Monday, May 29, 2017

the weird things we saw and heard and ate week


Not a ton to say from this week. 
This week it was hard to get in with people. Lake Elsinore is a weird area for finding. Most people here work out of town, and especially with Hispanics they typically leave early in the morning and get home late at night. And when they are at home, they are either cooking, eating, or relaxing w/ friends and family. Life in Lake Elsinore is just really relaxed and it makes it hard to find and teach sometimes. Also this week was a holiday weekend and some big soccer games it sounds like. 
But here's what did happen!
Hno Aguilar! We will have to move his baptismal date. We are trying to help him recognize that he has a testimony. We only got to meet w/ him once this past week, but tomorrow night we are going with obispo Valencia! It'll be good! Hno didn't come to church because he was cooking again for a big fiesta for one of their relative's birthday. I'll tell you more about that later!
Maria! We met w/ her a couple times. She is reading in her book of mormon and loves it! Last time we met w/ her she was only in 1 Nephi 4, but she gets so much out of each chapter! It is amazing! Maria is always worried she's not understand, but she understands a lot! He husband has been w/o a job for like 6 months and had 2 interviews this week. She said she'd come to church if they were in town (apparently her husband will say randomly that they're going to tijuana and then they go), but she didn't so we'll see if they went to tijuana or not. 
We started teaching this man named David. He met w/ missionaries about 6 years ago and went to church like 10 times! He has 2 book of mormons and is reading from them! He is pretty cool! He was out of town this week and we only had a short lesson w/ him, but we are excited to meet with him again this week! 
We are starting to meet w/ bishop Valencia once a week to go over the ward list. We started last week. It is so nice to work closely with bishop! We get a lot of information from him and we can tell him about the people we visit. You can tell he is also getting excited to work with us more too!
I went to redlands for a doctor's appointment! It was cool to drive really quickly in downtown redlands! so pretty!
Then there is the list of weird things we saw and heard and ate this week!
We went to try this referral and there was this cat who had captured a baby chipmunk. It would let is go and chase it and then try to bite its head and neck. It was kind of freaky. We didn't actually see the murder happen, but we're sure it happened after we left. 
We tried this former and she opened the door. In the background, there was a huge speaker playing some Mexican music and then suddenly it started playing (oh here goes my spelling) the song Opum Gangnum Style w/ like still like mexican music behind it. but it was like part of the song. Weird moment (sorry I totally explained that poorly)
So the family we had dinner w/ yesterday went to the Aguilar's fiesta and so they told us to come too to have dinner. So we did and we ate GOAT! Wow! It really wasn't too bad. But not my favorite either. Kind of like a soft steak, but maybe a bit slimier. no se. This week we also almost ate tacos de lengua (tongue tacos) but the Hna said she knew we wouldn't like it so she gave us money. 
While seeking w/ faith, we met this agnostic man but at the end of the conversation he asked if we wanted a water bottle so we said yes. Then he said, "yeah, just in case you're right and I'm wrong". Never heard that one yet! Nice man!
Also while seeking we turned into the nice, cute looking circle. But it was a party! There were 2 events: 1 was some man in the military was being advanced to an officer so there were people all dressed up in their uniforms and they had like a restaurant van thing come to cook food for everyone. Just like 10 feet away was this group of teenagers dancing in the middle of the street. Turns out they had a competition that day and were practicing and they just made up the dance routine the night before. It was impressive! But a crazy little walk around the circle in this quiet neighborhood. 
And lastly a lady we talked to while seeking this week. She seemed pretty cool at first. She was a Jehovah's Witness for like 30 years, but 4 years ago decided to not be JW anymore and she currently isn't attending a church. So we sat down with her in her yard. Then she tells us how her son showed her some information online about the iluminati. Beyonce is the princess of the illuminati. This lady also has written books on how to cure cancer. It is a 7 step program. She says in the JW pamphlets, there are encrypted devil signs that you can only see if you hold the pamphlet up to the mirror. And she learned about living green by unplugging cords when you aren't using the electronic device, but she also discovered that if you leave the cords in, that's how evil spirits enter your house. But if you unplug them, then you are living green and the evil spirits can't enter your house.
Southern California. Got to love it.
Have a great week!
Hermana Schooff


in our apartment parking lot! a squished lizard! gross! 
so this week we found a book to learn english in the apartment. we loved looking at these pictures

area codes: hmm... there's one state missing... NEBRASKA! what? lame!

we talked to this guy w/ his iguana! not my type of pet!

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