Monday, November 14, 2016

"Tall Baby"

Well very little time today since sending pictures takes forever!
Explanation of the email's subject. We eat dinner w/ Hna Cisneros every week! She's pretty tall for a latina, but I think it was after my first dinner there, we all hugged her goodbye and she said something about how I am the tall baby, since I'm taller then my comps but I'm the newbie. 
Big news is the two kids have passed their baptismal interview! BAUTISMO EN LA 20 DE NOVIEMBRE! yay we're excited. The Mom has really kind of changed. She is very nice and friendly to us and listens as we teach her kids. She even gave us some sort of sweet bread and champurada (that might not be the right word- the mexican hot chocolate) the other day after the taught the word of wisdom the lesson before. Haha we told the kids no coffee, but hot chocolate, then the mom gave us hot chocolate. 
People are already putting up their christmas decorations. Why? I don't know, they don't have to deal w/ snow like in nebraska.
I have my first non mexican dinner yesterday. Which was weird haha. But I had mole twice this week and I can't really remember what else. Oh! We had (I'm totally blanking out on all spanish food names) like a tortilla type thing made in banana leafs the other day. it was kind of weird haha. 
One of the hardest spanish things for me right now is the word "es". In spanish it means "it is". But in german "it is" is "es ist". So a lot of the time I'll say "es ist" when I should be saying "es" or I'll say "es" trying to mean "it" but I'm really saying "it is ___". ..... Not sure if that made any sense.
We had a ton of meetings and service and such this week so we had very little time for anything else. So we have only 1 new investigator and like otherwise basically only taught the 2 kids w/ the baptismal date. Not a lot happening right now. But that'll change!
So Hna Tobler had exchanges since she's an stl. we had an english sister come here (she came in w/ me) and we did splits. But we went to dinner all together and watching her not understand anything reminded me of me 3 weeks ago! I am for sure understanding a lot more! Either perfectly or at least the general message.
During some days of our seeking this week we met some really cool/prepared people (english speaking mostly). It was just cool to know we were in the right place, right time, doing the right thing.
2 funny spanish words/definitions. arreglarse= to get ready but really means fix yourself
holocaustos= burnt offerings..... yep.
that's basically it. I'll try better next week to save more time for writing!
Hermana Schooff

This area is like mountains made out of huge, weird looking rocks

I think this was right before my first time seeking w/ faith! What a young, innocent, ignorant little missionary I appear to be!

So this mirror was left by the dumpster of our apartment. We decided it looked pretty hood. Pretty really our apartment isn't all the hood. But we try. 

Pics from Hna Tobler's camera: This is the box that had I think all 8 binder of the book of mormon for blind people (still don't know how to spell the word).

Hemet zone! Hemet is heaven!

So Hna Jensen and I were seeking with faith and we went down this dirt road and found some really weird statue looking things

Pretty high quality road

Hna Jensen and I!

Different part of same road- looks like Nebraska except brown. 

I think this was the same day, got home, took of shoes, and saw my sock! Not sure what happened there!

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