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I'm Halfway There


I'm always surprised how quickly email time passes. Just a warning, we just napped before this and I'm pretty sure I woke up more tired than I originally was so if parts of this email don't make sense that's why. I feel like missionaries are always tired but are still able to get everything done (for the most part). Haha Julio always jokes with us b/c we say we're tired but he always thinks we have a ton of energy- so we say we're tired with animated faces.

I'll talk about the things I wrote down to say then I'll try to answer people's questions. 

Week 3.... where to begin?!
I think it was on Thursday we were in our classroom with the door open and I saw Melina (my roommate from byu from guatemala) walk by! But we had a teacher so I couldn't leave to say hi. Luckily as we were walking to dinner I saw her. She is working as MTC grounds crew 3 days a week. hopefully I'll get to see her again!

Ok so TRC and Julio. We teach tuesday, thursday, and fridays. So last thursday I was kind of disappointed because I really couldn't understand what Julio was saying. The language barrier was just so prominent. I couldn't understand his answers to our questions, so I didn't know his needs and opinions and how to respond to what he said. It was kind of rough. BUT on friday I totally just understood probably not everything he was saying but I understood enough to know his needs. So when we taught him again yesterday it was a killer lesson. It went so well. I think he's really a member b/c his change since friday was too perfect. All of a sudden on tuesday he was like, "oh yeah i got an answer to my prayer and I felt good. And yeah I want to change my life and I understand why I have bad experiences in my life." which is great but to my it's a sign he's a member. Oh well doesn't matter. Also he works for mtc custodial so when we did servicefriday morning he was there, haha. 

Friday night walking home I heard the BYU football game. All I could really hear was like music and adds from the big speakers, so no band. But it put me in football mood which was fun haha. I'd love to hear the scores of games, or just if we won or lost and what our record is.

So our district- wow. Thursday night we had a long district discussion about how we all need to be better at being on time, using our time wisely, and treating others better. I think it was quite a wake up call for some. But our district has been doing so much better since then. We're not perfect haha and we still have fun time, but we are doing a lot better.

I can't believe I'm halfway done with the MTC! It's been 3 quick weeks and it's about to be 3 even faster weeks! Then CALI!

 2 pics of me in my mission shirt. at the mtc store you can order a mission shirt in 4 different styles. i chose the map style, the most popular one i think.

BYU mint brownies are life, but not quite as good as BYU graham canyon ice cream. There aren't words good enough for that ice cream. When you're in provo you have to try it. It's a game changer, as Hna Monk likes to say.
There have been a ton of senior couple missionaries here the past couple weeks. We've eaten dinner next to some of them and it's a lot of fun. Haha sometimes I think I get along better with older people than people my age (also temple workers are seriously just some of the best people out there.)

So sad news. There's an elder in my district who I know has a little bit of a hard past with family but I don't know the details. And he is really struggling with Spanish. He found out Monday night that his mom has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and will die in roughly 2 weeks-1 month. He seems to be handling it pretty well (apparently they don't have like a super strong relationship or anything) and plans to stay here and maybe just go home for a day for the funeral. I can't even imagine what he's going through. So yeah our district mood is a little bit sorrowful the past few days.

On a happier note- conference! yay! so we watched conference in the gym. They pull out bleachers and set up chairs on the floor. Every missionary could fit in there. The MTC choir did such an amazing job! We're all super proud of them and felt that they represented us fantastically! It was fun, when they begin announcing the session and said the music will be provided by the mtc choir, the whole gym sort of reverently gave little cheers. There was such an energy in the room while they sang. 
I don't know if I have a favorite talk. I loved all the missionary work talks and all the talks that we basically one of the lessons. I think I was just really amazed on Saturday that literally every single talk related to me somehow: related to me as Hermana Schooff the missionary, Jenna the person, or was perfect answers to questions our investigators have. It was sweet. Saturday conference was so amazing, and of course sunday too. I loved nelson's talk on joy, elder ballard's talk, bednar's, oaks'- ah they were all so good.

