Monday, April 24, 2017

what a random week


Let us jump into the week!
Monday! We had a zone activity at canyon lake- a rich, private community around the giant canyon lake. Some members in the english ward there have lake access from their backyard. So there was food, ping pong, and fishing! I casted the reel or whatever it is called once! so now i have gone fishing! I wasn't a huge fan. The weather was so nice and we were so tired that I could've just laid down and slept. For hours. It was so nice and peaceful! 

guest pass to get into canyon lake. what's my name? "Hi, I'm Hermana School."
canyon lake!
canyon lake!

we both have USU shirts but neither of us are going there. oh well!

Afterwards we went to drive home and our car started having issues. again. I would press on the gas and the car would hardly move it all. So we had to take it into the shop again. and since it was monday night, not a lot of people could help us out and drive us. So we cancelled our citas sadly and we looked through a lot of formers and tried calling them!
artsy hermana godoy is at it again

walking to pick up our lovely chevy cruz

Tuesday afternoon we were able to pick up our car. Luckily the dealership is pretty close to where we live! It was only like at most a 30 minute walk to pick it up. Elder Thorne, the guy in charge of the mission cars, told us he has ordered us a new car (2017 toyota corolla!) and he just needs to schedule a time to pick it and the other new cars up and get the tiwi (the check you speed moniter system) guy to come up and install them. So we are hoping we can pick up our new car sometime this week!
rumor is at 50,000 miles missionaries typically get new cars :)

Hna Godoy bought a new shower curtain for the apartment.
It is pretty epic. It has transformed our bathroom into the mountains. We took some really classy pics next to it (and the toilet). No buyer's remorse- I am positive. 

we got this super cool shower curtain this week

got to pose with it! we are one with nature

It seemed like everyone was headed to TJ this week (tijuana, mexico). That's what happens when Tijuana is just like 1.5 hours away. Our members, investigators, everyone went to mexico it felt like!
Like Maria! We found her home again! I think she was home for like 2 days this week and we found her there! She just headed back on friday to Tijuana and won't be back until after like may 10. ahh... the southern california spanish speaking struggles...... but it was a good lesson! Haha funny story. So we asked if she had been reading in the scriptures since our last lesson and she said yes. She said she read about chastity. We ask where, and she pulls out the gospel principles book from church. She was reading the chastity chapter in the gospel principles book! And she says, "Wow. it is really deep. but i like it!" haha! And yes she also read in the book of mormon. We've been reviewing with her a lot since we can't see her often right now. But she accepted a baptismal date! But we'll need to move it back since she's not in town right now. We gave her the address of the church near her in tijuana, and we are still waiting to hear back if she was able to go sunday.
We met this guy Jose Luis. We only were able to teach him for like 15 minutes, but he wants us to come back and teach his wife as well! He wanted to come to church with his family, but his work called him in last minute. We also had a potential who is only available sundaymornings, so we invited him to church but his gps took him to the wrong place. So we didn't have anyone at church, but we have great hopes for this coming week!
Our week was packed! But a lot of our citas had to be rescheduled for little emergencies (mostly work). 
Summer is here! Just kidding, summer officially starts sometime in June, but you could've fooled me! This summer I'll just have to tell myself, "si se puede!" "yes you can!". it is hot folks.
We think our car was over reacting, but it is summer time!

we are working with a couple cool less active families right now! they both have goals to go to the temple! one of them has a daughter who is 18 and last week she told the bishop she wants to go on a mission! She is a senior in high school still, but we're going to be asking her to come out with us!
Cute lady- we had this referral and we finally able to contact her this week. SOme men were outside and we asked if Paula was there. They said yes, just go inside. So we walk in the entrance to their laundry room and walk in the kitchen and find Paula. We set up a return appointment b/c she was making pan dulce at the moment. Then she gave us each our own pan dulce- fresh, homemade! yum!
NEBRASKA! I saw nebraska things 4 times this week- and I haven't yet in my mission! Paula's neighbor had a nebraska sign on their gate, we find a nebraska huskers car window decal later that day, and there are 2 streets her in lake elsinore called nebraska. it was crazy folks. who would've guessed! I'm still waiting to find a nebraska license plate
the Nebraska huskers just appeared out of nowhere this week

nebraska once again. There's actually 2 streets here in Lake Elsinore called Nebraska

