Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Rain Rain Go Away

Scent from Hermana Schooff on 11/29

Yesterday was super crazy so we're emailing now (tuesday). Let's see if this email will make any sense- my brain feels super scattered!
This weekend was pretty rainy and it's getting so cold!! haha adjusting to the california climate has been no problem! We were seeking w/ faith on saturday (b/c we need more seeking time, 7.5 hours a week at least) and it was chilly, but 15 minutes later it started rainy pretty hard. So instead of just walking on the sidewalks on seeking... WE TRACTED! ah! first tracting yet! Luckily people weren't mean to us- I mean we are 2 girls being drenched in the rain while it's cold out. So that was good, but we were so glad to get back in the car and blast our heat.
Hna Tobler was sick this week (and still is). So we stayed in on tuesday and did studies, watched some good mission approved movies, etc. 

At the end of our tracting in the rain. Chilly!

We had our own exchanges this week. So our english STL was w/ Hna Jensen and I. It was a lot of fun and we had 2 lessons and picked up a new investigator, Ruben. We also ate at Los Altos (mexican market/restuarant). I love real mexican tacos! Plus los altos tortillas are the best. I don't think I'll ever eat a flour tortilla again. Corn all the way!!!! Please, everyone, make the right choice: choose corn tortillas.
comp pic! I think this was thanksgiving
Thanksgiving! We had a turkey bowl of the missionaries in our zone. I made a lemon pie (yum). We ate w/ the Cuevas (caves- ha!). We had turkey w/ a meaty stuffing, two pasta salads, apple pie, and a drink I forgot what it is called but its like a bunch of fruit cooked in water. It was really good! Then our stake's missionaries had a movie night and we watched ephraim's rescue.
Post turkey bowl- reppin' our zone shirts. They say "hemet is heaven" and then our last names on the back.

At service at the old folk's home this week, I was passing our bingo cards and this lady asked me how tall I was. Then she said, "you need to find a tall husband." ...... thanks lady, I'm aware. But that's not a concern for 16+ months.
On sunday the Pineda kids were confirmed! yay! Sadly the mom was not there, but we have an FHE yesterday w/ multiple families and the Pinedas and the mom was there. We are now focusing on the mom (but both parents have to get their divorces finished and married themselves so.... classic mexico divorces, I tell you). 
So yesterday was super crazy. We did some of our studies, went to Menifee for cross fit w/ president and the whole southern half of the mission. Crossfit was not as hard as I was imaging, but still not my favorite 30 minutes every. 10 rounds of running and push ups and lunges and burpees. Then we had a sister meeting w/ Sister Mullen led by a companionship in my zone. It was very good- about dealing w/ mission struggles and keeping our confidence and faith in Christ. and our purpose and responsibilidad.
Sorry for the random spanish words. 
Crossfit! (haha before pic, luckily there are no after pics). 
Crossfit- reppin' hemet in shirt and hand sign?
Then we ran and grabbed a quick lunch, got our ride to my doctors appointment in moreno valley, came back for an evening of work. We literally had 0 time to rest until, well bed. But so is mission life. 
We picked up 7 investigators this week! Nobody is currently on date/progressing but that is our goal for this week! We have a lot of awesome people (a lot of whom I haven't met yet b/c so is trio life when you have a sick comp) who we will get on date this week! 
Transfers are next week! A ton (like 6) hermanas will be leaving and we are only getting 1 new one! ahhhh!!! So there will only be 12 hermanas in the mission, so president is going to close 2 hermana areas (sad) for now. So no more hermana trios most likely. I'm think Hna Tobler will leave and either train the new baby or finish training one of the other hermanas who came in with me (i'm the only hermana who came in this past transfer whose trainer is not leaving half way through training). 
Christmas initiative #lighttheworld. We are inviting all our contacts while seeking to give service, we share the video if we/they have the right amount of time (president is very numbers oriented, which I like. If we have less than 9-14 minutes, we show the video. If we have 9-14 minutes we teach the restoration. This is for contacts only.) We share the video at dinner lessons and invite our members to share the video and then ask the person to listen to a message from us about Christ. And we give service everyday, up to 1 hour a day. It's a lot to remember.
I'm teaching gospel principles in church this sunday. It'll be weird doing it in spanish after doing it in english this past summer. 
Oh the other day I was praying I think before going in for a dinner appointment and I guess it was all in spanish, but instead of saying "casa" I said "hause (german)". yay. Last night my comps asked me to recite something in german so I did erlkonig (elf king) poem and MAN was it rough. I'm in spanish 100% now. Goodbye deutsch! 

Have a great week all!
Hermana Schooff

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