Friday, September 16, 2016

Hola from the MTC

Jenna's first e-mail came yesterday evening. Her dad joked and said, "Jenna's first e-mail (after only 27 hours in the MTC) is probably longer than all of her Matt's and Brian's combined!" (Matt and Brian are her brothers.)
Here's what Hermana Schooff said:


Haha that's about all the Spanish I know it feels like.
My p-day is Wednesday fyi. [That mean Wednesdays are her day to get on the computer to e-mail.]
My companion is Hermana Monk and she is from D.C. and is going to Salt Lake (not a south-north-whatever). She took a lot of French so we are both kind of in the same boat when it comes to not knowing Spanish but another language. We are the only Hermanas in our district. 5 other companionships of elders (only one is 18 I found out today. Find that hard to believe haha. oh boys). No one in my district is going to Cali (or riverside). I haven't met a single person going to Riverside yet. We are a mix of state sides of Cali (me), Salt Lake, and Texas plus various Argentina and Ecuador missions. 
The Spanish so far is kind of a struggle haha. I either keep on wanting to respond in German without thinking (I guess my brain says, oh foreign language! automatically go with German!) or I keep on wanting to ask, "How do you say (whatever) in Spanish?" but asking that in German. The one teacher we've had so far talks only in Spanish (like he knows English but....) and sometimes I'm like wow by inference I think I kind of know what he's saying and other times like this afternoon he spoke paragraphs and I didn't get one word, haha. But I've met other Hermanas who have been here for like 3 weeks and their Spanish seems pretty good so it's all just a matter of time. 
I've seen a lot of people I recognize from BYU. I saw Dallin Obeng twice yesterday. 
It's weird like once I sit down at the computer I'm not sure what to say really haha. 
Tomorrow night we have our first time teaching an "investigator." And we have our first service activity and gym time tomorrow
The weather is like perfect here. It feels a little crisp and fall like. Some flowers are still in bloom in the valley but the trees on the mountains have already begun to change colors. 
In my district there is one elder who was in the California Carlsbad Mission earlier this summer but got an injury and is now healed and here but so he already knows a decent bit of Spanish. We had one elder from Rio and his Spanish is like amazing (I'm assuming Portuguese and Spanish are pretty similar). Some other people took a few years of Spanish in high school, but not everyone.
It seems like I should be ok sending pictures. Haven't taken any yet. But maybe we're not at the computers we are supposed to be at today. Who knows, not us. 
Tonight we meet our branch presidency and tomorrow I think is mostly preparing to teach our lesson. 
Learning a language at the MTC is like nothing else I've ever experienced. We didn't really introduce our selves in Spanish, or do any of the basics you would expect. (I miss Frau.) Its all just learning by listening, attempting to speak, while also learning teaching skills and other missionary stuff. I think for this first bit I will really benefit by spending my language study time looking at the language books they gave us. Haha it'd be great to learn some verbs and pronouns and such. It's also weird because some words sound like they'd be cognates (words that sounds alike in different languages and mean the same think like school and schule) but they aren't always. I found out today that que significante or something like that means something like, "what does that mean?" but all of yesterday I thought our teacher was asking us why whatever words I already didn't know are significant. Nope. 
Diabetes wise, my numbers seem a lot lower than normal. I haven't gotten low yet. The lowest I've been is 106, so maybe I'm not use to feeling that low anymore. I'm also not use to not adding extra carbs to my guesses. But yeah, I'll keep an eye on it. Maybe its the altitude or just a major life change or whatever. 
I would say asking questions in your e-mail will help me. But my next week I'll have more than 27 hours to talk about haha.
Well that's about it! Off to probably get a fridge for my insulin!
Buenos noches, or is it buenas. Don't ask me yet.

Hermana Schooff

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