 We did service this weekend. It was the annual Lake Elsinore Clean Extreme! Each year volunteers from the city come and they work on one project in the area to beautify and clean up the city. This year there is this wall by the sidewalk to stop people from falling down the hill and we painted it! apparently you can find lots of pics on facebook. We painted waves all along this LONG wall and some more artsy people painted birds and reeds, etc. We are going back in like 2 weeks to do touch ups apparently. 
The following 9 pictures someone other than Hermana Schooff posted on Facebook:

Can you see Hermana Schooff in most of these photos?

funny moment. We are at MCM (where the missionaries meet w/ their ward mission leader to discuss investigators, etc.) and the elders are talking about the part member family. The wife is a member and the husband is investigating. But the wife is being very difficult whenever the elders try to invite him to baptism. She keeps saying things like the lord has his timing and it is not time for my husband yet (weird coming from a member, but whatever). So the elders were telling this to our ward mission leader and he says to the elders, "yes the lord has his own time for us.... to die!" haha it caught us all off guard. 
We ended the week by picking up a family! They are former investigators and are from Guatemala! They have only been in the states for 10 months now and they speak some cool dialect called quiche or something like that. So they understand spanish pretty well and some can speak it better than others. And they are also trying to learn english at the same time. It is very impressive! 
One thing I thought about a lot this week is how the mission is really like life prep. It prepares you to follow a strict schedule, to focus on the needs of others, to work with anyone and everyone. You have a companion you don't choose, but you learn to live with and work with (and if you're lucky like me you get along with them all!). You learn to keep going even when you're tired. You really just become super prepared and develop qualities that will help you in your future with schooling, marriage, become a parent, your career, future callings in the church, bascially in every aspect of life! It is cool that even though my focus right now is to help those around me come unto Christ, there are so many things I learn and blessings I receive. And I know this is just the beginning.
Well that's about it for this week! Talk to you next week!

Hermana Schooff
a dirt road comp pic

artsy hermana godoy

seeking w/ faith in a random dirt road area!



we cool

Monday, April 17, 2017

la pascua


So I forgot the little notebook where I write what I want to talk about in my emails at the apartment. Oops. So we'll see how much I remember to say. 
So Hermana Godoy! She is from venezuela! She moved to Utah when she was 14. She loves to sing! She has very good english! I'd say she's fluent in both spanish and english. She has been on her mission 16 months and will go home in august. She also served in Hemet in the past so we have been talking about Hemet a lot! She is going to UVU in august like a week after she goes home, and actually she is trying to register for classes right now!

This is Hermana Godoy! This is our blender that leaks. This is the kitchen post blender explosion

So the week!
Last monday Hermana Flores left and and hermana godoy came! This week we tried by lots of people without much luck. A lot of people either weren't at home but a good amount of people schedules lessons for later on last week or for this week! 
We had ZDM this week (zone development meeting) and it will be the last one ever! Since all missions have mutli zone conferences every transfer now, the missionary department has decided that having that plus a zdm every month is too much. So now we'll just have multi zones once every transfer and otherwise just normal DDMs once a week the rest of the transfer. Which is kind of sad, I really like zdm. And I can't tell you what we talked about because that is the same notebook that I left at the apartment. But it was good!
This week we got to go to youth conference! It was the weirdest thing! So i guess they split all the youth up into "districts" with "MTC teachers". On Friday morning they studies lesson 1/the restoration and later got to teach it to members who pretended to be investigators and there were a couple of real investigators there (none of ours. spanish problems). It kind of was like a mini MTC. But not. So we got to each go with a district and help them out and if the youth needed help during their lessons they could call a missionary over. 
We had dinner with our bishop this week. He is a criminologist or something like that! Basically he receives evidence for cases and analyzes it and does all his science stuff and help the cases out and find out if the suspects did it, etc. pretty cool though!
Saturday we got to give service for the city. The city had a 5k and 10k run and they always have the missionaries help out. We got to work at the registration table as people came in to get their bibs and shirts. Then we had a list of everyone's name and bib numbers and as they came in to the finish line we would look up their name and announce it as they finished and cheer them on. It was pretty fun. 
Not from Hermana Schooff.
Lake Elsinore Unity in the Community at Lake Elsinore Storm.
2 hrs · Lake Elsinore, CA
Our missionaries in Lake Elsinore were serving today at the community run. They were so helpful! And cute!

