Monday, May 15, 2017

feliz dia de las madres!

Hola! Feliz dia de las Madres!

It was great to skype the family! Kind of weird too I have to admit! I know skyping is pretty distracting for some missionaries, but it hasn't been for me so far! It happened, we finished, and we went back to work! I think I'm at a really good spot of my mission: the end is still far enough away, but I'm getting better and more comfortable everyday, and going out to work is the best! So skyping wasn't really a distraction. 

The non-member husband of our primary president! Hermano Aguilar! We taught him twice this week! He accepted a baptismal date for early June! He told us he wants to keep learning so he can be prepared to take this next step in his life and be a better husband and father. He has so much desire and has great understanding of the lessons so far! He was starting to read his book of mormon even before we started teaching him. We are super excited to be working with him. Sadly he didn't come to church this week because he was preparing a big mother's day dinner all morning. But we are seeing him tonight and it'll be swell!
Lol sign in a member's bathroom. TRUTH

Tuesday we had multi-zones w/ the Menifee zone! A LOT of people I knew from my Hemet days are now serving in Menifee so I got to see a lot of people I already knew which was lots of fun! A lot of BOMB trainings. Multi-zones are the best but also a little overwhelming because you always know there are so many things you need to do to improve. But the spirit is so strong, you learn a lot, then you try to apply things in your area and you see more success!! We talked a decent bit about finding and seeking with faith- and as we applied those things we found a good of amount of english referrals or potentials/new investigators for us!

Multi-zones! Lake Elsinore zone (minus the spanish elders- they were sick). Also you're favorite hermana is looking pretty tan in this pic! ;)

So we go for a funny pic and the Elder complain that President and Sister Mullen never do anything but smile. So President goes and kisses Sister Mullen on the cheek. And EVERYONE freaked out. I'll try and get that pic from one of the sisters
here it is, in all it's glory!

That night we went to eat with the Magadan family. They said they invited some of their neighbors over to eat with us- so we're thinking non members. Nope. They are members of the english ward and just happen to be their next door neighbors as well! The sister served a mission in Germany many years ago! She spoke a little bit of german to me. I was surprised that I understood what she said, but everytime I went to respond it was Spanish. So I can still mas o menos understand German, but the speaking is basically gone. I can't even remember the basic sentences of German other than "ich bin gut." Right now I can't even remember how to say my name is __. Mi nombre es.... Yo soy la hermana schooff..... me llama....! Everything is spanish! which is a good thing haha

Last week the hermanas in Menifee gave us this referral. They called him and set up an appointment and then found out he lives in our area. The weird thing was when they sent us his address, we were legit parked like 3 houses down from where he lives. WEIRD. Anyways his name is Martin. Apparently 8 months ago he went to temple square and watched a movie about Jose Smith (Joseph Smith, haha Spanish) and wanted to meet with missionaries. He was a Jehovah's witness before, but at this time he had distanced himself from that faith. Turns out somehow the missionaries didn't contact him for 8 months until now (not sure what happened, technology, area confusion, etc.). Now he is back practicing w/ the JWs, but is still curious and has a lot of questions for us!

Wednesday! It was Mexican Mother's day. I'm pretty sure Mexico is the only place on the Earth that doesn't celebrate Mother's day on the 2nd Sunday of May (don't quote me on that). In Mexico they celebrate Mother's day on May 10th. Always May 10th. 

Folks. I ate pupusas for the first time. Pretty life changing. Pupusas are from El Salvador (I'm 99% sure). It's basically the masa (corn dough stuff you use to make a lot of hispanic food) with meat and stuff inside (we had queso y pollo) lightly fried and you put this salad stuff soaked in salsa on top with even more salsa! so good. 
PUPUSAS! For the first time! Real good, folks. Like too good. Watch out. 

Hermana Godoy has won like awards for public speaking and pronunciation. So she is working with me to improve my accent right now. Sometimes I have "gringa-native" moments (when I sound native enough that she thinks people will be surprised I'm a gringa). It is still a work in process. Basically I just learned that to sound native, you really have to chill out your entire mouth. Make your mouth relaxed. Less stress, harsh sounds (cough cough, german, cough cough). So it's getting better!

The recent converts in the ward just got callings! The 27 yr old is going to teach an elders quorum class once a month. And the married one is the secretary for the ward executive secretary. We are so excited for them both! Actually Hno Aguilar reminds us a lot of the married recent convert. Dream team up! We'll  make it happen!

The ward had a mother's day activity saturday (I forgot to take pics). They decorated and had pictures of all the mothers. The men served the sisters catered olive garden, there was music, dancing later on (lol we weren't there for that), and a trivia game to see how much the kids actually know about their moms. It was cute and fun!

Yesterday was mostly full with church, skyping, dinner, and studies! We went to try this referral sunday night. It was weird. This 9 year old girl comes out and we ask if Chico was there. She asks like who we are and what we do. She had no idea what missionaries are. We said we share messages of Jesus Christ with people. The girl asked, "Oh. Is that a bad thing?" haha nope it is a good things. It seemed like there was a party going on inside the house. Chico wanted us to go in and teach him and the girl (his niece), but we were like hm well maybe another time will be better. Then this either super drunk or high guy comes out and points to the trash cans and says "stinky. You can come inside b/c it is stinky." he than offers us something to drink and we decline. He asks if we like dancing and the girl says no they're church girls. The guy says, "oh. well you know David danced to praise the Lord." and the guy starts dancing a little bit. Luckily Chico came back at the point and we scheduled for a different day. 
downtown neighborhoods! There are these trees w/ beautiful purple flowers that are popping up everywhere!

This morning we had crossfit! the last crossfit (most likely unless the new mission president decides to do them too). It wasn't too bad. It was a lot of fun to see everyone in the south half of the mission! Lake Elsinore, Menifee, and Hemet zones. Got to see a bunch of hermanas, catch up w/ Hermana Chandler, etc. Haha Elder Rivas, he came into the mission with me and is serving in my zone but english speaking this transfer, he is from Mexico City. But he was wearing a border control shirt. The Elders died. 

Wow that was a longer email than I was expecting! Anyways we'll work hard this week! Saturday the ward has a talent show/dinner! Sunday we have ward conference! Saturday we'll get transfer calls! Ah! We'll see what happens!
Next transfer is only 5 weeks and then we'll get a new mission president! It doesn't seem real!

Hermana Schooff

will this companionship stay or go? find out next week!

OUR NEW CAR! It is nameless so far, but we have some ideas


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