Monday, December 12, 2016

the week of crazy stuff, folks!

So first our new companion! Her name is Hna Rowe! She is from Nashville, TN. So she technically has been out 6 months, but she was home the last 3 months recovering from a concussion. But now she is back and well and we both get to finish our last transfer of training together with the lovely Hna Jensen. Funny thing: Hna Rowe and I were at BYU at the same time. We lived in the same building of Heritage Halls. She lived on the 4th floor and I lived on the 2nd, so we were in different wards. She played lacrosse for BYU! Wow! She wants to go into the nursing programming. She is super fun and our trio is such a blast! In a lot of ways we are the same person: both tall, dark hair, we literally eat the same lunches (sandwhich, fruit, other classic school lunch foods), BYU, etc. There's more, but we haven't even know each other for a full week yet, so give me some more time. But this is another amazing trio!

We tried taking Christmas pictures after a super long day, but you can't see our christmas tree in the background. 

Other news: I am the designated driver!! Yay!! Which also basically means I should have at least one more transfer here after this current one. But I'm excited- hemet is great! 

There were some weird but cool experiences this week, so keep on readin' folks!

Trio life is so awesome because you only need 1 member to come out with you to do splits/double work! So this week I went w/ an Hna in our ward, Hna Morales, who is super cute and animated and just a bunch of fun, and we went seeking w/ faith together. She doesn't speak much English but did great in spanish contacts! It was fun to talk to her and practice my spanish non-church conversations. My Spanish is nowhere near anything great, but I can tell it is improving- in speaking and understanding! Yay! Also this week Hna. Rowe and I got to go seeking w/ just the two of us and literally everyone but like 2 people we talked to in 1.5 hours spoke spanish! it was really great practice for both of us! 

Now time for the great seeking with faith stories! Ah, I'll have so many of these by the time I'm done w/ my mission. #1: Hna Rowe and I were seeking w/ faith together and this one guy referred us to his neighbor across the street (he said something about how the devil is at his neighbor's house and they need a message of Christ). So we go over there because his neighbors are in their driveway, and we talk to this guy. He turns around and he is wearing a BYU-Idaho shirt. So we're like "oh, byu idaho?" he's like "yeah." turn out he didn't go there. His friend went there, but was not a member, and gave him some shirts. He knew very very little about the church, but we showed him the christmas video (light the world) and invited him to do the service and we are coming back this week to follow up on his service and teach him! Just so weird he was wearing a byu-i shirt the day/hour the missionaries were walking down his street.
#2: Hna Jensen and I were seeking together, trying to rush back to the car b/c we were going to be late meeting Hna Rowe and her team up and we walked kind of far away. So we're speed walking and we hear these teenagers behind us being teenagers. They run up behind us and then one of them asks us to stop. They were both being awkward and laughing and I thought they were just doing a prank or a dare to talk to the mormon missionaries and refer one of their friends as a joke. The girl was like "I don't know how to ask this.... um do you guys do like home visits?" we say yes and she says she wants the missionaries to come visit her. So we took down her info to give to the english elders. I guess she used to live in salt lake right next to temple square and now that she's gone she's curious about the mormons? Idk but Hna Jensen was like, I've never had anyone run after me before, let alone to to a self referral! 

The biggest miracle/coolest story of the week! Yesterday we walked in to the chapel before sacrament meeting and the elders came up to us, pointed to a man and said "hey that guy said he wants to talk to you." we never had seen him before. So we went up to him after sacrament meeting. He recently moved here from El Salvador I think (I wasn't actually in this conversation so my knowledge is limited). He is not a member, but before he moved it sounds like the missionaries basically taught him everything and he was just waiting to be baptized, but had to move before he could actually be baptized. So he will be baptized here and he is in our area. So we will see him tomorrow and we will call President Mullen tonight and ask if we can call his old missionaries and if we need to reteach him everything. So literally a baptism just moved into our area. And I guess Hna Jensen and Tobler before I came were praying for a miracle of that exact thing! Wow!

The ward christmas party! There were a pretty good amount of people there! Sadly no hispanic food, just ham, potatoes, rolls, but we did have punche and aqua de fresca. It was funny, last sunday the bishop's wife came into relief society to teach all the hermanas how to make funeral potatoes (b/c that is the food the relief society was in charge of). It was literally like a 10 minute conversation/debate of what funeral potatoes are, how to make them, and what is in them. But they turned out well! Also funny, we're standing in line to get the food and this Hna asks if she can take our picture with her kids. So she takes a few. Turns out none of us knew who she was. but she wanted our picture w/ her kids. But yes, food, songs, primary nativity, then we had to leave to go back to work. But it was a lot of fun! A lot better than my first ward fiesta my first week in the field when I didn't know anyone! Also, I now consider myself to be a decent singer. Songs in church can be... a little rough. Yeah, that's what we will call it.

The primary did a nativity and sang songs. And Hna. Jensen got a 5 minute warning to play the piano for them.

We're continuing to teach Jacqueline! Her baptismal date is Dec. 23 and she'll probably have her interview this weekend! yay! we finally got a kid's book of mormon for her and the next day she told us she read 5 pages! so that was great!

The ward christmas fiesta! The girl on the left is Jacqueline, who is being baptized on Dec. 23, and the right is her little sister Josie. They were wearing matching dresses! Cuties!

We got offered so much food yesterday. A big pan of cookies, some cheese rolls, pan dulces, banana bread cupcakes, a giant dinner, leche gelatin, and cupcakes. I think that's all. So do not worry about me being hungry. Actually, worry about me never feeling hunger for the next 15 months. 

We are continuing to teach crystal and luis. We really need to find out how much interest the mother has right now. The hermano has marriage papers, but doesn't have the money for a lawyer right now w/ their divorces and mexico and all of that lovely stuff. 

This week we worked really hard at contacting references. So now we are trying to get back in with our investigators (which has been really hard lately) and turn potenciales into investigadores. 

Well that's basically it and my computer time is done! Until next week!

Hermana Schooff

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