Monday, March 27, 2017

how is it week 5 of this transfer?!?

Hola todos!

Hope everything is going well! Let us just jump right in!
Last pday we were supposed to play kickball but nobody brought a ball (we did that today instead), but we started to play knockout in the gym for a little bit. Guess who won? Oh yay, Hna Schooff won. I think I just got really like, I would swoosh the ball in the first shot like everytime except once I think. Don't worry- the zone learned I'm really not that talented in kickball today. 
Last monday we also cleaned our apartment because we had time and no car. It looks real nice now. In the afternoon we got a call saying our car is good to pick it up. Turns out tiwi, the system all missionary cars have to "check your speed", etc. sometimes gives a false check engine warning light. So that car has been fine every since! We'll see if Elder Thorne really already ordered us a new car or not....
We started teaching this 18 year old Kimberly. She is about to graduate from high school. She hasn't gone to a church in years, but really wants to start going to a church again b/c she has felt a difference in her life. So that's super cool! She seems to have a lot of potential, but it is hard for us to find her at home b/c of school and work and friends.
We received this referral for this lady named Elva. In the referral the missionaries (english) said that Elva apparently was looking for a church in the area to attend. Get there and nope. Elva is a very active missionary for a pentecostal (well spelling is a struggle) church. So we talked with her for a little while. She's NOT looking for a church to attend and was only in the area for like 4 more days visiting family. 
One day this week we were seeking w/ faith and ran into this cat on the street. Super nice. Its name was Junior. We started to pet junior for a couple of minutes and then went on our way to continue seeking. Junior decided to follow us. Since Junior had a name tag on his collar, we decided he was a missionary and we became A TRIO!!! yay! there'll be photos of that. It was a grand experience to be seeking w/ a cat.
Junior! We were a trio!