Our only real lesson this week was with two former investigators. The missionaries were teaching them like 3 years ago and the only thing that was in their way was that they weren't married and had a long long engagement period. But now they are married! So we met with them this weekend. She is very sweet but doesn't have much religious background. He has a good amount of religious background but also some really weird ideas. We mostly just got to know them a little bit better. Being completely honest, he kind of offended me through that entire lesson. I think he is the personality type where he'll just say whatever comes into his head w/o thinking of how it'll sound. Anyways it's all good though! 
Easter! We went to church! It was the first time we had normal sunday meetings in weeks! It was great to be with the ward again and see everyone! The recent converts here both received the Melchizedek Priesthood yesterday! One blessed the sacrament for the first time and shared his testimony. It was great!
We did our studies and we had a few appointments, but we're guessing when the people scheduled them with us they forgot that sundaywould be easter, so nobody was at home. 
Since we haven't been able to pass our dinner calendar around for like 3 weeks, we didn't have anyone. We asked the hermana in the ward who is in charge of missionary dinners and she gave us money so we could buy something for dinner on saturday for sunday. But we didn't have time on saturday to buy things, so we just cooked things around the apartment. Hermana godoy is a pretty good cook! We made turkey burgers with ground turkey and made fruit smoothies. Yay happy easter!
our easter dinner. it was actually pretty yummy!

hey there

We have a lot of appointments set up for this coming week! Like at least 1 every day! We hope they all work out and don't fall through! 
I know I'm forgetting a lot of things to say! But at the same time not very much happened this week.
Until next week!

Hermana Schooff

went to try these former investigators and they had two turtles right outside their door!

This is what a missionary's foot looks like. It is only the middle of april folks. we will see how it looks at the end of the summer. yay flats!

classic desk picture

Monday, April 10, 2017

the end of transfer 5


Wow I cannot believe it has been 5 transfers. That is craziness!
Might as well start with transfers! After 6 weeks of pure awesomeness, Hna Flores is being transferred to Riverside! She will be in a trio up there (with her trainer again!). My new companion is Hermana Godoy. She goes home around August and is from Venezuela! For the past 2 transfers she has been in english areas and is now returning back to spanish land! And that's all I know for now! She'll arrive here in about 2 hours!
All the other people who are coming into our zone I've already met before from those Hemet days. Yay! I'm starting to get to that point on the mission where you know so many people! So that's good! 
7 sisters are going home this transfer, including Hermana Tobler and Sister Pielstick (she has served in my zone every transfer so far). It is sad to see them go!

we all have matching gray cardigans from target. classic sister missionary. sister pielstick is heading home now :( she has been w/ me since the beginning!


