Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Semana 1


So I survived week 1! Here are some pics, Hermana Monk has more on her camera but she left it at the residence so next week! I think it's just pics of all of our district. 

At the map, pointing to Riverside, CA
Hermana Schooff and Hermana Monk at the Provo Temple
Name tags and the temple
Hermana Monk and I & the other two Hermanas in our zone that came in the same week as us (so the two on the left aren't in my district. They're Hermana Pfiel and Hermana McGlinche (spelling?) and are going to Santa Rosa I think

I made a list throughout the week of what I needed to remember to say today. So excuse the random order of things.

If Dad could send me some ankle stretches things that'd be great. Hermana monk runs so while she runs I try to make up ankle stretches. We ran a little like the first day or two and my ankles were not happy. 

I've seen like everyone this first week! Roxy and bob, my FHE sister Jezrah, Melina's (my roommate) brother teaches Spanish here, Shaylee & Ross, Brent Snyder, and lots of other random people from BYU and my mission prep class.

Hermana Schooff and Sister Cuary (my FHE sister from BYU. She's going to Korea)

There is an MTC choir for general conference but I'm not a part of it. We went to choir Sunday and they were handing out these surveys. Well we didn't get any and thought nothing of it. They were surveys of your musical history to see, I guess, if you are qualified to be in the choir. So I'm not, but 3 of my roommates are! and 1 elder from my district is.

I'm pretty sure we're like an illness district. Several have one disease or another, and someone has already been to the doctor, etc. fun fun.

My blood sugars have been pretty good. Sometime I get almost low, but I can usually feel it. So for now I think I'll keep things the same but I'll keep an eye on things. 

So p-day is Wednesday as you know. we start with breakfast and temple (today we ate at the temple cafeteria- worth it!) then we did a little study, exercise, we started our laundry and now emailing. 

Typical day is wake up, eat, go to an hour of class, exercise for an hour (so around 9-10), more class, lunch, class, dinner, class, get ready for bed. So for class time we have ciclo which is just 1 hour personal study, 1 hour companion study, 1 hour language study. then our teacher, Hermano Moore comes in for like 3 hours, then we teach our investigator and study while others are teaching. 

We have normal class and normal days on Saturdays. We don't have our conference schedules yet. 

By the way, since this email is so randomly ordered you can change the order if it makes more sense that way. 

We just lost one elder in our district. It was Elder Garcez, the elder from Rio. He is now in the advance Spanish class and reports to the field (Salt Lake City for him) in 1 week! crazy! So we have a trio now. 
The other missionaries in my district are Elder Harris, Dunkley, Fernandez, Paiva, Astin, Stover, Soto, Foote, and Knowles. They're going to Lubbock, Texas, and various Mexico, Argentina, etc. missions. 

Brian, no I haven't heard the band/football games yet but some of my roommates heard the game Saturday. I honestly forgot about the game. And yes we've memorized things in Spanish, I'll tell more below. 

Oh a Spanish question I have for Brian- so we're memorizing different phrases and such. a lot of them have like, through Christ whatever and stuff like that. why are there like 20 different words/phrases for through? Does it matter which I say when?

 Funny thing with Spanish: pecado is sin and pescado is fish. Don't mix them up. I kind of did but corrected myself. 

So at the end of last week we started this 10 days of memorizing things in Spanish. so every day for 10 days we memorize 6-7 phrases, half a scripture (which when it's like the first vision then its long), and 30 vocab words a day. overall it's gone well. tonight for class we need to have memorized in Spanish the missionary purpose and baptismal invitation. I'm slow but I have it down. 

So our "investigator" is Eva. rumor is your investigator becomes your second teacher eventually. We give 30 minute lessons basically everyday. 

It is absolutely crazy that I've only been here 1 week! 1 week ago I was sitting in class listening to Hermano Moore talk while I understood like nothing. 1 week later we've taught 4 lessons all in Spanish. There's so much I've learned already. Even though all of us are speaking terrible, broken Spanish, our message still gets across to our investigator thanks to the spirit. We've been talking about the gift of tongues and teaching by the spirit a lot this past week. You know the typical gift of tongue stories of when people like say things but had no idea what they said but it made sense to the investigator? (terrible explanation). I don't think that's how it works for me. Yesterday we were teaching Eva a bit about how the spirit feels and acts differently for different people. I think a lot of the time the spirit uses logic with me, however weird that sounds. So I think the gift of tongues is at least partially working for me through logic. I've picked up so much Spanish in such a short amount of time. Not like my Spanish is even good, but the overall message comes across. 

We haven't really learned any grammar yet. I think that'll start within the next week. And something I was not expecting this soon- I'm forgetting German already! Hermana Monk and I will be talking and the other day I was like, "well in German it's.... " and I couldn't remember! haha but also yesterday while we were teaching Eva, I started a lot of my sentences in German, like 'Es ist eine....' then I would stop and restart in Spanish.

If you can, tell Mindy and Sis Plumb thanks for their notes, that'd be great.

A lot of the elders in my district are jealous of my dear elders. haha so thanks I guess. Overall the elders are chill and cool but they get off topic really easily. Yesterday it felt like it was just Hermana Monk and I studying the entire day and they were just goofing off. but when they're serious and work they're great. 

Last night at devotional we had Elder Clayton of the 70 (btw before I got here they had 3 apostles in a row for devotional. I get here and it ends. So hopefully I'll have at least 1 before I leave). And as a part of his talk he showed this video of the world and it was like a timeline video. So as the years passed, every time a new stake was formed it would flash a light in that area. it was crazy to see how slow it was in the 1800's/early 1900's, but by like 1960s and on it was like a crazy Christmas light show! 

Steph asked about care packages. If you send something just make it small I guess. eventually maybe some bedtime snacks like granola bars (we eat dinner at 5 then that's it till like 7:30am), but not a lot because I don't want more weight for my luggage in 5 weeks

So have I already beat Brian and Matt in emails lengths for their entire missions?

I'll try to remember to get a picture for my plague.

MTC food isn't as bad as people make it sound. The steak though one dinner did not look good.... but overall there are tons of options and most of it is good! 

The other 4 girls in my residence (dorm room) are all in the same district and are all going to.... Ecuador type places I think....

Hopefully I'll have more pics next week when Hermana Monk brings her camera and our roommates all exchange emails and forward pics. 

It's weird to think I have 5 more weeks here. Like my Spanish definitely needs it, but I've learned so much in just 1 week. 

Ok well that's about all my time. Time to put laundry in the dryer and change back to church clothes so we can eat dinner in 30 minutes.

Hermana Schooff

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