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it's because they know martial arts (Dec. 27, 2016)

Ok I'm at a public library and I'm not sure how much time I will have left on here so here I go!
Explaining the subject line: after Jacqueline's baptism we were all eating refreshments and Jacqueline's little brother was running around and falling down. So one Hna says, "wow kids must be made of plastic b/c they never get broken." Another Hna says, "yeah so are the chinese, because when they get into accidents they always just keep going." Another Hna says, "yeah, that's because they know martial arts."
So Jacqueline was baptized! Yay! A classic almost half and hour late spanish baptism, but it still happened!
Jacqueline's baptism!
Jacqueline seemed excited and nervous at the same time. She should be confirmed next sunday. Not many people came since it was Dec. 23, but people did come. And we got to see Hna tobler again which was so much fun!
The Hermana Rowe story: So on wednesday we had a 1/2 the mission christmas devotional and at there we got to pick up Hna Rowe! We were so excited! Then Thursday during weekly planning we got a phone call saying Hna Rowe is being emergency transferred Monday (yesterday) b/c a sister went home sick. So Yesterday she went to Jurupa but in an english area! Weird weird, but we miss her already! I am hoping after these 3 more weeks in this transferred she'll come back here with me!
last time seeking as a trio!
It's been pretty cold and rainy the couple days before Christmas. It feels more like fall here than winter. 
Our Christmas plans were super crazy! So we had plans with one family like at least a week in advanced. Then on Thursday we called the same family asking if they could come with us to a lesson. Then I say, ok well we will see you sunday! The hna goes, no it is saturday right? Anyways she thought we were having christmas eve dinner with her instead of christmas and skyping. They were maybe planning on going to Tijuana (or however you spell it) on christmas but weren't sure if they were going to go or not. So we were trying to think of other families who would be in town and could either feed us or let us skype on Christmas. tiny bit stressful folks. But then saturday morning I think it was they called and said, no we'll be here so you can skype and eat here as planned. yay!
Christmas eve w/ hna Fonseca

Christmas w/ hna cuevas

Hna Fonseca gave us all cardigans so we took classy pics w/ them

keeping it classy

the children sometimes have to support the mom
Christmas Eve we did all our studies, a little bit of seeking w/ faith, then just trying some people before dinner. We had dinner w/ Hna Fonseca- tacos! yum yum! Then we had a zone activity. We watched the movie Scrooge- an old movie/musical that it President's favorite christmas movie and he let us watch because of the themes of redemption, etc. 
Christmas we woke up and opened presents! Then we still had to do our 4 hours of studies- Christmas is not a holiday for missionaries says President. So by 8 we started studies, went to our 1 hour of church, ate lunch, and went to go skype. The daughter of the family was supposed to let us in b/c the couple was at the church w/ the elders for a lesson. But the daughter I guess wasn't feeling well and literally slept the entire day. So we started skyping later but it all worked out in the end. We ate pasole verde! I've had a rojo one a month or so ago. But it is good stuff. We had a giant bowl of pasole! Then the rest of the evening our zone went out christmas caroling to various investigators/recent converts/less actives, etc. It was fun!
Awkward moment this week: Hna Jensen was gone on exchanges and Hna Rowe was still in Riverside, so one of the sister in the english trio in our zone came with me to "spanish land". Anyways the Hna we were having dinner with had somewhere to be in the evening and nobody in her house would be there. So she told us where she would hide her keys outside her house and then we could come and get the dinner. So I'm picturing like a bag of food we would take home and eat. Nope. We walk in and she set up plates and everything on her table. So we ate dinner in her house even though nobody was there. 
I think that is basically it! And I'm probably about to be kicked off this computer.
pretty cool name- for a street and a person!

​is it a skirt or colonial pants?

is it a harry potter broom stick or some palm tree debris?

cali skies

cali skies

oranges for days

seeking by the orange orchards!
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

Hermana Schooff

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