Monday, November 21, 2016

bautismo x2

This week for the most part wasn't super eventful so I mostly just have little random things to talk about.
JW's!!! The jehovah's witnesses are everywhere it seems! We see them on the streets a lot and a decent amount of people we talk to say they're already studying w/ them. I knew there were JWs in Omaha, but I never knew they were ever this big anywhere. And some people ask us if we are JWs and seem greatly relieved when we tell them no.
So we were allowed to go to the temple every 3-4 months. Not anymore! Only 2 times a year. Sad :( But I'll be able to go in February.
Last week a lady fed us fish. Like the whole fish. Now fish tacos were fine. But it was a little rough for me to pry apart this fish and dig around its bones and heart and such to get to the meat. No me gusta mucho.
This week I was in charge of the phone! So now I can confirm dinners, ask people to come on splits with us, confirm appointments, etc. Basically a pro. Except for the understand what they say back part. Speaker phone is very important.
This week was like a bunch of meetings week (meaning like no proselyting but we'll get to that in a bit). District meeting, trainer/trainee meeting, Christmas initiative meeting w/ President Mullen, and service, etc. It was fun to see all the people I came in with- but I learned I will only go home w/ 1 person b/c obviously the elders leave 6 months after us, but the english speakers and native spanish speakers have an extra transfer (their 3 weeks in the mtc counted for nothing, not like my 6 weeks). 
Christmas! We're already listening to xmas music. No shame. But the christmas initiative is 25 days of service and each day is a different kind of service Christ did. So starting in December we will do up to 1 hour of service each day in that day's category of service. We can also use the new Christmas video (comes out this friday but I've already seen it #prosofbeingamissionary) during lessons/contacts but obviously we are still to focus on the restoration. And we invite others to join in on these 25 days of service.
We had a ward fiesta for thanksgiving. It was mostly american, but had mexican options of turkey and stuffing and such. And of course dessert was the grand variety of sweet breads. 
Thanksgiving! Sounds like we'll do all our normal studies plus daily planning. We have dinner with the Cuevas family (she feeds us like kings) then a zone activity of watching a christmas movie. We are also planning on making thanksgiving treats (lemon pie from me!) and decorating our apartment for christmas (we found a tree in a closet and some lights already). 
So yeah b/c we had a ton of meetings this week, we had to struggle to get in our 7.5 hours of seeking w/ faith. So in the end we have VERY little time to proselyte. We also "paused" a decent amount of people b/c they were never home and never returned our calls/texts. I only remember teaching 1 non member this week. So that describes most of the week. So this week we are going to find a bunch of people and new investigators!
Save the best for last: 2 BAPTISMS! yay! Haha yesterday was such a busy day. After church we had to rush to make the program, run to dinner and eat super quickly, and run back to the church to fill the font. So we reserved the building from 4-8. Walked in a little after 4, and some english elders were about to start a different baptism. (LESSON: always reserve the building for baptisms. elders are included in that.) Luckily they finished right at 5 when our baptism started. So it all worked out but added a bit of stress. Baptism went well, the mom seemed pretty excited. We will continue to teach them but now kind of focus on the mom. 
Have a great thanksgiving!
Hermana Schooff
Cali sunsets! They've been pretty great lately, but now it's getting dark by 5

​Seeking w/ faith pics

"BAUTISMO of the Pineda kids. I don't know why Hermano is making that face... (don't zoom in on it)" Hermana Schooff

Let's play a game using the following photos from the Riverside, CA mission's blog.
I spy Hermana Schooff, can you?

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