Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Week 2- 1/3 of the way there (meaning only the mtc)


I think I will always send pics first, since a picture is worth a thousand words. I guess I'll beat the boys in email lengths in that way as well. I always forget to take pics, but at least before I leave the mtc we'll get my district and roommates to forward us the pics they have.

Once again this email will probably be super random.

I have a tiny notebook that I take notes in during devotionals and such and I also write things to remember to tell you in my emails, so I'll start with those.

On wednesday night I had to do a pod change. So i was removing my old pod, which was on my stomach, and all of a sudden there's like a ton of blood! haha i think i kind of freaked out my roommates. So yeah I put pressure on the spot it was bleeding for like 5 minutes, i mean you can't really elevate your stomach.... but yeah it eventually stopped. I'm not sure why it bled so badly, but it was fine. And now a week later I get to wash those pants. yeah. I mean the site kind of hurt when it was on, so I guess it was just a random bad spot.

Hna Monk was a sick this week. Now she just has a cough mostly. Somehow I made it through without getting sick. But it seems like everyone around the mtc is coughing.

So I may not be in the general conference MTC choir (I think i heard there are 360 missionaries in the choir), but I think it's this coming sunday evening I get to say the prayer in the big devotional! #claimtofame  or not. but there's like 0 chance of an apostle being there since it's conference. still cool though. I'm thinking I'm supposed to say the prayer in english so that'll probably be best haha

You remember eva, our first investigator? well.... she became our second teacher! wow none of us were expecting that *insert sarcasm here*. So her real name is Hna Skidmore. She's really nice and has a lot of energy. She only teaches on the weekend. Our third teacher is Hna Tolk. She's very white which gives me hope haha.

So we will be watching conference this weekend and womens conference saturday night as the elder watch the priesthood session. Not really sure about the specific schedule of this weekend. 
We are teaching a TON now! We teach 2 of our teachers who pose as investigators, we have TRC (nobody knows what it stands for) but its and investigator and his name is Julio and he might in reality be a member but he might not be. And then sometimes our district will randomly be chosen to teach like spontaneously. So yesterday we taught Julio and we taught 2 older adults who were members and just got to act like themselves.

The days really blend together. So some moments of the day it feels like, oh we're in class again? but then it also feels like, woah it's wednesday already? wasn't it just sunday? it's been weird haha. I feel like we've kind of maxed out on our spanish basics (besides grammar which we started like this week) and now we are focusing more on specific vocab and grammar and such.

Our elders are still.... (how to put this nicely) not doing their best. slacking off. whatever, haha. So it's still a struggle to focus and work hard sometimes.

So dad asked what pday is like so I guess I'll just share what we've done today. Today was a little weird because the other 2 hermanas in our branch who arrived the same week as us (so we're buds) had to go on splits with us. One of the hnas is in the conference choir and so the other one was with us. So today we grabbed breakfast and took a 1.5 hour nap (loved it). Then when the other hermana was done with choir practice we went to the temple, followed by lunch, shower, laundry, homework and lesson prep, and now emailing! after this we'll grab our laundry, get dressed back into nice clothes, go to dinner, have class and teach our teacher/investigator. It's weird having so much time on pday. Most days are just so busy.

Dad asked about the weird word from this week. I tried to look up how to say simmer down (so i can say it to the elders) but I was kind of disappointed because it was just calmente i think. I was hoping for like a super cool phrase.

Most of our studying time is combined language + concepts of teaching. So we learn grammar usage in the context of like teaching about the atonement, etc. Then our teachers only speak spanish while teaching spanish stuff and more teaching and spiritual stuff.

MTC food isn't too bad. yesterday for lunch was probably my favorite so far- it was like chicken alfredo. YUM! but sometimes the steak or pot roast and other meats are a little.... not so great haha, but overall it's really not bad.

It's kind of hard to think right now because all around us at the other computers some missionaries are doing phone calls to verify addresses for people who requested free bibles or book of mormons. haha it's kind of funny to listen to actually. I kind of hope I don't get to do that.

Question for someone, probably brian- i just bought a small spanish preach my gospel and i was given a big one when i got here. I want to use the small one in cali, but would there be any benefit in bringing the big one with me too?

It started to get kind of cold this week, mostly in the mornings and at night. I like it but I'm afraid by the end of october there'll be snow. haha the most i brought for warmth will be like tights, a fleece jacket, and like a rain jacket. so we'll see how this goes.

ok well that's all i can think of. I'm trying to help Hna Monk to upload pics and send her email, there are some technical issues. So you might get another email with pics from me in a bit.

Adios! Talk to you next week!
(also the elders in my district are kind of jealous of my number of dear elders and other mail. so good job friends and family!)
Pictures our primary drew and sent to me! How cute! Once again my entire district was jealous of me and my mail haha.

Hermana Schooff

Me and Sister Cuary
Sister Cuary, Hermana Schooff, Sister Cuary's companion, Hermana Monk
Hermana Schooff and Hermana Monk outside the Provo, UT Temple

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