Tuesday, January 3, 2017

a year's worth of cleaning and more (Jan. 3, 2017)


Get ready for another scattered email! We are still having to use public libraries so not sure how much time I will have on here... yay!
Last week I had my first REAL tamales! I had a sweet strawberry one in like my first week here, but we had real like meal ones last week. And they were Guatemalan! Yum!
We had exchanges this week. I stayed in my area w/ the other STL (Sister Nai- she is from Australia!) Anyways, it seems like every time we have an English Sister in our area we always end up eating w/ this one hermana who cooks REALLY spicy! I mean I really like it, but it was really spicy. Haha poor english sisters...
We got a referral from some ENglish sisters for this romanian family. Turns out I think the wife's first language is romanian, but his first language is Spanish, and they both know little english. So we're teaching them in Spanish.
We had multizones this past week! Really good, but not as exciting in this area b/c we are always w/ the other zone because they're in our stake. 
We picked up a new family this week, the Hernandez family. Wife, husband, 11 yr old girl, 2.5 yr old boy. The wife says she was baptized mormon at age 7.... But the dad is on date for the 12th of February. In our second lesson they got super excited for coming to church and reading the book of mormon! so we're excited to see what happens
New Years Eve our 2 zones just got together and played sports games and like board games. Brian will be happy to know one elder had the game "poo". 
Sacrament meeting on sunday was different but cool! Our bishop likes once every year to have a sacrament meeting of just singing hymns. So members could go up and announce a hymn they would like to sing and why. It was pretty cool!
Also on Sunday Jacqueline was confirmed! Yay! They walked in just in time for her to get confirmed, but it happened and she is doing well! She lost her kids book of mormon the other week but has now found it and is super excited to keep reading! And she's remembering so much from out lessons!
We have church at 1pm now. It's weird doing our studies all morning, going to church. Then basically you have dinner and only like 2.5 hours to do work. no.....
Yesterday all missionaries had to do a deeply, twice yearly cleaning of our apartment. Keep in mind, our apartment had like nobody living in it until like August. So yes we found lots of gross, dead bugs and a tiny, dead, baby mouse. Sister Jensen was using the vacuum hose to clean the kitchen cupboards and thought the mouse was just dust. Nope. And the mouse got stuck in the hose. Lovely times. 
This week is week 11 in the training program- which is the week where the trainee (me) takes the lead in everything! ah! it'll be interesting folks! Stay tuned til next week!
Last night we were trying to contact a referral, but he didn't live in the address we had. But the guy still let us come in and teach his 3 teenagers. So we teach all of lesson 1, but then the dad is like, no I don't want to read the book of mormon. And also he wouldn't let us make a return appointment. He wasn't rude about it, but still was the first time I had somebody be like, no don't come back. They were pretty catholic, but they actually knew a lot about catholicism unlike a lot of people we meet. So it was cool having them explain their baptism/confirmation process. 
We are hoping to get in with a lot more people now that the holidays are over.
Well that's all I can think of for now! Hopefully I'll take pictures this week, but like always it should be pretty busy and crazy!

Hermana Schooff

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