Monday, December 19, 2016

discovery channel is not always truth

Hello all! You will have to keep reading to understand the subject of this email!

I'll start with my favorite 8 year old- Jacqueline! This week we were able to teach her a lot and on Friday she had her baptismal interview and passed! Yay! So her baptism is friday night (christmas eve eve) and hopefully the members that are in town will show up. We still have a decent amount of things to do to prepare for then, so it'll be a busy week! Jacqueline was pretty nervous once our district leader came to do her interview, but it is awesome to see how much she is remembering and how she loves to read the book of mormon (we gave her a kid one eventually but even now sometimes she reads from the normal one)! We've asked her a few times if she has prayed about the book of mormon and if she should be baptized and it is cool to see how even an 8 year old can understand what the Holy ghost feels like and when she has an answer.
The mom of Crystal and Luis- so we are continuing to stop by and teach crystal and luis since they are recent converts and both parents are always there. this last time though, we focused on the mom and just really blatantly (spelling? gah even state side spanish ruins your english) asked her if she was interested. Sadly she said no, but she did say she can't say for the future. So we'll continue to stop by and teach the kids and she should be there for all the lessons. I'm sure one day in the future she'll be better prepared and have a softer heart.
Ok now I'll explain the subject line of this email. So on tuesday I think it was, Hna Jensen was in riverside for an stl/zl meeting, so Hna rowe and I had the whole area to ourselves! jk! But we did have one cita during that time w/ Margarita. We only met with her one time before and really nothing got taught because our member did all the [random] talking. But before this cita she read the whole restoration pamphlet and said she wanted to know more about Joseph smith. So we taught all of the lesson and when we're talking about joseph smith she says (keep in mind half the time she is saying john smith instead of joseph smith, but we think she was meaning joseph and just said the wrong name) that she was watching the discovery channel and there was a show about joseph smith and how he talked to aliens. yep. Also keep in mind this is all in spanish, so hna rowe and I were kind of struggling to understand but luckily we had the perfect team up with us who helped out. anyways we tried to address that, but she still wants to study more about who joseph smith was. Which I totally understand. We're going to show her the restoration video next time.
Hna Rowe has not been w/ us the last few days. There are 2 hermanas in riverside and 1 of them had some kind of surgery on thursday and needs a few days to heal. So President asked hna rowe to go w/ the other hermana so they could get some work done with the other hna rests at the mission home. So she left Thursday night I think it was and comes back wednesday morning. 
Bishop asked us yesterday to do a musical number for church sunday. so we need to try and whip up something. 
This week for part of my training I had to do this grammar test online. I got like 63% haha but most of what I got wrong was subjunctive because I have been avoiding that on purpose, but now I realize IT IS TIME TO START LEARNING SUBJUNCTIVE! no matter how much i'm dreading it, it is time to learn it and put it in practice. I feel like w/ the rest of my spanish I know a decent amount (obviously not everything) but I'm just working on putting it in practice with real conversations/lessons. But it is going pretty well. 
It has been pretty cold lately. I got some gloves for $2 the other day at a garage sale! score!
So on saturday I think it was- oh yes! So saturday we had planned on getting 2 YW from one of the english ward to come seeking w/ faith w/ us so we could get double the time in since we were behind. But they fell through and we were all bummed. So we didn't end up seeking at the time and place we planned one. BUT in that hour and a half, we had 2 lessons (in spanish) with people we just met on the street and entonces we picked up 3 new investigators in 1.5 hours (in the cold folks, we sat down outside). But so that was awesome b/c so far I have never had people let us teach them right then and there. One of them, his name is Josefino. He was super open and receptive. As we taught him, he told us something about how he was baptized into the church one time when these missionaries (this was in the 70s FYI) were baptizing a bus load of people. And I guess he was one of them. But he never got confirmed so it isn't a complete baptism, and he never came to church I think. But we will continue to teach him and he wants to come to church.
This coming week is going to be crazy! tomorrow hna jensen has exchanges and won't be in our area, so the other stl is also in a trio and she'll be in her area tomorrow with her exchangee, so I'll take her other two companions and we'll be in our area. Yay only spanish speaker? Wednesday we pick up hna rowe and we have a christmas devotional for this half of the mission. THursday hna jensen will exchange out again. fridaywe have the baptism. saturday is christmas eve and we have a zone activity at night. sunday we will do studies, go to church, eat lunch, go skype, eat w/ the cuevases, and i'm not sure what else. Plus we have to do everything else including 7.5 hours of seeking, trying to get lessons, studies, district meeting, weekly planning, etc. crazy but it'll be good!  
I think that's all! I took like 1 picture of a sunset so I'll send that next time and will take more pictures since it'll be christmas!
Merry Christmas everyone! Feliz Navidad!
Hermana Schooff

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