Also speaking of cats- one day this week we were leaving this house after trying a former investigator and there were like 10 cats out in the street. So we jokingly pretended to contact them. They were all really timid cats so they ran away from us. 
On Thursday we had exchanges!! Since our car has been in the shop for like a long time, we have lots of miles available for us to use until the end of the month. So we drove to and from Moreno Valley twice this week. It was so much fun being w/ Hna Tobler again! Just like old times, except w/o Hna Jensen and not in Hemet. We had a classic Hna Schooff lunch (sub sandwich, some wheat thins, and an apple w/ peanut butter). We got to see one of the Orozco girls and most likely we will be "pausing" them sometime this week. They really like the story of Joseph Smith, but aren't really willing to act. We picked up this new investigator, Everado. He lives in house w/ his 2 brothers, so no women. He works as a landscaper and his house is BEAUTIFUL. We haven't been inside yet (we taught him on his porch since there's no woman there), but his yard is just beautiful! and kind of girly. We were so surprised that no woman lives there. Anyway he is a super nice guy! Divorced twice and says he has been robbed from churches in the past (only could mas o menos understand the specifics, but he talked a lot $) and so hasn't been to a church in a few years. But he now wants to become close to God again and go to church. Yesterday he said he would come to a session of general conference this weekend! So that will be awesome!
We went to stop by for a lesson w/ Daniel and his wife this week. Their like 4 year old daughter answered the door (she is super cute). She was wearing this onesie pajama. We said, "Hi! Are your parents here?" She said, "No. ........ Come inside!" haha! I think she wanted us to play with her. Through further asking, she told us her mom wasn't home and that she took the car. Then she said her dad was in his bedroom, but would also later tell us he wasn't at home. We asked her is she could go tell her dad we were there and she just simply says, "no." haha she is so cute. We called Daniel and he was home, but he wife wasn't and since there was no woman in the house we had to reschedule. 
One day this week we didn't have anyone signed up for dinner, so we were going to go to Kimberly's house b/c apparently her family sells tacos every friday. But there weren't this friday I guess. So we got tacos somewhere else and ate it by the lake! ah it was great (and windy!)
That night we went on splits. I went w/ Hna Cruz. We tried a good amount of people w/o getting in anywhere. Then I felt like trying this referral for a less active Hna who lived near by. We stopped by and got to have a lesson with her! This Hna, Hna De Leon, was asking Hna Cruz about how all this other hnas in the church are doing. She said nobody has visited or called her in forever! I kept feeling like asking if she has visiting teachers, but I didn't. After the lesson Hna Cruz told me SHE was her visiting teacher, but her companion told her that Hna De Leon was a jehovah's witness and didn't like people to visit her. Nope. Not true. On our way out the door Hna De Leon told Hna Cruz she could stop by ANYTIME and visit her. Good work done!
While on the other side of the split, Hna Flores went w/ Hna Pinzon (she's the bomb! and super funny!). They went to have a lesson w/ 2 recent converts and they were going to talk about jesus christ's ministry, the apostasy, and then watch the restoration video. Well apparently some of the Hnos there just went off on this tangent about lost cities, and then during the video at the very part where Joseph Smith goes into the woods the computer dies. So Hna Flores begins just to recite the first vision, and then all of these Hnos from the Elders quorum just come in, open the door to visit one of the recent converts- all mid first vision. It was a crazy experience it sounds like!
We started teaching the Cortez family this week. They currently attend a pentecostal church (seriously, I have met SO MANY pentecostal people in this area. SO MANY. I don't know much about their beliefs, but they are all super solid people w/ great knowledge of the bible). Anyways it went well! they have a lot of good questions and good knowledge already. After teaching Joseph Smith and the first vision I began to testify, but at the end of my testimony I kept on talking but didn't know what to say. So I awkwardly stumbled through a "I know this is true w/ all of my heart"- ya know which is true but I had no idea what I was saying in the moment so it seemed awkward to me. But at the end of the lesson we asked them to pray if Joseph Smith was a prophet. The mom said, "Of course! I mean Hna Schooff just said she knew it w/ all of her heart which is such a strong conviction, so of course I will pray about it!" So that turned out better than I thought!
Saturday was women's conference! yay! The stake had appetizers before hand and then we watched. THE WINK THOUGH!! haha that was so funny I don't even know why. But I really enjoyed women's conference! Prime examples of teaching simply but powerfully. And Elder Eyring's talk.... wow! awesome! the holy ghost is super cool folks!
Saturday night I changed my insulin pump and then I taught hna flores how to use a syringe! (she has an eppi pen so she was curious how she would use it). So we used an orange and had a great lesson shooting water into an orange. Classic.
We also taught this 21 year old named Cynthia. Apparently she and her family are looking for a church, but her family was getting ready to leave so we only taught her. She wanted us to teach her in english, but her fmaily would be in spanish. And she seemed pretty interested in the YSA, so we'll see who will actually end up teaching her. 
Sunday after our dinner, the Hna wanted to show us her chicken coop. Hna Flores loves animals so we went. The little baby chicks were so cute, but next to them were the giant chickens and roosters. The roosters looked terrifying. Birds and I are not friends folks. I kept my distance. You never know when a bird will randomly decided to run after you and peck you or fly and try to land on your and peck you, etc. So I kept my distance. Plus the roosters had this scary looking mohawk hairstyles going on. And the dog that is really more like a wolf that they had tried to jump up and stand on me so that wasn't really cool either. I prefer Junior the cat.
Hna Flores still thinks I'm pretty funny (a great confidence booster), but what REALLY makes her laugh is when people try to pronounce Schooff. And I don't care if people pronounce it wrong- especially hispanics! So during our lesson w/ the cortez family, the mom wanted us to call us by our names (hna flores y schooff) and not just like the sisters or the missionaries. So she was struggling w/ schooff, and her son was trying to help and just completely got it wrong (i don't even remember what he said), but I was just like, yeah perfect good job, and Hna Flores just like lost it in the lesson. good times!
Also! I know there are a lot of people who are working on their mission papers or already have their calls! I read an awesome talk this week I would recommend to everyone who even thinks they might go on a mission! "Becoming a missionary" by elder bednar! do it!

