Monday, December 5, 2016


I have very little time now so here I go!
Transfers! Hna Tobler is leaving us and is going to finish the training of an Hna who came in w/ me in Moreno Valley.
Hna Jensen and I will stay here in Hemet but Hna Jensen is an STL and will be DOUBLE TRAINING! yep! So an hermana came in and did 1 transfer a few transfers ago, but got a concussion. Now she's coming back and we will finish our last transfer of training together. Her name is Hna Rowe and we pick her up tomorrow! I'm so excited trio life lives on, but sad to see hna tobler leave!

Last dream team trio pic! :(

We went to La Michoacana (something like that) which has super yummy ice cream (and other stuff). I got ferrero roche (or however you spell it) and it was for sure some of the best ice cream i've ever had. still dreaming of it......

classy photo

last 'hood pics. There was a ton of stuff in our dumpster, including this super cool like tricycle that was next to it. 

We are fierce! especially sister jensen. Holding up that trike w/ such strength

We were seeking the other day and went up to this yard sale. No ordinary yard sale. Jehovah witness yard sale.
Our elders went up to idyllwild (mountain area) and brought back snow! yay so I've already touched snow in my mission. 
Saturday we did a "blitz", where everyone in our zone meets together and we all seek in 1 ward's area. I was w/ sister mcculloch, one of my stl's. We met 2 pastors on the same circle. And this crazy guy in his truck came up to us. he warned us of his neighbors up the street where we were headed. "they have this box behind their garages doors with these lasers. the lasers can zap you and dissinigrate (no time for spelling perfection) the hardest of your bones! they've targeted me already! once you've been zapped, it'll make you want to take heroin and start shooting your gun like a crazy person!" and so on for like 5 minutes. fun stuff folks.
Cool thing from this week. We taught this girl, who is about to turn 9, for the second time. Her mom is VERY less active, she was baptized at 8 and only attended church til she was like 10. The grandma of the girl takes her to church. But we were teaching the girl part of lesson 1 (in english which is the weirdest thing when the parents speak spanish) and asked her if she wanted to be baptized. she said yes so we asked the mom for permission. we were expecting her to be super difficult, but she was just like yeah that's ok. So Jacquelin will be getting baptized probably on Dec. 23! Christmas eve eve! yay! And now the girl is super excited and loves to learn more about the lessons. way cool!
Well that's time! Talk to you next week!

Hermana Schooff

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