Ok! Now onto the week!
We found Maria again! She was out of town for like 2 weeks. We got to teach her once. She wants to be baptized but won't accept a date. She says she needs to learn more. She just left again for Tijuana and will be gone for probably another 2 weeks. 
We found some new investigators this week! One is a referral from the stake president! Early on in the transfer we were trying this referral who wasn't home and then talked to this guy walking down the street. Turns out he is the stake president. He gave us a couple of referrals, including this family. They also just went out of town, but they seem to have great potential! Another new is Juan. We taught him and his friend quickly on monday and then on thursday we went back but his Jehovah witness girl friend was there and wasn't too thrilled that we were teaching him. 
On thursday we went to seek with faith in one of the more hispanic areas of town. But we really didn't see a lot of hispanics at first. We got some cool referrals for the english elders and then decided to walk down 1 more street. We found this hispanic man who told us to come in and talk to his wife in their backyard. She was with their friend and we got to share with them the easter video. Then we also found another potential at the same street! So we were seeking for longer than we planned, but it was awesome. most new missionaries really don't enjoy seeking with faith, but it is actually super cool!
One day while seeking we talked to this guy Everardo. He didn't believe I could speak spanish at first. Then he started to speak a tiny bit of italian and I know what it meant! #giftoftongues He was going off about how great is it to know multiple languages, and then asked me in italian if I understood him and I said si! then I realized he asked that in italian. crazy. Anyways he also told us God told him to build a church down in mexico and to name is the shelter of god! So he has some pretty good goals!
Also while seeking one day we walked along the entrance to the beach of the lake. This homeless guy came up and talked to us. He gave us his business card. He said he is from Texas but is traveling trying to raise money for veterans and is preaching about Jesus. He said he made a covered wagon to travel in (he has like a bike and stuff with a white sheet over it so it was basically true). He also gave us this little crosses he must of carved out and said it was made of real silver. 
we found some goats, a llama, and a turkey while seeking in wildomar

We had some cool experiences with formers this week! One night we were out trying people and had planned to try some formers we pulled out of the area book. 1 was a couple who set a super long engagement date and so in time the missionaries paused them in like 2015. We stop by and nobody was home. We are walking down the driveway back to the street and the man pulls up. Says he is just stopping home super quickly and that he hasn't seen us in awhile. Then he asks when we can stop by? And if we had his wife's (wife=they are married) phone number. So we have an appointment with them on wednesday and are super pumped! 
We also tried by this other family of formers. They moved from Guatemala in like September. Some of them speak spanish, and the rest of them speak some cool dialect of Guatemala. Apparently the teenagers seem the most interested. We have a cita with them this week as well. 
At a dinner w/ our ward mission leader's family this week, our ward mission leader pulls out these cool souveniers from mexico. Near mexico city there are like the pyramid type places. He was telling us how so much of the engraving there fit with the doctrine in the book of mormon, like the plan of salvation, the clothing of high priests, etc. it was super cool.
what's life w/o a michoacana picture?

We had stake conference here this past weekend! Elder Pimentel of the 70 came by and we got to meet him. President Mullen is going around introducing him to all the missionaries and when he comes to me he says, "Now this is Sister Schooff. Don't look at her name tag, it'll confuse you." 
Stake conference was really great though- especially the adult saturday evening session! Elder Pimentel talked a lot about the parable of the good samaritan and different ways we can read it. First is how it is written, second how we can be good samaritans. But the 3rd and 4th were pretty cool: 3rd is of the atonement. how christ is the good samaritan saving us from spiritual and physical death. he comes and heals and rescues us. 4th is that we can be the innkeepers. As christ takes people to us (elder pimentel mostly talked about as how new people attend church with us), we can be good innkeepers (luke 10, not luke 2) and welcome them in with love. the stake is the inn and if they come we can bless them. A few years ago president monson encouraged everyone to make sacrament meetings more spiritual, now he told the 70 that we need to have more people come and partake in our meetings. Sunday he explained the atonement like a gift card: it is already paid for but we just have to use it, or it will go to waste. 
Yesterday Hna Flores got to say her goodbyes to the ward members. Including an hermana who was in the hospital this past week (she loves coming out with us). We went to visit her thursday but she was asleep. So we went to try to see her yesterday in the hospital but she just got discharged like 15 minutes earlier. So we went to her house and found her. 
That was basically this past week. 