That's basically it for this past week! Tomorrow we have multizones w/ Corona and Mnt Rubidoux so that'll be fun! And conference this weekend! yay!

Hermana Schooff

Went to visit a member who lives in a private, giant neighborhood around "canyon lake". 
my camera couldn't handle the beauty of canyon lake and decided to be blurry
flash made the background super dark

The yellow flowers are ALL over lake elsinore right now. super pretty.
Same w/ these pink flowers. They just popped up all over this weekend.

the lake!

Monday, March 20, 2017

the week when NOTHING went as planned

hola! como estan?

This week basically nothing went as planned! it was a crazy week! but to get a full understand of this, I basically have to do a day by day explanation. Are y'all ready for an adventure? Because here we gggooooo..............!

So last tuesday we had pday! After emailing we dropped off our 11 bags of water bottles to the recycle place and got like $24 from it! Yay living in california!!! we decided it'll become treat money.... :)

On wednesday we had zdm (zone development meeting). it was super good! So with this current transfer, I think a good amount of STL (sister training leaders) went home or like this current transfer is their last so a lot got released as STLs. So there are 4 less STLs than normally. So our zone does not currently have STLs right now (which is why Hna Tobler who is up in Moreno Valley is my STL- speaking of which, exchanges thursday!!!!). usually the STLs each give 1 training, but our to ZLs had to give all of them! poor guys,  but they did well. Trainings on the doctrine of christ (a president mullen classic- but I love it!), being a consecrated missionary, etc. It gave us super motivation to get out and work!!! So afterwards we quickly ate lunch and as we went to our car to head off to a cita (spanish for appointment, but cita is so much easier to say and type), Hna Flores turns on the car and then like 5 seconds later the car just completely shuts off. And it won't turn back on. So we wait a couple minutes and then it turns back on but with a check engine light on. We call Elder Thorne (he's basically our bff right now, but he's the vehicle coordinator for the mission) and he tells us to take it in to the car dealership (which luckily is like super close to where we live- we drive a chevy cruze right now and it is one of the oldest cars in the mission) but we can stop by our cita first. So we are calling other sister missionaries to see if they could pick us up from the car dealership, etc. and we got to our cita and pick up a new investigator, Maria! I'll talk about her later, let us just go for the craziness that is life first. After that we drop off our car at the dealership and we get a ride to the stake center so we can get some family history center training. It wasn't what I was expecting, but I did learn a decent bit. I really know very little still, but that's ok! It will be different helping recent converts with their family history, because most of them will have nothing in once they log on. We got dropped off at our apartment to do studies, and luckily a dinner picked us up and an Hermana came out with us for the evening. ALSO- Hermana Flores' back has been bothering her more lately so Sister Mullen told us to rest for 1 hour everyday. (she has arthritis in her back). 

Thursday our car was in the shop. Hna woke up and decided it would be  best for her to rest the whole day, which worked out perfectly since thursdays are typically weekly planning (mass planning session for 3ish hours) and we didn't have a car anyways. We had a teamup already lined up for a cita, so I just went with the team up (she just came home from her mission like 1 month ago! from brazil I believe). His name is Daniel- and I'll talk about him later on too. That day we did our studies, weekly planning, working on the area book, etc. Our dinner sent us a pizza. We got a lot of work done (and cleaning) and Hna got to rest which was good.

