Tuesday, May 2, 2017

el dos de mayo

Hola! como estan?

We had interviews with President Mullen yesterday, so we have Pday today!
last week! 
I ate fried cheese. It was kind of weird. REALLY salty. maybe too salty. 

Tuesday we taught the couple who were former investigators. You know, the guy who was kind of rude? Luckily I found some charity for him. So we're good now. But they aren't willing to act right now, they just want to have a nice bible study which is NOT what we do. Sorry. But they have this 24 year old girl who is living in their house and she seems pretty cool and open! So we have a cita w/ her tonight, but since it is in the house of these formers, they will still be there and will sit in on the lesson. But we want to pause them for now. So awkward.... We'll figure it out.

Wednesday we started w/ personal study and then went out to work. It was a super productive like 1.5 hours! We contacted like 4 people and found a family of 3! It was this older couple and their granddaughter who is either 15 or 16. She is doing independent study for high school and seems pretty cool! And they gave us some referrals! So we were super excited!

On May 21 (last saturday of the transfer) our ward is having a noche de talentos (ward talent night). We had dinner with our ward Primary president and she was telling us of the dance the primary will be doing and one her son will be doing, etc. I AM SUPER EXCITED FOR THIS ACTIVITY! haha I don't even know why I"m super excited, but I am. We are trying to think of something us and the elders and maybe the ward missionaries can do for a talent. The only we thing we can think of right now is a hymn, and that's not bad but not super cool (especially since together we have limited musical abilities). We'll figure something out... hopefully....

Wednesday night we started exchanges! Our STLS are Hna Chandler and Sister Diamond who are serving in Hemet. And I got to go back to Hemet (well technically the San Jacinto zone, but it's the Hemet Stake)!!! It was super weird folks! So the transfer I left Hemet, the Hermanas switched apartments with some english sisters (sister diamond). So for this exchange I was back in my old Hemet apartment!! IT WAS SO WEIRD! Just driving into Hemet that night, it seemed so familiar, yet so far in the past! Being in that apartment again was the weirdest. I got to sleep in the bed Hna Jensen always slept in. I used my old, rather ineffective shower, and cooked in that tiny kitchen. It was so weird folks... especially without Hna Jensen and because they rearranged the furniture. I could just feel that it was NOT my area. It used to be, but I could just feel that I was not in my area. Sister Diamond is the bomb! She is a super awesome missionary! Their area is just booming now! We had 2 really cool lessons together. One was with a lady whose son died about 9 months ago. He was shot outside their apartment and they all saw it happen. It was so sad! It was fun seeing Hna Chandler again too and get updates of how things are in Hemet! The Ramona ward is in good hands! I also got to meet Hna Chandler's trainee, she's super cute and seems like a lot of fun! Hnas Godoy and Chandler had a pretty successful day in Lake Elsinore as well.

During exchanges Hnas godoy y chandler taught a part member family for the first time! The grandparents are members, but the grandmother can't come to church b/c of a heart medication. We think one of the parents is a member and the other isn't, and none of their kids are baptized. The lesson they had was just with some of the kids and the grandparents. We are meeting with them again tomorrow!

Usually on Saturday mornings we have a "blitz". A blitz is when the whole zone meets together and you get assigned another missionary who is not your companion (but of course sisters and with sisters and elders are with elders) and you go and seek in 1 english area. So all the missionaries go and seek in 1 english area and they get lots of referrals (hopefully). I was with Sister Birch, who was in the Hemet stake up in the mountains (anza/idyllwild) when I was in Hemet! She is super cool and a wonderful missionary! Last transfer up in anza they got in a car accident and recently Sister Birch's neck has been bothering her. Yesterday she went to see a physical therapist, and she has to go home in the next few days to get an MRI and probably a decent amount of physical therapy. But I'm super glad I go to know her better at the blitz on Saturday! We meet this really weird guy. So this shirtless man in like his mid 40s turns the corner and starts walking on the other side of the street from us. He sees us and starts to smile and yells, "HEY! ARE YOU CHURCH GIRLS?" We're like yeah! then he yells, "ARE YOU THE MORMONS?" So we're like yeah! He comes over and talks to us. he says his brother served a mission in tennesse but now is excommunicated. But he's catholic and will never change. Then he asks our names and man he liked the name Schooff. He tells us how perfect we seem, and wow this man is just animated. He didn't seem 100% there, but not like too off either. It was weird. Anyways he was just super animated and funny and it was the weirdest contact I've had in a long while. I can't even tell the story well.

