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And another transfer is completed! Crazy! Time really flies! Here's transfer 7 for you! Hna Godoy and I are both staying here (yay no packing or arranging rides, etc.)! We are excited and it was what we were both expecting. There are a lot of cool things we want to do this transfer: go on a hike where you can see the ocean (inland mission problems), celebrate halfway to Christmas on June 25th, and more! This transfer is only 5 weeks and it is President Mullen's last 5! Then we'll have a 7 week transfer with the new mission President, President Hammond (I think that's spelled right). 
Our whole zone is changing. Hna and I are the only companionship that isn't changing. So we'll meet the new zone on Wednesday
This past week:
I got a haircut! A member in our ward offered to cut my hair and it needed a trim so we did it! I'm pretty happy with it- shorter will be nicer for the summer!
Haircut! Kind of hard to see, but it is a decent bit shorter than it was

Speaking of summer- it was actually pretty cold a lot of this week! One morning we were walking around and it was like only 60 degrees! We were so cold! All I had was my cardigan, but I could've used a heavier jacket. Wow, I am becoming a wimp. 60 degrees is cold. But it also got hot this week. The weekend was mostly in the mid 90's. I think summer officially starts in like a month... so that'll be fun.
my fav purple flower trees

We found Maria again!! yay!! She was finally back from tijuana (TJ) but wasn't sure when they'd be returning- it could be anytime. She said she'd come to church if she was in town, and she didn't. So we'll probably stop by tomorrow morning and she will probably be back out of town. Then we'll send the info we have off to the missionaries in TJ. 
AAHHH why is Mexico/TJ so close!! They steal all our investigators!! I'm sure this is less of a problem in even just central california. Southern california.... too close to mexico for Spanish missionaries!
This week we got ASL training! We have 1 companionship of ASL in the mission, and actually they also work in different missions too. They taught us how to do a general ASL contact which goes like: I don't sign good. My friends sign well. Can you write down your name and VP (asl phone number) and they can call and chat with you? Thanks, have a nice day.   It was pretty cool! But I'm glad I'm a spanish missionary and not ASL. I'd be so bad!
Hno Aguilar! He is doing pretty well! He is reading in his Libro de Mormon and is praying about it. He came to church again! He told us friday he could only go for sacrament meeting, but he stayed for it all! The men in the church are doing a great job with him! They are more than willing to come with us to his lessons and are becoming good friends with him. It is great to see! Tonight we are taking a recent convert who was in like the same situation as Hno Aguilar (wife is a good member, young kids attend church, husband not a member) to our lesson. It should be good! We are trying to prepare him for a baptismal interview, but it might take more time. We'll see! He already knows a lot and has a great understanding too!
This day we were walking outside and these two big dogs run over to the fence towards the street where we are. One dog starts to bark this deep, big dog bark. We wait for the other one to start too, and then it does except it sounds like a chicken. Legit. This big bull dog looking dog was barking like a chicken. It was the weirdest thing.
This week was a little rough for us. We tried really hard to find new people to teach, but either people weren't home or were busy. We ended up contacting 15 referrals but only taught 1 new investigator. But asi es Lake Elsinore sometimes. Everyone is super relaxed, it is super dark, and everyone is at work, eats, and goes to bed. So it is hard sometimes.
lake elsinore!

We met this cute lady from Cambodia. Her name is Sun! She was telling us about her plants on her front porch and then offered to give us one! She was so cute and from what we understood she lives alone and maybe her husband and son died. But she really struggled with english and we don't know of anyone in the area who knows Cambodian.
This weekend was ward conference! Saturday night we had a noche de talentos (talent night). There was a ton of food and then talents! We could only stay for part of it, but there were these 2 little kids who did a traditional mexican dance, a girl singing/dancing, an Hno telling jokes, the young women did a traditional dance, the primary danced, etc. It was so cute and a lot of fun. Our little gym was PACKED! A lot of ward members were there with their family and friends! Then sunday was awesome! Good talks from the stake leaders. The ward is slowly improving and we are excited to still be here to work with them!
Noche de talentos! 2 cute kids from our ward did a traditional mexican dance. they were good!

Yesterday we had dinner with the Perez family. The daughter in law is Mexican, but is pretty white. So we compared our arms, and I am WAY tanner than she is. So I am tanner than a 100% mexican. 
I've slowly been working through reading the book of mormon. I'm in 1 Nephi 17 I think. It is crazy how many things can apply in so many different ways- as a missionary or even as a normal person! I've never read it this slowly before, but it is pretty cool!

That's all I can think of for now! Here goes another transfer!
Hermana Schooff
Lake Elsinore doesn't usually have as good of sunsets as Hemet, but we've had some good ones lately!

mas sunsets

Shadow pic- emphasis on how huge our feet look :)

Peace! Because I'm always making peace signs

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