Friday! Friday was supposed to be normal. In the morning we went and picked up our car and came home to finish studies. As we got in the car to head out for the day, when Hna Flores first turned on the car it gave all sorts of weird, random warning lights, including the check engine light. She turned it off and then back on and the only light that was there was the check engine light- again! She then tried to reverse the car, but the car wouldn't budge (the parking break was off, we aren't that ignorant). After turning it off and on again (that is the recipe for success folks!), it would move, but Elder Thorne told us to take it back to the dealership again!!! the same day! The guy at the dealership told us the guy who works w/ transmission won't be there until Monday (today) but we coudln't really drive the car anymore. anyways we got a member to pick us up from the dealership and drop us off for a quick, last minute changed cita with Maria again. Then we walked around that area trying some people until a different Hna picked us up for a relief society activity/dinner. We celebrated the 175th anniversary of the relief soceity with food (spaghetti- not what I was expecting) and little comments from the bishop and various hermanas. We got a ride home from Hna Kinder who lives not in our apartment complex, but a complex super super close to us. Hna Kinder has saved us this week. And her kids are adorable. 

Saturday! We had a blitz and got a ride there with other sister missionaries (there are 2 other companionships who live in our apartment complex). I was with Sister Pielstick who was in hemet with me all of my mission, so it was like reliving the old hemet days (them old Hemet days... ahh...). Went home for a quick lunch and Hna Kinder dropped us off in an area to work for the afternoon. We taught a new investigator Miriam (I will talk about below), tried by a lot of people, and saw the Orozco family and got to finally have a lesson with the one brother who would never sit in with us! I'll talk about that more below again. Anyways we walked about from 1 until 5:30. We have a lot of work in "old downtown" lake elsinore (around main st.) There are a lot of hispanics in that area. Then between that area and our apartments is an area we call the "avenues" (because a lot of the streets are called avenue 1, avenue 2, etc.). But those two areas are not connected, so we had to walk on these dirt paths to get there. So we did a lot of walking and a lot of work done in that time! It wasn't until we finally got home that we realized how tired we were and how much our feet hurt haha. In total we walked for 6.5 hours on saturday. So we ate dinner (another pizza delivery from an Hna), finished studies, and let Hna rest her back. 
All of these are from Saturday- our walking day! So here we are, our personal scriptures in hand, scriptures to give out, etc. ready to go!

random little road we found. yes, we walked down it too. 

building on the right is "El Unico". We ate there last pday. Yum. REALLY good horchata. And the lake!
walking for 6 hours selfie
eventually the sidewalk ended. but the little dirt paths kept going!


Carless sunday. The Kinder family gave us a ride to church. Hno Kinder plays the organ and the first song he played for prelude sounded like we were in the conference center in salt lake with that organ guy playing. He is really good. MARIA CAME TO CHURCH!!! It was so awesome! That has been the first time in our area someone has come to church since the end of January. She really seemed to like it! She said she use to have all these crazy ideas about mormons but by coming to church she realized we really do believe in christ and that's like all we really focus on. We see her tonight again. What I just said will make more since once I explain more about her. Then we had lunch with Hna Magadan- pasole! yum! haha and she gave us nachos with our pasole. We got a ride back home so we could start our studies. During studies Hna Flores started to feel worse, so we decided we would just try our one cita for the day and then come back home to finish studies and let her rest some more. Our cita wasn't there either haha. So we watched a couple of movies (the testaments, etc.) and did studies. Tonight we are going to visit these two new member of our ward. They are english but the stake president I think asked them to start attending the El Cariso ward. He went on a spanish speaking mission but she doesn't know spanish at all. So we'll visit them, plus he is a chiropracter so we're going to see if he can help Hna Flores at all.

Good news about the car. When we dropped it off friday, the guy who had been working with us said when he called Elder THorne, elder thorne said they had already ordered us A NEW CAR!!! yay!!! we hope that is true, but elder thorne hasn't told us anything. But likely there is a Malibu in our near future. Which is great. The malibu's are super nice! A lot of the sisters here in Lk El have them. You can put 2 USBs in at one and listen to their music combined (so you don't have to flip USBs) and it has wifi!!! So once we get ipads, malibus will be AMAZING! 

