Wednesday, October 12, 2016

mujer mujer mujer (week 4)


It's been a little bit of a rough week- not sure why. But it has also been really awesome! haha so is missionary life.
HOW ON EARTH HAVE I BEEN HERE FOR 1 MONTH?!?! Wow time flies. Only 2 weeks left til Cali! I'm super excited to go to Riverside but I also know I really need to work hard these last 2 weeks here at the MTC. I think 6 weeks is the perfect amount of time to be here. You need more than 3 weeks in my opinion, but once you get over 6 I think you're done with the MTC. 

So today was moving day! Oh yeah I forgot to mention that in my last week's email. So the building I originally moved into (13M) is normally for guys. But one of the big residences for sisters had bat issues before I came here so they moved girls into 13m. Well now we "moved back" into the sisters building 17m. It's a lot nicer and a littler bigger I think. So that took up a lot of our pday but that's ok. We're loving it already! We have different roommates, all from our zone. So the 2 stl's who are in our bff district (the district in our zone who came in the same week as us) and 2 sisters who came the week after us. It'll be a fiesta, but we'll miss our old roommates who are now in a different building.

Hermana Schooff and Monk with their "bff Hermanas"
Hermana Schooff, Hermana Monk, and their "bff"s Hermana Maglinchy and Sister Pfeil

Old roomates (left to right): Hermana Deakin, Wheelwright, Maclachlan, Rolfson, Monk, and Schooff
Moving into our new room

Oh- sad news. Last week I told how one of the elders in my district received the news that his mom will pass away in a couple weeks from cancer. Well the same day I emailed you, she died. She died like 2 days after they told him (he already guessed she'd die while he was on a mission, just not this soon). So he left yesterday to go to the funeral and gets back tomorrow night I think. 

This sunday us 4 hermanas that came in this sunday are going to do a musical number for our sacrament meeting. Piano, me on flute, and 2 singing Where can I turn for peace. 

It's weird, I should get my travel plans on saturday I think. Ah!

A question: do matt and amber know the baby's gender yet?

Brian- one of my elders in my district is from Temecula. I asked him if people call it T-mec and he said only the weirdos. haha. His name is Elder Harris (but he's white so you probably didn't meet him). 

Monday was Canadian Thanksgiving and one of my now old roommates is canadian! So we had a feast of like pumpkin bread and random stuff we got from the vending machine. We sang the canadian national anthem (I only knew like the first line haha) and feasted.
Our Canadian Thanksgiving feast!

Yesterday we got to skype a native Spanish speaker who is a member and do a 30 minute lesson. Our member was this lady from Nicaragua! It was way cool, not that I could understand everything but how she could understand us pretty well and we could understand her.

Big excitement of the MTC stay (can you guess): an apostle spoke at our devotional last night! Yay I was getting worried I'd miss out! Elder Bednar and his wife came and spoke about one way they study general conference talks. So they reread the talks and look for the doctrine, invitations, and promised blessings. He said we have to dive deep and these talks should be our walk and talk for the next 6 months (at least). He and his wife are super cute FYI.

Yesterday we were outside studying and this one member we've taught before (like how we taught the lady from nicaragua but we taught this guy in person) came up and talked to us. his name is brother molina (He speaks english but spanish is his native language. I think he's from Ecuador). But it was so cool- he always teaches us more than we could ever teach him. But yesterday he was talking about how the latino people who are in the states have given up so much to be here, expecting america to but like the best place other than heaven. But they get here and have left their family, work long hard hours, live in poor conditions, and have no friends. He basically told us to make sure we become friends with these people. I'm not good at explaining it but it was so great and makes me so excited to get to Cali. 

Funny story from this week (I'm terrible at remembering funny stories): These 2 elders in our district were teaching our teacher as a pretend investigator. And I think they were teaching about faith. One elder tried to say faith can make us better (mejor) but accidentally said faith can make us woman (mujer). Hahaha that'll never get old. He literally said mujer like 3 times in a row and did like hand motions of progressing upwards.
Our district before the elder at the bottom (Elder Garcez) changed into the advanced class. Note: don't stand behind a tall girl. Back left to right: Elders Foote, Soto, Astin, Paiva, Dunkley, Harris. Front left to right: Knowles (we say it Ka-No-les because Spanish [He's the one at the funeral for his mom]) Stover, Fernandez. Garcez is in the very front.

This is Juanito, our class squirrel. One sister who is now in the field got it from her mom, so when she left we adopted him, but other districts like to steal him. But we assert our dominance and seniority.

Dad asked about like the weirdest culture thing I've learned. We don't really learn about culture unless we ask our teachers about some of their experiences, so I can't really think of anything. I think they don't really teach us culture since we're all going to such different places. 

Fav MTC food here we go! If we're talking desserts is has to be graham canyon ice cream or if I'm in a chocolate mood then BYU mint brownies. But my fav meal so far as probably been chicken alfredo. Yum. The least favorite food was probably this Saturday (so we're talking the pre fast sunday meal) and literally like all they were serving were these weird enchaladas I think. It was rough.

Dad asked if Hna Monk was a person from the scriptures who would she be- I can't decide on like 1 person but someone with like a ton of faith. Like a ton. 

One of our teachers, Hermano Moore is like super versed in the scriptures. Like if someone asks him a spiritually question but it's off topic and we don't have time to discuss it, literally in like 1 minute he writes down like 3+ scriptures (like not the common scripture mastery type ones either) that are literally so perfect in answering the question. It's quite a gift.

Ha that reminds me of a funny story from like our first week. We kept on pestering Hermano Moore to show us a picture of his wife, so one elder is trying to say I want to see your wife or something like that, but instead he said in spanish "I want your wife." haha and our teacher was just like, "no she's mine!"

I think our district's catchphrase is "10/10 (like 10 out of 10), superbien!" haha we are such gringos. Another word we say a lot is savaje (savage). It's funny as the elders slowly get to know me they realize I can be "savaje" or maybe a bit sassy is a better word and not just quite and serious. Haha it's fun to surprise them.
Cool (rough) quote from our devotional sunday (Richard Heaton, the mtc administrative director): missionaries get a front row seat to see miracles (talking about repentance of investigators). 

I keep forgetting to take a pic with my name tag on. I don't care, you can either wait for me to take one eventually, try and use one I already sent and crop it or something, or just use like a pic of me from our family photos from christmas.

Ok I think that's it from me. Maybe I'll get Hna Monk to send me her pics from her camera, but we have dinner in 10 minutes so we'll see.

Thanks for all the mail and emails! Until next week, aka my last pday at the mtc!

Hermana Schooff

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