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So transfers! Might as well start there. I am.... being transferred! To..... Lake Elsinore (the El Cariso barrio!) Wow! Crazy! I don't know why but pre mission and thought I wouldn't ever serve in Lake Elsinore. Just kidding, area #2! My comp will be Hna Flores. She just finished training and she is a native speaker (but also fluent in english). All I really know is she is from Ecuador but sometime moved to South Jordan UT (I'm pretty sure). Either way I'll get there at 3pm today and I'll let you know more next week!
So let's just keep talking about transfers. Hna Chandler will stay here and TRAIN!!! yay i'm so excited for her! 2 companionships of hermanas are being doubled in to new areas so that'll be fun for them! We had stake conference this weekend so President Mullen was in Hemet and go to tell us ourselves with both the Hemet and San Jacinto zones where everyone was going, so that was pretty cool! So I'm mostly packed up and Hna Cuevas from our ward will drive me to Lake Elsinore this afternoon! But also- Hna chandler is moving apartments right now b/c there will be a trio of sisters here and they need to live in our apartment because it is big enough. So she also has to pack up all her stuff to move 10 minutes further down (luckily closer to the church). So it's a crazy day!
We had street tacos one day this week at our dinner- ah yummy!!! Street tacos are seriously the best (an Hno made them for us, so it is not literally STREET tacos).
Our elders in our ward were like super sick this past week between the two of them. They couldn't leave their apartment from last saturday until this saturday. 1 full week of being stuck inside your apartment. ugh. poor guys, but they seem to be doing better now. 
We finally had exchanges this week! I went to Wildomar, and english area in Lake Elsinore, with Sister Blanchard!
Post exchanges with Sis. Blanchard! She's awesome!

She is the best! She is actually being transferred here to Hemet so that'll be fun for her! During exchanges I got to meet the whole Lake Elsinore zone at a service project, so I "know" most of them already now. Also, english prayers. Wow. the struggle of the lifetime (lifetime of a spanish missionary). I said some very spanglish prayers. Also I decided that everything is just more awkward in english: phone calls, dinners, lessons, talking, etc. One part of Wildomar reminded me a lot of Hemet. It's called "the farm". It is "a glorified trailer park." A huge trailer park but there is a decent amount of space for people to have fancy-ish yards. and all the streets have like farm like names. but part way through it just randomly turns into a niceish normal neighborhood. Weird place, like hemet!
This weekend we had stake conference! I actually didn't translate, hna chandler did both session and did a wonderful job! I listened with headphones to make sure the technology kept working and helped flip to scriptures and look up words in the dictionary (people talked about debt, self reliance, sharks, octopus with pulsating colors (that one was president mullen), etc.). It was a really good stake conference, but even though I didn't translate I really couldn't focus too much haha. 
Can't believe I'm in my last like 3 hours in Hemet! Hemet feels like home right now (well home for my mission at least). I really really hope I can come back and serve here again later on in my mission. Maybe even end my mission here! that'd be perfect! That's the dream folks, to be born and to die in Hemet. What a life. what a goal. 
So yes we found out about transfers saturday night and so we had sunday to stop by some people and teach lessons/say goodbye.

Last pic with Jacqueline and Josie!
We stopped by Jacqueline and her family (it was actually her birthday yesterday- she turned 9!), Carlos, and the Pinedas. Carlos! Wow! he is progressing so well! We were so worried that he would just stop or just not continue to progress w/o a baptismal date, but that was so wrong! He is doing fine! He basically read all of Mosiah last week!
Folks- this is Carlos!! Yay! Next picture with him, a baptism picture! Some day!
We taught him about service and church callings and he really wants to have a calling! We also had him share a scripture and a thought and oh- I am such a proud missionary! It sounds like at earliest he could be baptized in August but nothing is official. I told Hna Chandler to keep me posted on him! Then we ended the day at the Pinedas house- kind of funny because I'm pretty sure the Pinedas was the first lesson I had when I came into Hemet, and also the last.
And the Pineda Family- where it all started in Hemet. 
Crystal, Luis, and Jacqueline are all doing so well!They are such fun kids!
It's hard to leave dear old Hemet. I'm not sure if I shared this earlier, but when I first came into the mission I really really wanted to serve in Hemet. I wasn't really sure why but it seemed kind of far off, maybe less city like and for some reason I just really wanted to start my mission here. And it happened!! And I got to have 4 awesome companions! I got to know so many of the awesome members we have here in our ward. Seriously, they are the bomb! Hemet is such a funny little place. The town designed to be an old folks town, but then overtaken by the thugs. Ahh... good old Hemet! (jk, it's not a lie but just a stereotypical way to describe Hemet). Hemet is so many crazy things in one area, but I love it. They say everyone loves their baby area, and it is so true!
Well I think that's basically it! I'm sure I'll have lots more to say about Lake Elsinore next week!

Hermana Schooff

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