Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Special Soy Sauce from Mexico

Hola! Como estan?

Just a warning I'm at the library and my time might be a little cut off  so there is a chance this email will come in 2 chunks. we'll see what happens.
So first w/ the subject line- last Monday we went to our dinner. Part of our dinner was white rice w/ soy sauce on top. This hna told us when she went to mexico recently she bought this special soy sauce. Then she decided to give us her other bottle of soy sauce. Folks, it is just a normal bottle of soy sauce. You can buy it at any grocery store in the states.
Had to take a pic next to our "special" soy sauce

Anyways we gave it to this elder in our zone who use to be a cook at a restaurant. 
Also at that dinner, she said she made some cake for us. She goes to serve us this cake. She cuts 1/4 of this cake and puts it on a plate. We're thinking, ok yeah she'll cut that in half and one for each of us. NO. This hna literally gave both of us 1/4 of this cake. Wow. It was a lot. Then she apologized because she didn't offer ice cream w/ it. Oh hermanas.....
We have a new ward mission leader! He was called sunday. His wife was also called to be a ward missionary so that'll be fun! Their grandson comes home from his mission in the dominican republic this friday! So their whole family is just going to be a huge help in our missionary work!
Carlos! He came to church for the second time on Sunday. He really liked it, but we didn't have much time to talk to him afterwards. We taught him word of wisdom. He smokes but he just said, yeah i'll stop. We really haven't had time to follow up on his smoking yet, but one day we texted him a friendly reminder that said "no fuma!" (don't smoke) and he said "no hermanas." We're not sure if he thought we were asking him or what but he is more than willing to stop. 
This week we had dinner with a less active family in our ward. We decided to teach tithing on that day before we knew who we'd teach it to. We called various members to see if they could feed us that day, but they couldn't. Our last idea was to call this family, and hna chandler and I were both decently terrified to call and ask them, but they said yes! It was so much fun to get to know them better and tithing was actually the perfect lesson for them! They already have strong testimonies of tithing, and it was just a good reminder for them to keep going so they can have those blessings.
On Sunday the YW President asked if we could teach a short plan of salvation to start her class so we said yes. Man. It was rough. First off some of the girls really don't know that much spanish so it was a spanglish lesson. Then none of them wanted to talk! at all! I now publicly apologize to all my yw, sunday school, and seminary teachers for not talking as much as I should of in class. It is rough to be that teacher. 
This week we went to a member's house b/c we had set up an appointment w/ them. So we knock and no one answers. Eventually we hear this voice from above. Literally. A relative opens the upstairs window to ask who we are. And then she got the hno and hna and we got in. 
Folks- the ipads. They are coming. Very soon. We can tell. We had interviews w/ president yesterday and he gave our zl's these technology safety booklets. Hna chandler has seen them before and says they are ALL about ipads. So we might hear more about on thursday w/ zdm but either was they are coming soon! probably before like june is our guess!
So many changes are going to happen by the time I'm halfway done w/ my mission! Ipads, new preach my gospels, new mission president, new schedule, etc. Even more changes than I know now! 
classic hna schooff studies look- whatever I'm wearing for the day plus fuzzy socks, a sweater, and warm scarf. w/ drying hair

The word to describe this past week is: pausing. Within the past like 2 weeks we've paused like 12+ investigators. And we only got 1 new last week (and he'll be passed off to english elders in our next appointment). So that's our goal for this week. 
Our elders have a baptism this sunday so that'll be fun! Then hna chandler has a baptism back in jurupa the following sunday, and hopefully the last sunday of the month will be carlos' baptism! 
Ok I think that's it! Until next week!

Hermana Schooff
Palm tree in somebody's yard, but then turned it into a street light!

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