Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The week where almost nothing went as planned, but was successful!

Hi all! Sorry I just now sent all those pictures! 
So yes this week was a pretty crazy one! I'm emailing today because yesterday we had crossfit in Menifee so we couldn't go to our family history center to email and all libraries were closed so we're emailing today!
Hna Rowe and I- reunited! In our post crossfit glory

First things first, found out yesterday that Hna Rowe will be going home next week w/ the new transfer. Her head w/ her concussion has not gotten any better, but has gotten worse since she came back in November. So she's going back home for good this time. :( poor thing! Even though I only served w/ her for like 2 weeks, she'll probably remain one of my favorite companions from my whole mission!
Last pday we had a zone activity of going to "simpson park". To get there we had to drive through these mountainy streets! It was pretty up there and had some great sights! We had a picnic there and took pictures. It was super cool! 
Hna Chandler and I at simpson park! "All that the light touches is our area" (credit: lion king)

view from simpson park! Welcome to hemet!

Let us talk about Carlos. Wow, folks. Well this week started off with us having a few lessons with him before his baptismal interview thursday. We taught some of the last commandments (tithing, chastity, etc.) and he accepted them just fine!! We knew Carlos had some past issues so we had to get a member of the missionary presidency to interview him. Turns out he is all ready for baptism, except there is still one issue that is not yet resolved, which he has to resolve before his baptism to have fully repented. We are not sure how long it will take to resolve it, maybe a couple of months, maybe like a year or so. I just hope it'll be before I go home so I can attend his baptism one day! He is so strong and has a great testimony! At first we were worried he didn't understand the situation really or maybe was starting to have hard feelings, but we had another lesson w/ him on Sunday and everything is fine (HUGE sigh of relief). We will continue to teach him and have a lot of member help with him to keep him strong until he can get this one thing resolved. Then he will be 100% ready for his baptism! Hna Chandler and I were kind of stressed this weekend because of that. We both said this was probably one of the hardest things we had to do in our mission (or lives): to tell a man who is 98% ready for baptism and wants it with 1000000% of all of his heart that he cannot be baptized yet. And that we don't know when. When he walked out of that interview, he was so happy- it was probably the happiest I have ever seen him. But he is still doing well, but we have to keep helping him move forward!
Another reason this week was crazy: friday we got a text from the mission office saying that all missionaries in the mission needed to be in their apartments at 3pm and stay inside for the whole day b/c of bad weather. So hna chandler and I ran out to get some seeking done and then went back inside. I don't think it started to rain until 7pmhere in Hemet. And it did not seem bad at all. So we're guessing it was worse up north in the mission, but literally down here it was not much. Not even that bad of a storm for california standards.
So friday night we finished our studies, made planner covers for next transfer, and watched "legacy" in spanish! We also saw part of "the testaments" earlier last week. Parts of those movies are kind of awkward to watch as a missionary....
On Friday, when we were stuck inside. Missionary movie night- ft. our great apartment

Also b/c of the storm we did not have exchanges, but we will have them this friday.
Looks like I will be kicked off the computer soon so hopefully I will have time to go back on soon to finish this email.
I had sirviche for the first time last week! sirviche is a raw fish salad. It reallly wasn't bad- but I did put a decent amount of pretty spicy salsa on it!
ipads! no news here. during multizones last week we had a training of technology safety, but that's all. so it's still a mystery. i'm sure we will get them sometime before the end of this year though. 
Even though this week was super crazy, we picked up 10 new investigators!!! wow! our whole zone put together only picked up 22, so hnas for the win! it was a very good week!
This weekend we have stake conference and yesterday we just got asked to translate for it. wish me luck folks. i'm trying to forget about it for now. 
transfers are next week! we have no idea what will happen. there should be a trio of hermanas somewhere. maybe back here in hemet again. who knows? anyways predict is you'd like!
ok being kicked off! hopefully i can write more soon....

you know you live in hemet when this is an aisle in walgreens

well that was dumb, it kicked me off my computer but there were 4 other open computers. so I just switched computers. haha. 
crossfit- so president mullen does crossfit every other transfer. There are different rotations he does, but it is mostly the same idea everytime. This time was chair presses, push ups, jump squats, and then running. We went for like 20 minutes, doing various #s of reps- all the way up to 24 in a round! we are a little sore today haha. 
One family of new investigators is the sanchez family! One daughter got baptized 2 weeks ago in the english ward, but most (but not all) of the family speaks spanish so they are starting to come to our ward. Part member family. We taught the husband and mother in law (wife is already a member- and actually they aren't married yet but are getting married this saturday after 33 years of marriage) and put them both on date for later in march. yay!
we taught this lady yesterday who is a mexican actress. she is working on her 3rd movie!
we talked to this one guy last week and while talking to him, he said, "you know i'm a prophet..." and just kept on going. then he asked us to pray right then and there in the street if he was a prophet. he told us what to say in the prayer and said "let your yes be your yes and your no be your no." idk, it was a weird experience. 
Hemet zone sisters!

So yes next week is transfers!!! Before we knew hna rowe would be leaving, we had a good idea of predictions (Hna chandler would train here, i would go to corona to reopen it up with an hna who is going home next transfer). But w/o hna rowe the hermanas have an odd number, so there'll probably be a trio somewhere (and hemet is still set up for a trio. we still have 3 beds, 3 desks, etc.) We've made some predictions, but none of them seem more likely than another. So we have no idea what will happen anymore. I can see me staying here and being in a trio as hna chandler probably trains, or I can also easily see me going somewhere else (probably southern half of the mission, so either menifee or lake elsinore.) We'll get calls saturday night unless either one of us gets a leadership call saturday morning. 
Everyone here in hemet/the ramona ward has either been sick (like our elders right now) or out of town (like 1/2 our ward this last week). 
Think that's all! Wow. Have a great week everyone!
Hermana Schooff

zone pics at multizones- empty seat for Sister Mullen who had to leave early b/c she was sick

funny pic

from zdm- the funny pic

zdm- hemet zone: the nice pic

from like week 2 when we took Hna Chandler to an urgent care in riverside

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