Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Rain Rain Go Away

Scent from Hermana Schooff on 11/29

Yesterday was super crazy so we're emailing now (tuesday). Let's see if this email will make any sense- my brain feels super scattered!
This weekend was pretty rainy and it's getting so cold!! haha adjusting to the california climate has been no problem! We were seeking w/ faith on saturday (b/c we need more seeking time, 7.5 hours a week at least) and it was chilly, but 15 minutes later it started rainy pretty hard. So instead of just walking on the sidewalks on seeking... WE TRACTED! ah! first tracting yet! Luckily people weren't mean to us- I mean we are 2 girls being drenched in the rain while it's cold out. So that was good, but we were so glad to get back in the car and blast our heat.
Hna Tobler was sick this week (and still is). So we stayed in on tuesday and did studies, watched some good mission approved movies, etc. 

At the end of our tracting in the rain. Chilly!

We had our own exchanges this week. So our english STL was w/ Hna Jensen and I. It was a lot of fun and we had 2 lessons and picked up a new investigator, Ruben. We also ate at Los Altos (mexican market/restuarant). I love real mexican tacos! Plus los altos tortillas are the best. I don't think I'll ever eat a flour tortilla again. Corn all the way!!!! Please, everyone, make the right choice: choose corn tortillas.
comp pic! I think this was thanksgiving
Thanksgiving! We had a turkey bowl of the missionaries in our zone. I made a lemon pie (yum). We ate w/ the Cuevas (caves- ha!). We had turkey w/ a meaty stuffing, two pasta salads, apple pie, and a drink I forgot what it is called but its like a bunch of fruit cooked in water. It was really good! Then our stake's missionaries had a movie night and we watched ephraim's rescue.
Post turkey bowl- reppin' our zone shirts. They say "hemet is heaven" and then our last names on the back.

At service at the old folk's home this week, I was passing our bingo cards and this lady asked me how tall I was. Then she said, "you need to find a tall husband." ...... thanks lady, I'm aware. But that's not a concern for 16+ months.
On sunday the Pineda kids were confirmed! yay! Sadly the mom was not there, but we have an FHE yesterday w/ multiple families and the Pinedas and the mom was there. We are now focusing on the mom (but both parents have to get their divorces finished and married themselves so.... classic mexico divorces, I tell you). 
So yesterday was super crazy. We did some of our studies, went to Menifee for cross fit w/ president and the whole southern half of the mission. Crossfit was not as hard as I was imaging, but still not my favorite 30 minutes every. 10 rounds of running and push ups and lunges and burpees. Then we had a sister meeting w/ Sister Mullen led by a companionship in my zone. It was very good- about dealing w/ mission struggles and keeping our confidence and faith in Christ. and our purpose and responsibilidad.
Sorry for the random spanish words. 
Crossfit! (haha before pic, luckily there are no after pics). 
Crossfit- reppin' hemet in shirt and hand sign?
Then we ran and grabbed a quick lunch, got our ride to my doctors appointment in moreno valley, came back for an evening of work. We literally had 0 time to rest until, well bed. But so is mission life. 
We picked up 7 investigators this week! Nobody is currently on date/progressing but that is our goal for this week! We have a lot of awesome people (a lot of whom I haven't met yet b/c so is trio life when you have a sick comp) who we will get on date this week! 
Transfers are next week! A ton (like 6) hermanas will be leaving and we are only getting 1 new one! ahhhh!!! So there will only be 12 hermanas in the mission, so president is going to close 2 hermana areas (sad) for now. So no more hermana trios most likely. I'm think Hna Tobler will leave and either train the new baby or finish training one of the other hermanas who came in with me (i'm the only hermana who came in this past transfer whose trainer is not leaving half way through training). 
Christmas initiative #lighttheworld. We are inviting all our contacts while seeking to give service, we share the video if we/they have the right amount of time (president is very numbers oriented, which I like. If we have less than 9-14 minutes, we show the video. If we have 9-14 minutes we teach the restoration. This is for contacts only.) We share the video at dinner lessons and invite our members to share the video and then ask the person to listen to a message from us about Christ. And we give service everyday, up to 1 hour a day. It's a lot to remember.
I'm teaching gospel principles in church this sunday. It'll be weird doing it in spanish after doing it in english this past summer. 
Oh the other day I was praying I think before going in for a dinner appointment and I guess it was all in spanish, but instead of saying "casa" I said "hause (german)". yay. Last night my comps asked me to recite something in german so I did erlkonig (elf king) poem and MAN was it rough. I'm in spanish 100% now. Goodbye deutsch! 

