Monday, February 13, 2017

missionary work in Hemet=scaring old people

Hello everyone!! Como estan?

This week it seems like there's a lot of little things to talk about so get ready for a random email! yay!
So yes, being in Hemet you're around a good amount of old people. And since it is winter it gets dark early. Old people don't like the dark. One day this week we went to try a few potential investigators in old folks neighborhoods. The first house had their lights on and music playing. We knocked... and again... we see a lady peek through her blinds... wait another minute.... they turn off their lights and their music. Then the next one we pull up to the house and are about to say a quick prayer before we get out. The lady in the house is already peeking out her window and just staring at us. And doesn't look away. Ahh poor old folks. We're just trying to do missionary work but we end up scaring them. Classic Hemet, folks.
Hna Chandler and I get to do a musical number for multizones on Thursday! We're doing beautiful savior for the primary songbook. Hopefully it works out well.
I am no longer the designated driver! Hna Chandler is now driving and she knows her way around Hemet pretty well already (plus she has a GPS so she is set). So I'm guessing I will be leaving Hemet in 2 weeks, but you never know. Hna Chandler was the driver for 6 days in her last area and then got transferred here. 
iPads? We still have no official word. At ZDM last week we got the technology safety manual thing and we have to read it before this thursday for multizones. So it will be discussed at multizones. I'll let you know next week!
We gave that soy sauce from last week to an Elder in our district who use to be a cook at a restaurant. Then last week he made some really yummy chicken with it and gave it to us! Wow! It was good!
Now to my current fav investigator- Carlos! (yay!) We only were able to teach him once this past week. Something is happening at the house he is living at and on Sunday he came to sacrament meeting only and said he was currently moving and he'd see us tomorrow. So we'll get more details tonight. Sounds like he is just moving within this area. He has not smoked within, well by now, almost 2 weeks! Yay! One guy who was living in the same house as him I guess was giving him some opposition, saying that we don't talk about Christ in our church. Which obviously Carlos already knew was not true because we always talk about Christ in every lesson! Carlos just told him that he feels welcome and the spirit in our church and that he's never felt that in any other church. Ah, he's doing so well! If we are able to meeting with him enough the next couple of days, he should have his interview thursday. So we'll see if we get in with him enough.
So our elders were supposed to have a baptism yesterday (Jorge Luis). But on thursday he went into the hospital because he was coughing up blood or something about a hernia. But at the hospital they found a tumor somewhere around his stomach and got that out too! Anyways he has stitches and such and is still in the hospital so the earliest we're guessing he can be baptized in the 26th. Can you say double baptism?
While seeking w/ faith this week we talked to this ex-Jehovah's witness man. He was telling us about how involved he was with the JWs in the past. Then he told us that he thinks the JW missionary work is "more intense" than what we were doing. I mean I admit I do not know a lot JW missionaries, but I know they don't leave their homes for 2 years or pay their own way, etc. I'm not sure what this man knew either, but we just kind of laughed.
We've eaten a decent amount of american food recently, but the other day we got tamales! yum!
There's this less active family we've been working a lot with. They haven't gone to church in about a year and our ward loves them, so at every dinner appointment the members tell us to go visit them. We saw them saturday and they said they're going to move their records into the english ward b/c their kids will actually understand and learn more there. So yesterday they went to the english ward for the second time! We're sad that they won't be with us, but now they're actually going to church and their kids are learning. So overall we're happy!
Our "new schedule" starts today! We really didn't get any specific instructions for this. Basically morning are basically the same, but we plan in the morning before studies. We can to companion and language study at any point in the day (so in the morning or afternoon, whatever is better for that day), lunch is only 30 minutes, and the rule still is if we're not in a lesson at 8:30pm then we head home. and now since we don't plan at night we can start going to be at 9:30. Those are really the only changes we have. So Hna Chandler and I are going to experiment a little bit with when to have studies, etc.
This week we really needed/wanted to find new investigators. For most of the week we only had 1 new. We just kept on praying and praying to find new people. Sunday comes. An hermana who manages some apartments brings this lady and her 2 kids to church. We quickly teach them and pick them up after church! Then after dinner we had 2 more lessons and picked up 3 new investigators! so in the end 5 in one day! That was great!
This week should be pretty crazy! Today our zone is having a picnic. Tomorrow is a normal day. Wednesday we're doing weekly planning. Thursday is multizones and hopefully carlos' interview. Friday night we're exchanging so Saturday I'll be in lake elsinore w/ an english stl. Saturday hna chandler is going up to jurupa right after church to attend a baptism. Crazy crazy!
I think that's all for this week! I'll go and send pics too if I have time (all the pics this week are on hna chandler's camera)
Hermana Schooff

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