Monday, January 9, 2017

"How do you feel walkin' in the hood?"

So to explain the subject line: We were seeking in faith in just a neighborhood along our way to our dinner appointment. Was not the nicest area of Hemet. But we talked to this one guy and then as we were leaving he asked, "how do you feel walkin' in the hood?" Hna Jensen just explained that we only walk in the light so we feel fine. Then just like further down the street we were talking to this other guy and we explained to him that we work w/ the spanish congregation. He asked if we like chose to learn spanish, so we explained we were assigned. Then he says, "wow they chose two of the whitest people for that!" ........ I mean he's not far off, but.......
My spanish is improving! So that's good! We had dinner w/ the Cuevas family this week and after the lesson they were both just like, "I remember when you first got here! but now your spanish is really improving!" so yeah that was nice haha
This week was kind of crazy. I had like a 2 day exchange, but I wasn't really on exchanges. Thursday Hna Jensen went to MLC (a meeting for mission leadership), so she and the other stl in our zone left and I went w/ the companions of the other stl. BUT then the next day the STL's had really exchanges w/ the sisters who serve up in the mountains. So Hna Jensen was in our area, so then I went with the same other companions. That was my first time not being in my area so that was weird! 
We didn't have a lot of time to do seeking w/ faith earlier in the week so we did a lot saturday. We taught this guy, Jose, who told us he is perfect and doesn't sin. And because he is perfect he would come to church. Well folks, I am here to tell you that nobody is perfect except Christ. And proof of that is that Jose didn't come to church. He was a weird guy. It is hard for me to understand people's personalities when I'm focusing on translating what they're saying haha. 
I don't remember if I talked about this the last couple of weeks, but apparently all U.S. missions will be using Ipads by the end of the year. So now there's a ton of rumors and speculation about when we will get them. I'm still debating whether or not I'd want one. But if we get them near the end of this year, they'll just give me one to use on my mission and I'll just return it once I leave. Otherwise I'll have to buy one, but have it at home too.
Last night be picked a new investigator named Luis. Sis. Jensen found him while seeking w/ faith during exchanges. Anyways he seems pretty elect! We did not have much time to teach him at all, so we literally just taught the first part of lesson 1, god is our loving heavenly father. Taught, shared a scripture, invited him to be baptized and he accepted and we put him on date for feb. 19! He seems pretty prepared and willing to learn more! He wanted to come to church but couldn't but now he really wants to come next week. 
This week is my last week in training and my last week w/ Hna Jensen (and her last week all together). It'll be super weird w/o her! But this should be a pretty busy week! ZDM, President/Sister Mullen are coming out w/ us Wed. night for 2 lessons (President does that every other transfer for leadership), thursday Hna Jensen gets to go to the temple w/ the outgoing missionaries so I need to find someone to be w/ me. Also! We give service at the "hemet theatre" here. It's an old, kind of gross movie theatre type place and we usually just help clean up. But they are showing "meet the mormons" for free this thursday and we get to go and help out! That'll be cool! 
Saturday night we get transfer calls! So 99% chance I'm staying here, but I'll get to figure out who my new companion is! Stay tuned!
Hermana Schooff

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