Monday, October 31, 2016

California: Sun or Rain?

Hola from California! Where in cali- Hemet!
So Hemet is like the biggest area in my mission. Part of it includes the mountains but only the elders really go up there. I am in the Ramona Ward (a Spanish ward! fiesta!) and live near florida and new chicago ave. (for you mom).
So on Tuesday I woke up at 3AM to get ready and go to the airport. Luckily I slept a little on the plane but it was less than a 2 hour flight. I felt tired most of the day but the kind of tired where you don't ever fall asleep.

​Elder Paiva- working hard or hardly working?

We went to the mission office/stake center and ate and had orientation most of the day. Just mission rules, interviews, etc. That night we had a testimony and got assigned our areas/trainers! My trainer is Hermana Jensen from Wyoming! She went to BYU studying dietetics. She leaves in January, so these next 2 transfers are her last ones training me. We are in a trio w/ Hermana Tobler who has been her for about 1 year and is an STL. She is from Utah. So I'm in good hands! They both speak beautiful spanish so they give me hope haha. 

With Hermana Jensen

One thing we do here in the Riverside mission is we don't knock on doors. We have "seeking with faith" time where we go to areas (neighborhoods so far) and look for people who are outside and try talking to them and see if we could come teach them in the future. We also always ask everyone is they know anyone who could use our message. 

Happy Halloween! Today is an eternal p-day! So we have a normal p-day, a meal with members (we always eat dinner with members), then we aren't supposed to be outside since danger in general plus Hemet (my comps told me the first night that we live in the hood. I would say we live near a hood but where we live seems safe to me, even at night). So tonight we are having a zone activity at the stake center and wearing sports clothes and that's all I know.

Lovin' the cali sunsets and palm trees!

It's been kind of rainy this past week. Yesterday was like drizzly all day it seemed!

My biggest struggle right now is obviously Spanish but more specifically understanding what people are saying! Sometimes I can understand a word or two here and there and other times nothing at all. Pro of having 2 other comps is they can talk and understand. But yeah no matter how much I know how to say, it doesn't super matter if I can't understand people and follow the conversation. Some people talk very clear and decently slow, but then there are others who talk so quickly and everything just kind of slurs all together. 

This week hasn't been terribly successful but definitely not unsuccessful! We "paused" a lot of people (in riverside we "pause" from teaching people for at least 6 months if they aren't keeping up w/ their committments and aren't progressing), but we have 2 progressing investigators, both children of a member. The mother is not a member and isn't married to the father who is a member and apparently didn't want her kids to get baptized and wouldn't even accept a pamphlet. We went there and taught the parents about baptism and why it's important for kids 8+ (the kids are 9 and 11) and the mom agreed that the kids can be baptized and we even got her to say a prayer. Pretty cool lesson.

We haven't had a lot of other teaching opportunities. People here love to talk so it's hard to start/finish lessons. 
Church was good, a little different haha. I love singing in spanish though. A lot of the members are awesome. They are super nice, feed us, and go on team ups with us.
In my first night after my assignment, I heard both "hemet is heaven" and that hemet is a weird area and I won't really understand that until I get transferred. 

On friday we had a ward fiesta which was dinner and a halloween party but we only really stayed for the dinner. Tacos. real tacos yum.

Oh yeah! I'm doing well with the food which is a miracle. Even ate fish last night and it tasted good.
So this computer takes forever to upload photos so I might not do it every week.
That's all the time I got!

Hermana Schooff

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