Before the first session of conference. hermana pfiel, hermana wheelwright (roommate), me, hna monk, sister freer (my fhe sister's companion, and behind her not visible is sister cuary (my fhe sis)

So one thing I think I've learned this week is that (especially as a missionary) there are no coincidences. Here's some of the stories that helped me learn this:
I was just of bummed at first that I wasn't in the conference choir. Not that I really enjoy singing, but was an opportunity! But I really need to be able to listen to all of saturday's conference (the choir couldn't watch the morning session, couldn't write notes in the afternoon session). That was no coincidence. Also, so Saturday was weird with splits. We did double splits, so Hna Monk and I were also companions with Hna Pfiel (in our neighbor district, came in the same time as us) and Hna Wheelwright (one of our roommates). Through some crazy events I went with Hna Wheelwright because she had an interview with a leader in the MTC. So while she was in her interview for a decent amount of time, I got to talk to the man's wife. So we were talking about conference, missions, etc. And she gave a lot of good advice and cool info haha that I can't remember anymore but was really helpful. One cool thing I do remember she said: she and her husband were in a training meeting for mission presidents (they served in tenessee) and whoever the apostle was there said that in Jacob 5 the allegory of the vineyard, near the end when the servant of the lord asks to call other servants, the apostle said President Monson was that servant at the time and that scripture was fulfilled with the age change and the surge of new missionaries. So you know, I'm just casually fulfilling scripture. Just kidding, but still it was super cool. So it was no coincidence I didn't get to go to conference so I could listen to all these awesome talks and talk to this lady. 
Another example: A lot of the elders in my district were supposed to go to the mexico mtc. But didn't b/c of visas and such. We've talked about a lot how it is no coincidence they are here in provo and we are all together in 1 district. I'm learning a lot from everyone.
Another example was that it was no coincidence my branch president asked me to say the prayer at sunday's devotional. So at the end of conference they told us we will have a special devotional. So we walked in, got to have front row seats (prayer givers usually sit on the stand, but the stand was turned into more of a stage (hint hint)). Turns out the special surprise was... Vocal Point!!! So I'm sitting in my seat before the devotional starts, and all of a sudden I see Sister Page/Lemperle! I got to talk to her more after the devotional. If I wasn't giving the prayer, we probably both wouldn't have seen each other- so another no coincidence. It was so awesome to see her again! (oh and the prayer was in english) The music devotional was so awesome. It was obviously all more spiritual songs and they all took turns sharing experiences based off 1 word of their choice. They're all RMs so a lot of them shared mission stories. 

Kristin Lemperle and Hermana Schooff. Kristin wrote, "I got to go to the MTC devotional tonight and guess who gave the closing prayer? :) Sister Jenna Schooff is an incredible, happy missionary. It made my day to see her. It also reminded me of the wonderful six months that I got to spend in your family's wonderful home."

Mom- you get a sticker on your name tag the first day you arrive. But after you're first day you can take it off and you get no more stickers. One of our stl's at the time recommended that we put our sticker on the back and write the date we arrived, so I did that. 

So like 700 missionaries left the past 3 days. In our zone, we and our neighbor/BFF district are now the "oldest" people in our zone. So that feels weird haha. 

 One of our STLs who left this week is going to Cali oakland/san fran speaking spanish, so I told her to look out for Emily Nelson. 

I'll try and remember to take a pic for my plaque this week. 

Funny story Hna Monk just reminded me of. We went to the copy center in the MTC and the guy working there saw my name tag and was like, do you have a cousin named jayson schooff? And I was like yeah. Then he said, "oh." literally did not say anything other than that. So i was waiting for him to say more, which he wasn't going to do, so Hna Monk had to be the one to be like, "oh how do you know him?" haha it was so awkward. 

Ok that's about it I think. haha that was a long email- but it was a great week!

Hermana Schooff

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