Monday, January 16, 2017


Hola! Como estan?

These computers at the family history center are really kind of struggling today w/ speed, so we'll see what we can do!
I had my first real enchiladas this week! Real enchiladas: you dip the tortilla in some sort of sauce and fry it a little bit. Then add whatever you want in the middle and add your toppings. There really wasn't much sauce or spiciness in these ones, but they were still real enchiladas.
​from the rain this week!

It RAINED A TON this week! Which made it hard to seek w/ faith. Hna Jensen went to the temple thursday w/ the other outgoing missionaries, so I went w/ an hermana in the ward and she came out and we tracted (we tract instead of seeking when it is raining b/c nobody is just outside in the streets). We got soaked! Luckily like our last two houses we tried both let us in and share a little message (only can go in if they speak spanish). One even let us use an umbrella! So we took this hermana's car but for some unknown reason to me, she left the windows partially down. So when we came back from seeking the inside part of the car doors were wet. And she kept them open while driving. In california there are tons of deep dips in the roads for some unknown reason. So the dips becomes rivers in the rain. So then either we were splashing the water in the dips or other cars were splashing us. 
I think I talked about this last week, but the Hemet theatre where we give service showed "meet the mormons" on thursday and friday. Our zone got to help out thursday. Not many people came, but it was still fun to watch the movie in a real theatre. 
Transfers!!! I am staying here in Hemet (obviously). Today Hna Jensen goes to Riverside for dinner and the outgoing testimony meeting. Tomorrow morning she'll fly home to wyoming! sad! But my new companion is Hna Chandler! We don't know much about her yet, but she's been about for about 6 months now! Something like that. More details obviously coming next week. Oh and she is not an STL so yay for RPM (regular prosolyting missionary)
​Hna Jensen's last time seeking w/ faith. 18 months worth of seeking- DONE!

This lovely green stuff behind us is called Hemet grass (well at least so the missionaries call it). It is ALL OVER THE PLACE since Hemet was designed to be an old folks town. So they literally paint rocks green so the yards kind of look like grass, but the old people don't have to take care of their grass. Also b/c of the lack of water. Tada! hemet grass! now you know!

Hna Jensen's mom sent us wyoming shirts for christmas. So last pday we finally got to wear them and match!

A lot of people from our zone are leaving so it'll be almost a whole new zone! wow!
So yes with the new transfer I am officially done w/ training! Wow I'm a real missionary! It'll be weird having only 3 hours of studies and not 4 and not having an STL companion. Basically we have a bunch more time now which should be good! 
Not much news in our area this week. We taught this man Luis a couple more times. President Mullen has this new, really specific but cool way of teaching the church commitment. So we taught it that way for the first time to him. He said he'd come, but in the end he didn't. We are seeing him tomorrow and we can see what happened. 
That's all I can really think of. Usually I read through my journal to remember what I should say, but last night and this morning we were mostly just helping Hna Jensen pack up. Haha she didn't want to pack until sunday night! 
Until next week then!

Hermana Schooff

thanks mom for the chia pet. growing strong!
We were out seeking this week and at the end of this neighborhood was this dirt road that connected to the next main road. Well as you can see there was all kinds of debris and unwanted furniture just all around. Pretty sketch. We used it as a photo op and went on our way

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