One of our days for language study, I showed Hna Flores some of my spanish grammar books. She was telling elder rivas (he is from mexico, is a spanish elder but is currently serving in an english ward for probably like 2 transfer to learn english more) that she doesn't know anything about accents in spanish (like accent marks, not like southern accent, etc.). So I was able to kind of teach her about that and other grammar things she knows but doesn't really know. Haha native speaker problems. But pros at the same time. 

We also came up with our companionship name. We came up with it when Hna heard me say something. She thought I said "Flo-scho" but I said something else. Anyways our comp name is FloScho now. cool cool.

So our investigators!!!
Maria! She is probably in her 60's. She has meet with JWs before and she told us they invited her to go to church but she didn't want to. But when we invited her (before she told us that) she said she felt good about it and would come. The second lesson we had with her she said she feels so good when we visit her (#holyghost) and that she knows everything about joseph smith is true. She told us she would have her husband drop her off at church, but he seems not 100% supportive so we weren't positive if she would actually come. But she came!!! and really enjoyed it!!! It was perfect: so we had an Hna, Hna Pinzon, in mind for a perfect team up for Maria! They just seem like they'd be pals. Hna Pinzon doesn't drive, so with our car troubles we haven't take her with us yet. But Maria and Hna Pinzon walked into the chapel at the same time and Hna Pinzon automatically helped her get a hymn book and sat next to her- all before we could make our way over there to sit with them! it was perfect! our dream fellowship didn't even need to be asked. We're excited to see Maria tonight!

Daniel! He has visited with missionaries before, like 6 years ago in another city. The like 5 years or so he has lived here in Lk El he has never seen missionaries, so when he saw the elders he felt like it was a sign. He speaks really good english, but wants us to teach his wife as well who only speaks spanish. apparently they even went to church a couple of times 6 years ago. We meet with them again on tuesday- hopefully with the wife. He is a talker though! Which is good, just that Hna Flores and I are still working on interrupting people so we can take better control of the lessons.

Miriam! She is so cute! She is super tiny! We thought she was our age, but it turns out she is 33 and has like a 12 year old kid I think. Anyways, her family is super catholic and won't let us meet in her house. But Miriam really does not like the catholic church. She wants to learn more about other religions. She doesn't have a car, and neither did we, so we just quickly shared a video with her outside. We are meeting with her wednesday in a park for a little bit better of an environment than just outside her fence. 

Then the Orozco family! We really did not know what to do with them. We felt like the last lesson we had we just pushed too hard. So we stopped over and decided to try to focus on the one brother who has never met with us before. He is 14 and pretty shy. We found them outside their house so we spent a decent amount of time just talking to them more, getting to know them. It went pretty well. Then we asked to share a lesson and we taught a simple plan of salvation. The brother sat in with us so we were able to pick him up as well! and he seemed to really like it, especially when we talked about Christ and the atonement. They said they might come to church next week, so we'll work with them this week. The hard thing is when the mom is there, she isn't against us teaching but she will often try to take control of the lesson and throw in weird things. The oldest sister who is 21, she only speaks spanish but the rest of the 3 kids prefer english, so that's hard too. And the baby of the 21 year old is often a distraction. We really want the youth of the ward to help out with them, but it sounds like they are not very good at fellowship which is sad. We will keep working!

That's basically it. Kind of a long email! But now you know the full story of what happened this week. 

Hope you all have a great week!

Hermana Schooff

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Summer has arrived!

Hello all!

I am emailing today (tuesday) because yesterday we had interviews with President Mullen. And they went so well! I think I'll talk about that later on. Anyways today is pday and now I get to write you! Joy!
Last Pday we got to play volleyball in the sand on the "beach" of the lake. it was actually pretty fun! Hna Flores and I want to go back to the "beach" one pday and enjoy and take some pictures since we forgot to take pictures while we were there for the zone activity! 
Not sure if I talked about this last week- but Lake Elsinore is so pretty! With all the rain So. CA got this winter, everything here is green and the lake is full and blue! I love it! All the pictures I've tried to take of LkEl so far have been terrible! It looks so pretty with the lake, the ortega mountains, the little "downtown" area, etc. I really like it here.
A little glimpse of what Lake Elsinore looks like. 