Have a great week all!
Hermana Schooff

Monday, November 21, 2016

bautismo x2

This week for the most part wasn't super eventful so I mostly just have little random things to talk about.
JW's!!! The jehovah's witnesses are everywhere it seems! We see them on the streets a lot and a decent amount of people we talk to say they're already studying w/ them. I knew there were JWs in Omaha, but I never knew they were ever this big anywhere. And some people ask us if we are JWs and seem greatly relieved when we tell them no.
So we were allowed to go to the temple every 3-4 months. Not anymore! Only 2 times a year. Sad :( But I'll be able to go in February.
Last week a lady fed us fish. Like the whole fish. Now fish tacos were fine. But it was a little rough for me to pry apart this fish and dig around its bones and heart and such to get to the meat. No me gusta mucho.
This week I was in charge of the phone! So now I can confirm dinners, ask people to come on splits with us, confirm appointments, etc. Basically a pro. Except for the understand what they say back part. Speaker phone is very important.
This week was like a bunch of meetings week (meaning like no proselyting but we'll get to that in a bit). District meeting, trainer/trainee meeting, Christmas initiative meeting w/ President Mullen, and service, etc. It was fun to see all the people I came in with- but I learned I will only go home w/ 1 person b/c obviously the elders leave 6 months after us, but the english speakers and native spanish speakers have an extra transfer (their 3 weeks in the mtc counted for nothing, not like my 6 weeks). 
Christmas! We're already listening to xmas music. No shame. But the christmas initiative is 25 days of service and each day is a different kind of service Christ did. So starting in December we will do up to 1 hour of service each day in that day's category of service. We can also use the new Christmas video (comes out this friday but I've already seen it #prosofbeingamissionary) during lessons/contacts but obviously we are still to focus on the restoration. And we invite others to join in on these 25 days of service.
We had a ward fiesta for thanksgiving. It was mostly american, but had mexican options of turkey and stuffing and such. And of course dessert was the grand variety of sweet breads. 
Thanksgiving! Sounds like we'll do all our normal studies plus daily planning. We have dinner with the Cuevas family (she feeds us like kings) then a zone activity of watching a christmas movie. We are also planning on making thanksgiving treats (lemon pie from me!) and decorating our apartment for christmas (we found a tree in a closet and some lights already). 
So yeah b/c we had a ton of meetings this week, we had to struggle to get in our 7.5 hours of seeking w/ faith. So in the end we have VERY little time to proselyte. We also "paused" a decent amount of people b/c they were never home and never returned our calls/texts. I only remember teaching 1 non member this week. So that describes most of the week. So this week we are going to find a bunch of people and new investigators!
Save the best for last: 2 BAPTISMS! yay! Haha yesterday was such a busy day. After church we had to rush to make the program, run to dinner and eat super quickly, and run back to the church to fill the font. So we reserved the building from 4-8. Walked in a little after 4, and some english elders were about to start a different baptism. (LESSON: always reserve the building for baptisms. elders are included in that.) Luckily they finished right at 5 when our baptism started. So it all worked out but added a bit of stress. Baptism went well, the mom seemed pretty excited. We will continue to teach them but now kind of focus on the mom. 
Have a great thanksgiving!
Hermana Schooff
Cali sunsets! They've been pretty great lately, but now it's getting dark by 5

​Seeking w/ faith pics

"BAUTISMO of the Pineda kids. I don't know why Hermano is making that face... (don't zoom in on it)" Hermana Schooff

Let's play a game using the following photos from the Riverside, CA mission's blog.
I spy Hermana Schooff, can you?

Monday, November 14, 2016

"Tall Baby"

Well very little time today since sending pictures takes forever!
Explanation of the email's subject. We eat dinner w/ Hna Cisneros every week! She's pretty tall for a latina, but I think it was after my first dinner there, we all hugged her goodbye and she said something about how I am the tall baby, since I'm taller then my comps but I'm the newbie. 
Big news is the two kids have passed their baptismal interview! BAUTISMO EN LA 20 DE NOVIEMBRE! yay we're excited. The Mom has really kind of changed. She is very nice and friendly to us and listens as we teach her kids. She even gave us some sort of sweet bread and champurada (that might not be the right word- the mexican hot chocolate) the other day after the taught the word of wisdom the lesson before. Haha we told the kids no coffee, but hot chocolate, then the mom gave us hot chocolate. 
People are already putting up their christmas decorations. Why? I don't know, they don't have to deal w/ snow like in nebraska.
I have my first non mexican dinner yesterday. Which was weird haha. But I had mole twice this week and I can't really remember what else. Oh! We had (I'm totally blanking out on all spanish food names) like a tortilla type thing made in banana leafs the other day. it was kind of weird haha. 
One of the hardest spanish things for me right now is the word "es". In spanish it means "it is". But in german "it is" is "es ist". So a lot of the time I'll say "es ist" when I should be saying "es" or I'll say "es" trying to mean "it" but I'm really saying "it is ___". ..... Not sure if that made any sense.
We had a ton of meetings and service and such this week so we had very little time for anything else. So we have only 1 new investigator and like otherwise basically only taught the 2 kids w/ the baptismal date. Not a lot happening right now. But that'll change!
So Hna Tobler had exchanges since she's an stl. we had an english sister come here (she came in w/ me) and we did splits. But we went to dinner all together and watching her not understand anything reminded me of me 3 weeks ago! I am for sure understanding a lot more! Either perfectly or at least the general message.
During some days of our seeking this week we met some really cool/prepared people (english speaking mostly). It was just cool to know we were in the right place, right time, doing the right thing.
2 funny spanish words/definitions. arreglarse= to get ready but really means fix yourself
holocaustos= burnt offerings..... yep.
that's basically it. I'll try better next week to save more time for writing!
Hermana Schooff

This area is like mountains made out of huge, weird looking rocks

I think this was right before my first time seeking w/ faith! What a young, innocent, ignorant little missionary I appear to be!

