Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Praying in the Hood

I have to make the subjects of my emails interesting you know!
So first I'll explain that. We were teaching a lesson to a referral (turns out she is less active, baptized at 8 and hasn't been back for like 12 years). Her name is Selene. She has 3 kids, her oldest is a girl who is 8 and we got permission to count her as an investigator. Anyways we came over for our cita (appointment) and her daughters had friends over. So we taught them all, mostly about God and prayer. One of the girls said, "sometime when we're driving in the hood I pray". Haha I was like, oh that's great. 
Halloween! It was pday, so mostly studies, emails, shoppings, and rest around the house. Dinner was at the Cuevas family's house (Cuevas= caves in spanish). She first served us this soup with a lot of noodles in it, then 3 big fish tacos. Ah it was so good but so much food! haha that's basically every dinner appointment- so much food! That night we had a double zone activity of playing games like chair soccer, volleyball, and other games. 
This week I did my first splits! Ah! So my companions went off to teach/find other people and I went with a member, Hna Fonseca. I was pretty nervous, and luckily my comps didn't tell me it was going to happen until we arrived at her house. We went to teach a man Hna Jensen taught once on splits. He wasn't there but his sister was so we taught her a little bit of the first lesson. She was very nice, very catholic. It was probably the perfect time to do my first splits b/c she was nice and would lesson but not much will come out of it. Hna Fonseca is the best because she used to be catholic for many years, so she relates to a lot of people we teach.
This week Hna Tobler had a lot of meetings in riverside. But some elders in our zone requested a brail (not sure about spelling- the books for blind people) book of mormon for an investigator. So Hna Tobler comes back from riverside with this huge box. This book of mormon is literally 8 thick binders. Haha it was cool though.
I also ate cactus last night! It was just chopped it w/ other ingredients in a salsa like pico, so I honestly didn't know it was cactus until my comps told me. It was good though! I'm pretty sure the beginning of last week was like fish madness, but it was fine. I'm loving tacos (real tacos, folks). The food has really been like no problem, except for the amount! Ah! Always a ton of the main dinner, then a dessert, always a special drink, and they always ask if you want more.
This week we did service at an old movie theatre. We mostly clean their offices upstairs. It is a mess and super dusty and they have no idea what they're doing there (one day I'd like to buy the place and give it some good organization). But it was super cool to see all the reels of film and old camera equipment. Yay Film major! I was silently nerding out.
So if I told you we got like 8 new investigators this week, well it wouldn't really describe what the week was like. But it's true. So we got the lady from splits I told you about. And then last night we were contacting referrals and these two people lived next door to each other. Long story short they're neighbors and friends and like all the adults in there family came out in their driveway to listen to us. They're all super catholic (surprise surprise) but were nice and listened to us. Haha we did a baptismal invite b/c you are ALWAYS supposed to do that in the first lesson and then it was awkward haha because we only got to explain god is our loving heavenly father and prayer. But anyways we're returning thursday and technically all of them are now investigators. 
Pinedas! The mom of these two kids is now like super supportive of the kids being baptized. So we are teaching them like 3 times this week so they'll be ready for their interviews this weekend. Then on the 20th- baptism! 
I actually really like being in a trio. It's a lot of fun plus I get to learn from two awesome missionaries. 
All our pics from the week are on sister tobler's camera, so I'll probably just get them from her next week and send it in that email. So look forward to pics of us holding this giant box of 8 binders of the book of mormon and more!
Also, my tan is already coming on! yay! This morning I noticed a slight line on my foot from wearing my loafers Saturday when we sought with faith for 3 HOURS. No sunburns yet either. 
That's all my time! Sorry for the craziness as always, but so is missionary life sometimes!
Hermana Schooff

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