Monday, April 10, 2017

the end of transfer 5


Wow I cannot believe it has been 5 transfers. That is craziness!
Might as well start with transfers! After 6 weeks of pure awesomeness, Hna Flores is being transferred to Riverside! She will be in a trio up there (with her trainer again!). My new companion is Hermana Godoy. She goes home around August and is from Venezuela! For the past 2 transfers she has been in english areas and is now returning back to spanish land! And that's all I know for now! She'll arrive here in about 2 hours!
All the other people who are coming into our zone I've already met before from those Hemet days. Yay! I'm starting to get to that point on the mission where you know so many people! So that's good! 
7 sisters are going home this transfer, including Hermana Tobler and Sister Pielstick (she has served in my zone every transfer so far). It is sad to see them go!

we all have matching gray cardigans from target. classic sister missionary. sister pielstick is heading home now :( she has been w/ me since the beginning!


Ok! Now onto the week!
We found Maria again! She was out of town for like 2 weeks. We got to teach her once. She wants to be baptized but won't accept a date. She says she needs to learn more. She just left again for Tijuana and will be gone for probably another 2 weeks. 
We found some new investigators this week! One is a referral from the stake president! Early on in the transfer we were trying this referral who wasn't home and then talked to this guy walking down the street. Turns out he is the stake president. He gave us a couple of referrals, including this family. They also just went out of town, but they seem to have great potential! Another new is Juan. We taught him and his friend quickly on monday and then on thursday we went back but his Jehovah witness girl friend was there and wasn't too thrilled that we were teaching him. 
On thursday we went to seek with faith in one of the more hispanic areas of town. But we really didn't see a lot of hispanics at first. We got some cool referrals for the english elders and then decided to walk down 1 more street. We found this hispanic man who told us to come in and talk to his wife in their backyard. She was with their friend and we got to share with them the easter video. Then we also found another potential at the same street! So we were seeking for longer than we planned, but it was awesome. most new missionaries really don't enjoy seeking with faith, but it is actually super cool!
One day while seeking we talked to this guy Everardo. He didn't believe I could speak spanish at first. Then he started to speak a tiny bit of italian and I know what it meant! #giftoftongues He was going off about how great is it to know multiple languages, and then asked me in italian if I understood him and I said si! then I realized he asked that in italian. crazy. Anyways he also told us God told him to build a church down in mexico and to name is the shelter of god! So he has some pretty good goals!
Also while seeking one day we walked along the entrance to the beach of the lake. This homeless guy came up and talked to us. He gave us his business card. He said he is from Texas but is traveling trying to raise money for veterans and is preaching about Jesus. He said he made a covered wagon to travel in (he has like a bike and stuff with a white sheet over it so it was basically true). He also gave us this little crosses he must of carved out and said it was made of real silver. 
we found some goats, a llama, and a turkey while seeking in wildomar

We had some cool experiences with formers this week! One night we were out trying people and had planned to try some formers we pulled out of the area book. 1 was a couple who set a super long engagement date and so in time the missionaries paused them in like 2015. We stop by and nobody was home. We are walking down the driveway back to the street and the man pulls up. Says he is just stopping home super quickly and that he hasn't seen us in awhile. Then he asks when we can stop by? And if we had his wife's (wife=they are married) phone number. So we have an appointment with them on wednesday and are super pumped! 
We also tried by this other family of formers. They moved from Guatemala in like September. Some of them speak spanish, and the rest of them speak some cool dialect of Guatemala. Apparently the teenagers seem the most interested. We have a cita with them this week as well. 
At a dinner w/ our ward mission leader's family this week, our ward mission leader pulls out these cool souveniers from mexico. Near mexico city there are like the pyramid type places. He was telling us how so much of the engraving there fit with the doctrine in the book of mormon, like the plan of salvation, the clothing of high priests, etc. it was super cool.
what's life w/o a michoacana picture?

We had stake conference here this past weekend! Elder Pimentel of the 70 came by and we got to meet him. President Mullen is going around introducing him to all the missionaries and when he comes to me he says, "Now this is Sister Schooff. Don't look at her name tag, it'll confuse you." 
Stake conference was really great though- especially the adult saturday evening session! Elder Pimentel talked a lot about the parable of the good samaritan and different ways we can read it. First is how it is written, second how we can be good samaritans. But the 3rd and 4th were pretty cool: 3rd is of the atonement. how christ is the good samaritan saving us from spiritual and physical death. he comes and heals and rescues us. 4th is that we can be the innkeepers. As christ takes people to us (elder pimentel mostly talked about as how new people attend church with us), we can be good innkeepers (luke 10, not luke 2) and welcome them in with love. the stake is the inn and if they come we can bless them. A few years ago president monson encouraged everyone to make sacrament meetings more spiritual, now he told the 70 that we need to have more people come and partake in our meetings. Sunday he explained the atonement like a gift card: it is already paid for but we just have to use it, or it will go to waste. 
Yesterday Hna Flores got to say her goodbyes to the ward members. Including an hermana who was in the hospital this past week (she loves coming out with us). We went to visit her thursday but she was asleep. So we went to try to see her yesterday in the hospital but she just got discharged like 15 minutes earlier. So we went to her house and found her. 
That was basically this past week. 

I'm so sad to see Hna Flores leave. We had so much fun together! I'm very excited for her to get her second area though! I have already done so much growing since I left Hemet. We both hope we'll be companions again one day. 
Awww :( she's off to new places now 

I'm excited to get to know Hermana Godoy and to keep working in this area for at least 1 more transfer (probably more than that). There is so much potential right now!

I hope you all have a great week!
Hermana Schooff
Sadly, it is the end of this awesome companionship. For now. Goodbye flo-scho!

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