So this mirror was left by the dumpster of our apartment. We decided it looked pretty hood. Pretty really our apartment isn't all the hood. But we try. 

Pics from Hna Tobler's camera: This is the box that had I think all 8 binder of the book of mormon for blind people (still don't know how to spell the word).

Hemet zone! Hemet is heaven!

So Hna Jensen and I were seeking with faith and we went down this dirt road and found some really weird statue looking things

Pretty high quality road

Hna Jensen and I!

Different part of same road- looks like Nebraska except brown. 

I think this was the same day, got home, took of shoes, and saw my sock! Not sure what happened there!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Praying in the Hood

I have to make the subjects of my emails interesting you know!
So first I'll explain that. We were teaching a lesson to a referral (turns out she is less active, baptized at 8 and hasn't been back for like 12 years). Her name is Selene. She has 3 kids, her oldest is a girl who is 8 and we got permission to count her as an investigator. Anyways we came over for our cita (appointment) and her daughters had friends over. So we taught them all, mostly about God and prayer. One of the girls said, "sometime when we're driving in the hood I pray". Haha I was like, oh that's great. 
Halloween! It was pday, so mostly studies, emails, shoppings, and rest around the house. Dinner was at the Cuevas family's house (Cuevas= caves in spanish). She first served us this soup with a lot of noodles in it, then 3 big fish tacos. Ah it was so good but so much food! haha that's basically every dinner appointment- so much food! That night we had a double zone activity of playing games like chair soccer, volleyball, and other games. 
This week I did my first splits! Ah! So my companions went off to teach/find other people and I went with a member, Hna Fonseca. I was pretty nervous, and luckily my comps didn't tell me it was going to happen until we arrived at her house. We went to teach a man Hna Jensen taught once on splits. He wasn't there but his sister was so we taught her a little bit of the first lesson. She was very nice, very catholic. It was probably the perfect time to do my first splits b/c she was nice and would lesson but not much will come out of it. Hna Fonseca is the best because she used to be catholic for many years, so she relates to a lot of people we teach.
This week Hna Tobler had a lot of meetings in riverside. But some elders in our zone requested a brail (not sure about spelling- the books for blind people) book of mormon for an investigator. So Hna Tobler comes back from riverside with this huge box. This book of mormon is literally 8 thick binders. Haha it was cool though.
I also ate cactus last night! It was just chopped it w/ other ingredients in a salsa like pico, so I honestly didn't know it was cactus until my comps told me. It was good though! I'm pretty sure the beginning of last week was like fish madness, but it was fine. I'm loving tacos (real tacos, folks). The food has really been like no problem, except for the amount! Ah! Always a ton of the main dinner, then a dessert, always a special drink, and they always ask if you want more.
This week we did service at an old movie theatre. We mostly clean their offices upstairs. It is a mess and super dusty and they have no idea what they're doing there (one day I'd like to buy the place and give it some good organization). But it was super cool to see all the reels of film and old camera equipment. Yay Film major! I was silently nerding out.
So if I told you we got like 8 new investigators this week, well it wouldn't really describe what the week was like. But it's true. So we got the lady from splits I told you about. And then last night we were contacting referrals and these two people lived next door to each other. Long story short they're neighbors and friends and like all the adults in there family came out in their driveway to listen to us. They're all super catholic (surprise surprise) but were nice and listened to us. Haha we did a baptismal invite b/c you are ALWAYS supposed to do that in the first lesson and then it was awkward haha because we only got to explain god is our loving heavenly father and prayer. But anyways we're returning thursday and technically all of them are now investigators. 
Pinedas! The mom of these two kids is now like super supportive of the kids being baptized. So we are teaching them like 3 times this week so they'll be ready for their interviews this weekend. Then on the 20th- baptism! 
I actually really like being in a trio. It's a lot of fun plus I get to learn from two awesome missionaries. 
All our pics from the week are on sister tobler's camera, so I'll probably just get them from her next week and send it in that email. So look forward to pics of us holding this giant box of 8 binders of the book of mormon and more!
Also, my tan is already coming on! yay! This morning I noticed a slight line on my foot from wearing my loafers Saturday when we sought with faith for 3 HOURS. No sunburns yet either. 
That's all my time! Sorry for the craziness as always, but so is missionary life sometimes!
Hermana Schooff