Monday, January 30, 2017

the meal with 200+ carbohydrates

Hello all!
So this email should be a little bit shorter since I just emailed on thursday. but there are still things to share!
Redlands temple is small but very beautiful! there are lots of windows inside and with all the natural lighting it so very very beautiful! 
​At the Redlands temple. It was so sunny behind the temple that we look super dark (not as in like tan dark but you know)

This week we taught a new investigator, Antonio. He is super cool and wants to learn more and even came for part of church this week! He could only stay for like the first 40 minutes because he had to go to work (he works at Los Altos- one of our favorite mexican restaurants here and they have the BEST tortillas!). We will see him tomorrow but the sad news is he is moving to mexico... on wednesday... so we'll get his info and send it to the missionaries in mexico.
A lot of this week was trying to visit less active families and pausing investigators because they aren't keeping their commitments. One of our investigator families were in the hospital this week and so we haven't seen them at all for awhile. 
mountainy view from seeking last week. literally around the corner was like the edge of this cliff thing and all you could see was the mountains. 

We visited with Jacqueline this week! She found her little kid picture book of mormon finally! yay! It is awesome to see how much she remembers and she just loves answering our questions and basically teaching the lesson for us!
Update on Carlos: We visited with him some more and he is doing pretty well! He really just loves to feel the Spirit! He texted us the other day and just told us his life is changing for the better- all in just 1 week! 1 week ago today we found him outside his house. Crazy! Sadly he didn't come to church. He texted us saying he'd be late and then I guess it was late enough that he couldn't come at all. We are seeing him tonight anyways for a family home evening with a member family. 
Mom & Dad- I think I found the latino version of you two. He is the 1st counselor in the obispado (don't remember how to spell it in english). I don't know them well but yesterday it just hit me. Pretty similar to you two, but latino!
So dinner I mentioned in the subject line. We didn't have anyone signed up for dinner saturday so we called Hna Conchita who you can rely on for a good, spicy Mexican meal. She usually feeds us a decent amount, but nothing like saturday! We started w/ mexican noodle soup and tortillas. And a mango juice throughout the meal. Then we had a GIANT plate w/ a 1/3 being mexican rice, 1/3 of a potatoe casserole, and 1/3 being turkey. Ended with sweet potatoes in a caramel sauce. It was decently spicy so you just keep drinking more and more of this sweet, sugary mango juice. Either way I'm not sure how many carbohydrates it really was, but over 200. Hna Conchita has now won the award for carbiest meal I have eaten on my mission. I'm pretty sure my stomach grew like 4 inches from entering and leaving her house. Man- it was a lot of food!
I'll go and send the pictures I have from the past 2 weeks.
​Hna Chandler and I #blurry

Till next week (tuesday b/c we have interviews on monday).

Hermana Schooff

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