Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Summer has arrived!

Hello all!

I am emailing today (tuesday) because yesterday we had interviews with President Mullen. And they went so well! I think I'll talk about that later on. Anyways today is pday and now I get to write you! Joy!
Last Pday we got to play volleyball in the sand on the "beach" of the lake. it was actually pretty fun! Hna Flores and I want to go back to the "beach" one pday and enjoy and take some pictures since we forgot to take pictures while we were there for the zone activity! 
Not sure if I talked about this last week- but Lake Elsinore is so pretty! With all the rain So. CA got this winter, everything here is green and the lake is full and blue! I love it! All the pictures I've tried to take of LkEl so far have been terrible! It looks so pretty with the lake, the ortega mountains, the little "downtown" area, etc. I really like it here.
A little glimpse of what Lake Elsinore looks like. 

Much prettier in person

We kind of had sopes this week at a members house. I mean they were basically sopes but she said her family calls them gorditos or something like that. Still, I love them. 
We did not have exchanges this week because we had some car struggles. Hna Flores has some back/pain issues, so a couple of times this week I have had to drive the car. So last tuesday we were out trying to visit people, and twice within like 30 minutes our car turned on a warning saying the engine was overheating. We got to our dinner, called the Elder Thorne who is the car specialist for the mission, and he told us the car would need to go into the shop tomorrow. So we couldn't go on exchanges since 1. we couldn't go meet up with our STLs who are all the way in Moreno Valley and 2. because even if we did exchange, Hna Tobler and I would be stuck w/o a car most of the day. So we are exchanging next week. So on Wednesday we did all our studies, the whole zone had service so we got a ride, then we sought with faith in the area where we live near (thank goodness we live in our area actually). Then our dinner stopped by our house and gave us a ride to the church b/c our wonderful elders let us use their car for the night because they were going on splits with members who both had cars. So then we could actually drive to try people. And we picked up our car Thursday morning and it has been fine ever since. Mission cars "die" at 50,000 miles. Our car today is at like 48,475. So pretty soon here folks the Lk El Hnas will be getting a new car. Next transfer most likely. 
Our elders (meaning the spanish elders) called us on Saturday saying they left an office chair they got at the church (they have very little furniture in their apartment i guess) and wanted us to pick it up (since the church is in our area) so nobody would mess with it Sunday morning. So we did since we were supposed to have a lesson at the church anyways. 

Back story: So one day after a blitz these elders started throwing this suit around on top of everyone's car as we were all trying to drive away. Turns out some member gave them the suit but it is super terrible quality and the pants are see through. So now the suit has become an object we all try and leave companionships with (no idea how to say that better). One day while seeking we saw the english elders in their area and they gave us the suit so we could hide it in the spanish elder's car we were borrowing that day (story in the email). So we took it and hid the whole suit in their glove box. Nice...

We did service twice last week! the first was for the christian organization that make bags of nonperishable foods for the hungry. My group and I got to put plastic bags around paper bags for double sercurity/stablility for once all the food got in there. Other missionaries got to put the foods in the bags, etc. On Saturday the city had like a clean up day so people could bring in like big items of trash they can't throw away in the normal trash. I might have gotten a little sunburned. that's ok. So we got to help people clear off trucks and trailers full of trash and put them in the correct dumpster looking things. It was actually kind of fun! and dirty for sure. We got to use our spanish a decent bit too. The workers from the trash company loved talking to us in spanish.
Post seeking pic! 

