Monday, May 8, 2017


Hola! Como estan?

FELIZ CINCO DE MAYO! Just kidding, cinco de mayo is like nothing, unless you like in Puebla, Mexico. That's what I learned this week.
So it was a shorter week since pday was on tuesday. We had dinner with the Kinders, a super cute/young family in our ward. The youngest, Emma, who is like 18 months old or something like that, got to say the prayer at the end. IT WAS THE CUTEST THING. Hna Kinder would tell her what to say and Emma would kind of mumble it back. She can't like say words words, but she got pretty close. It was way cute.
Tuesday night we went to visit the Primary President and have a little message/missionary invitation for her. So we sit down and this cool patio they have out back, and while we are still making small talk, her visiting teachers show up to share a message! Hermana says her husband, who isn't a member but we know has met with the sister missionaries before, wanted to sit in on our lesson. So he listens to the visiting teachers and then we share our message afterwards! So we picked him up as an investigator and he came to church on Sunday! Apparently he never went to church when the hermanas taught him in the past. I guess he said in Elders Quorum that he wants to be a better husband/father and support his wife more in her calling/church. We are excited to keep teaching him and see how it goes!
Wednesday we drove up to Riverside to pick up OUR NEW CAR! We trade our "old' Chevy Cruze for a red 2017 toyota corolla! We finally have a USB port again and can listen to more music! It is a pretty nice ride I must say! Hermana Godoy can't drive b/c she needs to renew her license, so as long as we're together and I'm here, I am the designated driver! Riverside is very pretty but a little bit confusing w/ like weird intersections, etc. I decided I am NOT a city person. I don't mind staying in places like Hemet and Lake Elsinore- at least while I'm driving. We haven't taken any car pictures yet because it was kind of dusty and we will wash it after emailing. So you will get car pictures next week. 
It was pretty hot this week until the weekend when it started to RAIN! YAY! I really love rain. the Lake looks SO GOOD now too! Blue and full! compared to green and ehhhh... 
Friday was cinco de mayo! And it wasn't a big deal. at all. A decent amount of our members aren't from mexico. A lot are from Argentina/Paraguay/that part of the world. But of course a decent amount are from Mexico. We didn't see any big celebrations. The most celebratory thing we did was we had some really good fish tacos at a members house. 
We are starting to work with our ward mission leader a lot more now! He's a cute, old man, but now we are really working better with him and the ward.
Saturday we had service. The city had another bring in your weird trash day (so like TVs, big yard trash, furniture, etc.). So we helped people unload their trash from their cars/trailers into dumpsters. It started raining once we got there, but then it dried up and all this dust was flying around. So once we were done we had all this dust and dirt stuck to our faces, necks, ears, even in our nose. It was crazy! 
Don Juan apparently might have gone back to Mexico. Apparently he was visiting here until July, but it sounds like he might have gone back already. We'll make sure this week. But we brought this cute old hermano from the ward to be his bff. it was going to be great.
On Saturday we had dinner w/ a family from Argentina. During the dinner their friend from Brazil walks in and tells us all these weird stories, like when she had her first child. It was crazy hearing the same language, but accents from venezuela, argentina, and brazil. There were all pretty different- especially the brazil one! 
We had the weird gospel principles class yesterday. The original topic was the spirit world, but then we went on into the law of chastity, homosexuality, and even pot brownies. It was weird. pero asi es los barrios de espanol!
We also began teaching this former investigator. She is 15 and a freshman. We taught her family as well. She is super cute, sweet, and shy and we're excited to get to know them better. 
This week! We have multizones tomorrow. Saturday the ward is having a mother's day activity! Oh, the husband of the primary president who we are teaching will be the DJ since the original DJ cancelled or something. So that'll be really good!
That's all I can think of! If you're family- I'll talk to you Sunday!!

Hermana Schooff

This morning for a zone activity we hiked around the "Ortega falls". Here it is! Luckily it looked pretty decent thanks to the rain we got this weekend! (yay rain!)

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