Don Juan! Hna Flores and I met him while seeking with faith at the very beginning of April! He lives all the way on the other side of the Lake, and we haven't been over there in a while, but on Saturday we finally went to try him. His grandsons recognized us and then Don Juan came out and told us he was wondering when we would come back (sorry man, we got a limit on miles). So we taught him a little bit. He wants to change his life! Straight up told us that! He wants to come to church with us this coming sunday and accepted a baptismal date! He is a sweet, old man. Hopefully we can meet with his family too this weekend. 

We taught this inactive Hna this week. She has been studying with the Jehovah's Witnesses recently in the past. So we asked her to share her testimony and then her testimony of the restoration. She has a testimony, but not of the restoration. She has a lot of questions too. We weren't really sure where to start, so we just shared our testimonies of the restoration. I shared that I really love the message of the restoration because it really is a message of love! God loves us because we are his children and he gave us a plan for this life! Because God loves us he gives us families! Because God loves us he gave us prophets and sent His Son to the earth to teach the Gospel, establish a church w/ the presithood, and paid for our sins, pains, and died for us. Even though people rejected Christ and the gospel, because God loves us, He restored His church by calling a new prophet. Because of His love we have these truths back on the earth with the Priesthood authority so we can enjoy all His blessings. 
a SOLID restoration (of the gospel of Jesus Christ)

This week we picked up 7 new investigators! It was great!
Yesterday we had interviews with President. The Mullens only have like 8 more weeks left in the mission :( that's sad. We are allowed to ask President a question at the end of our interviews- any question we want. So I asked him how the transition between new mission presidents work. They get some training at the MTC, then they come to the mission, meet the office missionaries, meet with the old mission president for 2 hours and then bam! That's it. Crazy, huh? I was not expecting that. Then the mission president will do a tour of the mission and interviews to meet the missionaries. 

Yesterday we had a lesson w/ 2 recent converts here. We taught about missionary work and we made them role play with us! haha! As missionaries we practice a lot of things: talking to people on the streets, teaching lessons, extending invitations, etc. So we had them practice answering questions some of their friends might have. It was so funny to watch them role play with us! They are both a little shy but sssoooo friendly and nice. They were both baptized around the end of January and received the Mel. Preisthood about 2 weeks ago! They are progressing quickly!

We have awesome news. WE'RE GETTING A 2017 COROLLA TOMORROW MORNING! We're excited. Goodbye Chevy Cruze! Thanks for not completely dying on us! But we are excited to get a new car, and specifically a car with a USB port so we can listen to more than just CDs. So we'll drive up to riverside tomorrow morning, they'll move our tiwi (check your speed!) to our new car and we'll be on our way! Get ready for some car pictures!
dumpster pics! #classy

This week I started reading the Book of Mormon again, but this time I'm marking for 3 things: things about missionary work, any reference to Christ, and commandments and promises from the Lord. I'm only in 1 Nephi 2- but wow! It was so cool! I'm finding so many cool things! Before my mission, I thought a knew basically everything about the gospel. But there is always so much to learn, and to apply things in a different way! I love being able to have dedicated study time everyday. Our 1 hour of personal study goes by in a flash. 1 hour feels like 15 minutes most days. I love it though. I always want more time to study!
I've never completely read the old testament before, so I'm starting to do it now. I found out if I read like 4 pages everyday from where I'm at now (exodus) I can finish the whole thing by the end of my mission. So that basically shows us, the old testament is really long :)

This week is going to fly by! Pday today, new car tomorrow, weekly planning thursday, DDM friday, blitz saturday, church sunday, then another pday! And how is it may?!?! Like what? April went by so fast! So will May- I can already tell. 
I'll let you know how cinco de mayo goes. Apparently not a lot of hispanics actually celebrate it. It is mostly an american made celebration. But I am in america still. I'll let you know. 

I think that's it! I hope you all have a great week! Talk to you Monday (for really this time)

Hermana Schooff

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