week I'll have MLC and 2 exchanges! it'll be a busy, but good week!
until monday!

Love you all!

Hermana Schooff

Monday, December 18, 2017

1 week until Christmas


This week was pretty busy, but not a ton of news to share. 
today is a very crazy day! it is transfers and we are running around doing a lot of things! Hermana Buitrago and I are staying together for a 2nd transfer!!! yay!! we are excited! Hermana Hernandez Sanchez is leaving us, going back to Moreno Valley and Hermana Moran will be joining Hna Padilla! We're also getting a new elder in our ward. But most of our zone is staying the same so that'll be fun!
Who knew you could find this in sun city?!

We'll start with the big stuff!
Yesterday I got to go back to Hemet!!! (I LOVE HEMET SO MUCH). It was likely my last time in Hemet, but you never know! The Hernandez family was baptized! It is a pretty cool story: 1 year ago I was finishing my training in Hemet with Hermana Jensen and Hermana Rowe. On Christmas Eve a little bit before our dinner we had some extra time and no plans. So my trainer parked the car and said, "We are going to do some unplanned finding!" So we walked around for maybe at most 20 minutes. We found nobody interested and walked back towards the car to go to our dinner. Then we saw Daniel Hernandez, walking to his apartment after buying some groceries. We talked to him and he wanted us to come by another day. Flash forward and we were teaching the family, and soon after Hermana Chandler came to Hemet. They were progressing well, but Daniel's work schedule didn't allow them to come to church, the family got really sick for a long time, and we ended up having to pause them. Then around October the new sisters in the Ramona Ward started teaching them again! Daniel's work schedule changed and he could finally go to church! Now they are baptized!!! It was great to see them again and talk to them again. Lol- I always worry these people won't remember me but they remember all their missionaries.
I loved seeing a lot of the ward members there as well! There are a lot of favorites in that ward! I think that ward will always be my favorite :)
Back in Hemet for the baptism of the Hernandez family!

This week we had our ward christmas party! Like half of our ward was sick, but a lot of the hermanas still prepared food. We ate pozole (of course! it is christmas time!) and us 4 sisters sang/played the first noel (la primera navidad). Then we had to leave and go work! But it was fun while we were there!
ward christmas party selfie!

We taught 2 new and really cool people this week! First there is Maria! She just left her husband (like left, like worked with a social worker to completely leave him). She is a former from the Riverside hermanas. She now lives in our area in like a woman's refugee place. She called the Riv. hermanas because she needed help finding  a ride up to Riverside and so we found a member to take her. Anyways long story short we taught her (in a cemetary, that was interesting) and she is interesting in learning more with us and coming to church!
We also taught David (was had 3 appointments w/ 3 Davids this weekend. 2 w/ the same last name). The sisters in Lake Elsinore taught him once and then realized he lives in our area. He is super cool! Super willing! He told us right away that he has been away from religion/God for a long time but he wants to come back completely. He wants to come to church on Sunday, and basically everything! He is super prepared, I don't know how else to describe it!

We are working with two recent converts to help them prepare names to take to the temple! We'll meet w/ one this week in the family history center!

Wednesday we had the Christmas devotional w/ the south half of the mission! It was great! Fun to see a lot of people, including Hermana Chandler who goes home tomorrow (it feels like just yesterday we were comps). If you want to read/see more, go to President and Sister Hammon's blog: http://hammoncaliforniariversidemission.blogspot.com/
Menifee zone- Christmas devotional!

Christmas devotional!

Hermana Chandler! She goes home tomorrow! We were comps 11 months ago

We worked a lot with less actives this week as well!

And that's about it, and all the time I have.
Hopefully we'll be able to get in with people this week despite the holidays. We are excited for Christmas!
To end, here is a christmas-ish quote from Elder Maxwell: "The same God that placed that star in a precise orbit millennia before it appeared over Bethlehem in celebration of the birth of the Babe has given at least equal attention to the placement of each of us in precise human orbits so that we may, if we will, illuminate the landscape of our individual lives, so that our light may not only lead others but warm them as well
I think this picture is really similar to the real nativity...
maybe this one is more accurate...

Hermana Schooff