Monday, April 17, 2017

la pascua


So I forgot the little notebook where I write what I want to talk about in my emails at the apartment. Oops. So we'll see how much I remember to say. 
So Hermana Godoy! She is from venezuela! She moved to Utah when she was 14. She loves to sing! She has very good english! I'd say she's fluent in both spanish and english. She has been on her mission 16 months and will go home in august. She also served in Hemet in the past so we have been talking about Hemet a lot! She is going to UVU in august like a week after she goes home, and actually she is trying to register for classes right now!

This is Hermana Godoy! This is our blender that leaks. This is the kitchen post blender explosion

So the week!
Last monday Hermana Flores left and and hermana godoy came! This week we tried by lots of people without much luck. A lot of people either weren't at home but a good amount of people schedules lessons for later on last week or for this week! 
We had ZDM this week (zone development meeting) and it will be the last one ever! Since all missions have mutli zone conferences every transfer now, the missionary department has decided that having that plus a zdm every month is too much. So now we'll just have multi zones once every transfer and otherwise just normal DDMs once a week the rest of the transfer. Which is kind of sad, I really like zdm. And I can't tell you what we talked about because that is the same notebook that I left at the apartment. But it was good!
This week we got to go to youth conference! It was the weirdest thing! So i guess they split all the youth up into "districts" with "MTC teachers". On Friday morning they studies lesson 1/the restoration and later got to teach it to members who pretended to be investigators and there were a couple of real investigators there (none of ours. spanish problems). It kind of was like a mini MTC. But not. So we got to each go with a district and help them out and if the youth needed help during their lessons they could call a missionary over. 
We had dinner with our bishop this week. He is a criminologist or something like that! Basically he receives evidence for cases and analyzes it and does all his science stuff and help the cases out and find out if the suspects did it, etc. pretty cool though!
Saturday we got to give service for the city. The city had a 5k and 10k run and they always have the missionaries help out. We got to work at the registration table as people came in to get their bibs and shirts. Then we had a list of everyone's name and bib numbers and as they came in to the finish line we would look up their name and announce it as they finished and cheer them on. It was pretty fun. 
Not from Hermana Schooff.
Lake Elsinore Unity in the Community at Lake Elsinore Storm.
2 hrs · Lake Elsinore, CA
Our missionaries in Lake Elsinore were serving today at the community run. They were so helpful! And cute!

Our only real lesson this week was with two former investigators. The missionaries were teaching them like 3 years ago and the only thing that was in their way was that they weren't married and had a long long engagement period. But now they are married! So we met with them this weekend. She is very sweet but doesn't have much religious background. He has a good amount of religious background but also some really weird ideas. We mostly just got to know them a little bit better. Being completely honest, he kind of offended me through that entire lesson. I think he is the personality type where he'll just say whatever comes into his head w/o thinking of how it'll sound. Anyways it's all good though! 
Easter! We went to church! It was the first time we had normal sunday meetings in weeks! It was great to be with the ward again and see everyone! The recent converts here both received the Melchizedek Priesthood yesterday! One blessed the sacrament for the first time and shared his testimony. It was great!
We did our studies and we had a few appointments, but we're guessing when the people scheduled them with us they forgot that sundaywould be easter, so nobody was at home. 
Since we haven't been able to pass our dinner calendar around for like 3 weeks, we didn't have anyone. We asked the hermana in the ward who is in charge of missionary dinners and she gave us money so we could buy something for dinner on saturday for sunday. But we didn't have time on saturday to buy things, so we just cooked things around the apartment. Hermana godoy is a pretty good cook! We made turkey burgers with ground turkey and made fruit smoothies. Yay happy easter!
our easter dinner. it was actually pretty yummy!

hey there

We have a lot of appointments set up for this coming week! Like at least 1 every day! We hope they all work out and don't fall through! 
I know I'm forgetting a lot of things to say! But at the same time not very much happened this week.
Until next week!

Hermana Schooff

went to try these former investigators and they had two turtles right outside their door!

This is what a missionary's foot looks like. It is only the middle of april folks. we will see how it looks at the end of the summer. yay flats!

classic desk picture

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