The Orozco family! Hm... well we taught the oldest sister (21 years old) more about the Book of Mormon and read a decent bit with her. Everything was going so well. We had a church tour scheduled with her and her sister for saturday. We got a ride for them, showed them around and everything seemed good. Then at the end they said their brother who normally isn't really interested in religion just started going to the church they already attend so they didn't want to go to church with since because their brother says he will only go to church there. Which was really disappointing because both of the girls were pretty excited to come to church with us.
Last week I talked about Luis, they guy who told us we wasted his time because we didn't recite bible verses to him. Anyways his phone number didn't work so we couldn't arrange a different time or place to meet with him, but on friday we stopped by and he was there and actually let us inside. We were actually able to teach a nice lesson and he was pretty willing to listen (and we shared some bible scriptures too). He is very active in his church and so we both did a mutual pause. But it was nice that we could pause him in that way and not just like have to leave a sticky note for a pause and never see him again after that first night. 
This week we had a lesson set up with some neighbor's of a member. We went over for the cita but they probably forgot because nobody was home. Their gate to their property was locked (no cars were there) and their dog was on the other side. The dog is barking at us, then starts to shimmy his way under the gate and he makes it out! luckily he was a nice dog and other neighbors came out and tried to get him to go back under the fence. it was crazy.
Yesterday we went to contact this referral. This lady comes out and we say we are looking for mercedes. This lady, susan, says, "mercedes doesn't live here. why would mercedes say that she lived here? that's not a christian. christians don't lie", etc. etc. Then we talk with her a little more and then she calls out to this guy Miguel who is in the house. Then she tells him he needs to marry a church girl like us and it was a little awkward. Had some weird conversations with them for a little bit then went on our way.
The ward here is pretty small! I know there are a couple members out of town right now, but it is small. Other than the missionaries, in relief society I think we had only like 12 hermanas on sunday. Pretty small. We probably could fill like only half of the chapel with the people who came on sunday (given it was also daylight savings so people might have just been late). 
We also just started working with a somewhat recent convert (I think she was baptized last may or something) about family history work and temples. She should be having her interview to do baptisms at the temple tonight. And tomorrow we will take her to the family history center to find names for her. So there's a slight chance we might be able to go to the san diego temple this saturday, otherwise it'll be the 7th of april or something like that because the san diego temple will be closed starting next week. The only real concern is there apparently is some kind of checkpoint on the way to san diego and so people really need to have some sort of documentation of residence, etc. and some of our members are still working on theirs. I don't really understand all of it, especially since we hear about it in spanish.
This past week we paused 6 investigators and contacted 19 referrals. So we are cleaning out our list of names and hoping to find those who are ready. We have a lot of people as potentials right now. Now we just have to get in and teach them. I tell Hna Flores that last transfer in hemet Hna chandler and I paused like 12 people in 1.5 weeks, but the like 2 weeks later we picked up 10 new investigators in one week. *if you get ready of the old people who aren't ready, you will find new people to teach who are ready* -life lesson of a missionary.
Heat! Summer has arrived in california! and we had like no warning! I think most of last week it got to around 90 degrees and some days more than that. It is march folks! That's crazy! I still have like 4 more months until it gets to the worst of the heat! it might be a long summer, but i am so grateful i will always have a car. pros of being an hermana ;)
speaking of # of months- Ah! Today hits my 6 month mark! isn't that just crazy! time flies folks. Ok lets move on to a different topic.....
Today we are finally doing recycling! Looks like no hermanas in LkEl have done recycling in at least a year. The trunk it legit full of bags of water bottles (and these hnas didn't know they could crush the water bottles too). I think in total we have like 10+ trash bags full of water bottles. I'll let you know next week how much $ we get from it!

Hermana Schooff sent this picture upside down, so that's how it is being shared.

Hna Flores and I have some great goals for the area in general and also for this week. We really want to start working with the Hermanas more and have a giant list of hermanas from the ward who come out with us. We also want to find new people this week. And working with the ward better in general.
Which is pretty similar to our topic for interviews yesterday! I always imagined "missionary interviews" were like your mission president asked you weird worthiness questions! Nope! well at least not here with President Mullen. Basically president picks a topic that probably we'll talk about either at zdm or multizones and talks a bit about them at interviews. So this transfer it is church attendance. President talked about how we need to be talking about church in every lesson we have and following the commitment pattern, etc. better. He also talked about we need to asked the members face to face if they are willing to help us with team ups and also daily contact in order to help our investigators come to church. It was a pretty good interview!
This past week I was pretty focused on numbers. I really wanted to find new investigators. I really wanted to have at least 2 people at church this week, etc. But by being so preoccupied with numbers, I forgot to focus on the people we were teaching. My goal for this week is to not worry about the numbers at all, but to focus on the people and be humble enough to follow the Lord's will for this week. 
Hna Flores and I are still having a blast! This past week just flew by! I can't believe it is week 3 of the transfer.
I got an email from Hna Chandler today with some updates from Hemet. Last week Carlos started to pay his tithing! What a guy!
Ok well I think that's all! It'll be a busy week, but that's how we like it!
Hermana Schooff

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