I'm so sad to see Hna Flores leave. We had so much fun together! I'm very excited for her to get her second area though! I have already done so much growing since I left Hemet. We both hope we'll be companions again one day. 
Awww :( she's off to new places now 

I'm excited to get to know Hermana Godoy and to keep working in this area for at least 1 more transfer (probably more than that). There is so much potential right now!

I hope you all have a great week!
Hermana Schooff
Sadly, it is the end of this awesome companionship. For now. Goodbye flo-scho!

Monday, April 3, 2017



Happy April! How did that happen? Usually March feels like it goes on forever, but that was pretty quick! Speaking of quick, this is the last week of this transfer! How did that happen?!? Transfer predictions are all over the place. I'm guessing at least Hna Flores will leave. I will likely stay, unless this one Hna gets put back in here (where she was trained) to be a trainer. We'll see what happens!

There wasn't super much that happened this week. I'll explain why:

Monday! We had dinner w/ this English family who are attending our ward on an assignment from the stake president. The Hno knows spanish thanks to his mission, but the Hna knows no spanish. They cook really good mexican food though! 2 of their children have been disney princes/princesses at disney parks around the world! It was crazy! Anyways Hno is a chiropracter (or however you spell that) and offered to help Hna Flores with her back! So we did that Thursday and now she is feeling a lot better!

The Lake Elsinore zone at multizones! 
Classy people

Tuesday we had multizones! It took from like 7am-4:30pm. Wow. It was long, but great! We got trained on how to use the Easter video #PrinceofPeace or #PrincipedePaz. With the Christmas video, we would share it with people in the streets. Now we talk about the themes of the video with people in the streets, but use the actual video in how to begin teaching (or the very beginning of the lessons). We also invite our members to share the video and have a gospel discussion every week. It's pretty good! go see it at! There are also cool little videos about principles of peace (different videos in spanish and english! We also got trained on receiving revelation, following the Holy Ghost, the why and what of missionary work. Our Why is simply to help others become clean and What we do is find constantly, teach repentance, baptize converts. Kind of funny/awkward story: right before the end of multizones when we have a testimony meeting, president mullen goes to give a few announcements. One was a reminder to not "counsel" other missionaries of the opposite gender. He told the sisters to call sister mullen if they need anything, then he began to tell this story of how once a sister had to call sister mullen to leave their apartment after hours so they could get some "lady things." Then president said, yes call sister mullen for that, but I also know what lady things are. It was like the weirdest moment ever. Then he just sat down and we started the testimony meeting. Haha super awkward.
Well after sitting for almost 9 hours straight, Hna Flores' back really hurt. So by order of Hna Mullen, we took it easy that night and the next day. So we weren't able to go out and do much work. But on thursday she got her back adjusted and life was better! But our only normal day this week was friday. So not a lot of work got done this week. We had 1 lesson with 1 investigator this week. So that's what our week kind of looked like. 

Everardo! we met with him this week and had a miracle! We were actually able to teach him teach him! like multiple things! Like we basically finished the restoration with him! He actually listened, still talked about his life and such a little repetitively, but we were able to teach him! He wanted to go to conference on saturday, but couldn't in the end because he had to stay extra time out of town with his sister. But he still has that desire to come to church! Also during the lesson, he started to sing us a song he learned as a kid at church. I mean he wasn't a bad singer, but it was still a little awkward. But he is such a sweet man!

We paused the Orozco family this week. Since the one brother just barely started attending the church they go to, they have really just been confused on what to do and probably feeling pressure from both sides. So we paused them and will give them more time. Hopefully in the future there'll be a better time for them.

Like all of our appointments fell through this week! Appointments with investigators, members, even dinners! So with the limited time we hard already, the falling through didn't help us out much. 