Much prettier in person

We kind of had sopes this week at a members house. I mean they were basically sopes but she said her family calls them gorditos or something like that. Still, I love them. 
We did not have exchanges this week because we had some car struggles. Hna Flores has some back/pain issues, so a couple of times this week I have had to drive the car. So last tuesday we were out trying to visit people, and twice within like 30 minutes our car turned on a warning saying the engine was overheating. We got to our dinner, called the Elder Thorne who is the car specialist for the mission, and he told us the car would need to go into the shop tomorrow. So we couldn't go on exchanges since 1. we couldn't go meet up with our STLs who are all the way in Moreno Valley and 2. because even if we did exchange, Hna Tobler and I would be stuck w/o a car most of the day. So we are exchanging next week. So on Wednesday we did all our studies, the whole zone had service so we got a ride, then we sought with faith in the area where we live near (thank goodness we live in our area actually). Then our dinner stopped by our house and gave us a ride to the church b/c our wonderful elders let us use their car for the night because they were going on splits with members who both had cars. So then we could actually drive to try people. And we picked up our car Thursday morning and it has been fine ever since. Mission cars "die" at 50,000 miles. Our car today is at like 48,475. So pretty soon here folks the Lk El Hnas will be getting a new car. Next transfer most likely. 
Our elders (meaning the spanish elders) called us on Saturday saying they left an office chair they got at the church (they have very little furniture in their apartment i guess) and wanted us to pick it up (since the church is in our area) so nobody would mess with it Sunday morning. So we did since we were supposed to have a lesson at the church anyways. 

Back story: So one day after a blitz these elders started throwing this suit around on top of everyone's car as we were all trying to drive away. Turns out some member gave them the suit but it is super terrible quality and the pants are see through. So now the suit has become an object we all try and leave companionships with (no idea how to say that better). One day while seeking we saw the english elders in their area and they gave us the suit so we could hide it in the spanish elder's car we were borrowing that day (story in the email). So we took it and hid the whole suit in their glove box. Nice...

We did service twice last week! the first was for the christian organization that make bags of nonperishable foods for the hungry. My group and I got to put plastic bags around paper bags for double sercurity/stablility for once all the food got in there. Other missionaries got to put the foods in the bags, etc. On Saturday the city had like a clean up day so people could bring in like big items of trash they can't throw away in the normal trash. I might have gotten a little sunburned. that's ok. So we got to help people clear off trucks and trailers full of trash and put them in the correct dumpster looking things. It was actually kind of fun! and dirty for sure. We got to use our spanish a decent bit too. The workers from the trash company loved talking to us in spanish.
Post seeking pic! 

The Orozco family! Hm... well we taught the oldest sister (21 years old) more about the Book of Mormon and read a decent bit with her. Everything was going so well. We had a church tour scheduled with her and her sister for saturday. We got a ride for them, showed them around and everything seemed good. Then at the end they said their brother who normally isn't really interested in religion just started going to the church they already attend so they didn't want to go to church with since because their brother says he will only go to church there. Which was really disappointing because both of the girls were pretty excited to come to church with us.
Last week I talked about Luis, they guy who told us we wasted his time because we didn't recite bible verses to him. Anyways his phone number didn't work so we couldn't arrange a different time or place to meet with him, but on friday we stopped by and he was there and actually let us inside. We were actually able to teach a nice lesson and he was pretty willing to listen (and we shared some bible scriptures too). He is very active in his church and so we both did a mutual pause. But it was nice that we could pause him in that way and not just like have to leave a sticky note for a pause and never see him again after that first night. 
This week we had a lesson set up with some neighbor's of a member. We went over for the cita but they probably forgot because nobody was home. Their gate to their property was locked (no cars were there) and their dog was on the other side. The dog is barking at us, then starts to shimmy his way under the gate and he makes it out! luckily he was a nice dog and other neighbors came out and tried to get him to go back under the fence. it was crazy.
Yesterday we went to contact this referral. This lady comes out and we say we are looking for mercedes. This lady, susan, says, "mercedes doesn't live here. why would mercedes say that she lived here? that's not a christian. christians don't lie", etc. etc. Then we talk with her a little more and then she calls out to this guy Miguel who is in the house. Then she tells him he needs to marry a church girl like us and it was a little awkward. Had some weird conversations with them for a little bit then went on our way.
The ward here is pretty small! I know there are a couple members out of town right now, but it is small. Other than the missionaries, in relief society I think we had only like 12 hermanas on sunday. Pretty small. We probably could fill like only half of the chapel with the people who came on sunday (given it was also daylight savings so people might have just been late). 
We also just started working with a somewhat recent convert (I think she was baptized last may or something) about family history work and temples. She should be having her interview to do baptisms at the temple tonight. And tomorrow we will take her to the family history center to find names for her. So there's a slight chance we might be able to go to the san diego temple this saturday, otherwise it'll be the 7th of april or something like that because the san diego temple will be closed starting next week. The only real concern is there apparently is some kind of checkpoint on the way to san diego and so people really need to have some sort of documentation of residence, etc. and some of our members are still working on theirs. I don't really understand all of it, especially since we hear about it in spanish.
This past week we paused 6 investigators and contacted 19 referrals. So we are cleaning out our list of names and hoping to find those who are ready. We have a lot of people as potentials right now. Now we just have to get in and teach them. I tell Hna Flores that last transfer in hemet Hna chandler and I paused like 12 people in 1.5 weeks, but the like 2 weeks later we picked up 10 new investigators in one week. *if you get ready of the old people who aren't ready, you will find new people to teach who are ready* -life lesson of a missionary.
Heat! Summer has arrived in california! and we had like no warning! I think most of last week it got to around 90 degrees and some days more than that. It is march folks! That's crazy! I still have like 4 more months until it gets to the worst of the heat! it might be a long summer, but i am so grateful i will always have a car. pros of being an hermana ;)
speaking of # of months- Ah! Today hits my 6 month mark! isn't that just crazy! time flies folks. Ok lets move on to a different topic.....
Today we are finally doing recycling! Looks like no hermanas in LkEl have done recycling in at least a year. The trunk it legit full of bags of water bottles (and these hnas didn't know they could crush the water bottles too). I think in total we have like 10+ trash bags full of water bottles. I'll let you know next week how much $ we get from it!

Hermana Schooff sent this picture upside down, so that's how it is being shared.

Hna Flores and I have some great goals for the area in general and also for this week. We really want to start working with the Hermanas more and have a giant list of hermanas from the ward who come out with us. We also want to find new people this week. And working with the ward better in general.
Which is pretty similar to our topic for interviews yesterday! I always imagined "missionary interviews" were like your mission president asked you weird worthiness questions! Nope! well at least not here with President Mullen. Basically president picks a topic that probably we'll talk about either at zdm or multizones and talks a bit about them at interviews. So this transfer it is church attendance. President talked about how we need to be talking about church in every lesson we have and following the commitment pattern, etc. better. He also talked about we need to asked the members face to face if they are willing to help us with team ups and also daily contact in order to help our investigators come to church. It was a pretty good interview!
This past week I was pretty focused on numbers. I really wanted to find new investigators. I really wanted to have at least 2 people at church this week, etc. But by being so preoccupied with numbers, I forgot to focus on the people we were teaching. My goal for this week is to not worry about the numbers at all, but to focus on the people and be humble enough to follow the Lord's will for this week. 
Hna Flores and I are still having a blast! This past week just flew by! I can't believe it is week 3 of the transfer.
I got an email from Hna Chandler today with some updates from Hemet. Last week Carlos started to pay his tithing! What a guy!
Ok well I think that's all! It'll be a busy week, but that's how we like it!
Hermana Schooff