One cool experience! One day this week we were out trying people and it was like 8:25, so we had time to try like 1 more person. Oh it was friday, so the end of the month, so we had some miles to burn. We decided to try this former investigator who lives on "the farm", this weird community of "glorified trailers" that randomly transitions into a normal neighborhood, but all of the streets are farm type names. So we knock on the door, and an Hna answers the door. This Hna i've met once at church. They have somewhat recently moved in and are less active but are starting to come back to church! So I met her last sunday and we didn't know where they lived, etc. But they lived there with the former! So we got to share the easter video with them and set up another appointment with them for tomorrow! We barely got to say hi to the former, but she attended part of a general conference session on sunday! so that's a good sign!

We weren't able to do a lot of seeking this week w/ Hna Flores' back, but I felt that we should seek sunday afternoon after conference, even though we don't usually seek on sundays. It was actually really successful! We got a decent amount of spanish potentials, which we haven't for awhile. At one point, I remember we were supposed to call an investigator at 5, but it was 5:30. So we stop right there to call them, but no answer. Right as we are done with this phone call, a family of a near by house leave and are heading to their car. We started off in Spanish, but nobody really responded to that so we switched to english. Then one of the daughters talked to us and said  we could come back tomorrow (so today monday) even though they already go to a church. We asked her to tell her parents that (they were in the car already). 1 minute later the car of the family drives up next to us, and I thought, oh no the parents are going to say we can't come anymore. Nope! The mom says "my daughter said you are coming tomorrow to share a message." we said yes and asked if that was ok with her. The mom was totally cool with it and super nice! So we are excited to meet and teach this family tonight! Speaking of family's, we have another family we've been waiting to teach for awhile and we have a cita with them this week too! We are pumped!

Let's talk conference! (yay!) Lots of plan of salvation talks, being disciple talks etc. Some of my favorites have to be... President Nelson, Elder Sabin (oh yeah!), Elder Rasband, and Elder Clayton. And may I just humbly mention THE SHOUTOUT TO THE CA RIVERSIDE MISSION! OH YEAH! think- how many missions got a shout out at conference? probably like 10 or so. And we were one of them (of course talking about that missionary couple but still, shout out!) I love conference as a missionary! Last conference in the MTC it seemed like there were a ton of talks about missionary work! Not so much this time, but I still got so much out of it! Things for me and for my investigators and other people we work with! But really, if you want to get more out of conference- be a missionary!
Sisters post general conference- we were all super tired

For dinner last night, we had soups and sandwiches with this Hna. It was some kind of fish soup, but it was super creamy and yummy! ahh... still dreaming of it. it apparently was from costco. 

Oh and this morning we went on a hike as a zone! so those are what those pictures are!


Hna Flores and I!

Lake Elsinore sisters!

Took a hike this morning for pday! some of our zone members and I

View from the hike

So in the end for this week, our numbers were all zeros. No baptisms, people at church, people on date for baptism, or new investigators. It was kind of a bummer- the first time that has ever happened to me. But overall this week was a really humbling experience. Humbling with what happened and with conference. There are so many things I need to do better- as a missionary and as an individual! Hna Flores and I were talking last night and she mentioned how she always wants to become a better missionary, but always planned on being better in the future. But now she knows NOW is the time to improve, to change, to repent. I think we have both been pretty humbled as of late and are now super ready to change and become better missionaries!
Despite this week not seeming super successful, it was a really important week for me. Humbling, receiving revelation through conference, etc. It was one of the first times I have found that even though almost everything went wrong/not as planned (and you know how much I love when things are planned) and the work was hard, I still LOVED the work. Being a missionary is the bomb! I recommend, 10/10! Yes sometimes I have fear, I have weaknesses, I don't 100% understand what people are saying, people reject us, but the work is amazing! It is truly a wonderful opportunity to be a tiny little missionary in this grand work. I'm ready to take this next year and just run.
As they say at papillion la vista high school- it's go time!

Until next week! I hope you all have a great week!
Hermana Schooff

Bright sun, windy day

Canyon Lake! The lake looks so blue and everything else is decently green. I think things are starting to dry out again