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baptism! and 1 year ago...


This week!
Well let us start w/ the big news! On Tuesday we got a text from the Hemet Hermanas, telling us that an investigator I taught my first transfer, Rueben, would be getting baptized Sunday! Both Hna Godoy and I taught him, not for very long though. He was a referral from a member when we taught him, but he could never go to church b/c of his work schedule and told us he was going to stick w/ being catholic. So I guess the member gave him as a referral again and things in his life were better to make those changes in his life! So we went to his baptism yesterday! YAY HEMET! The baptism was great and it was so much fun to see a lot of the members in Hemet! I got to see my recent convert, Jacqueline, and her sister and great grandma! So cute! Hemet is great! I will always carry this hope in me that I'll end my mission there!
Hna Chandler w/ all her Hemet companions

Rueben's baptism!

Now for less exciting news about another of my investigators from Hemet, Carlos. The Hermanas in Hemet kept teaching Carlos, but a week or so ago he moved to Ramona, (not the Ramona Ward, the spanish ward in Hemet- but a town) which is outside the mission. So I don't know if I'll every find out if Carlos will get baptized, but I hope he does! I'm glad I got to teach him and help him feel the Spirit!
Hna Morales! <3

We had 6 new investigators this week! Here they are!
Lily! She has a sister or sister in law (I forgot which) who is a member! So she and her kids have gone to church before and liked it! She said if she is going to join a church, it would be ours, but she is not sure if she is ready to make that change in her life right now. Her son is 19 and is managing and playing in some band that seems pretty successful. They are often out of town on the weekends. We are exciting to keep working with her!
We started teaching a family of former investigators, the Paz family! They are very nice, and super active in a Christian church! There are only like 2 or 3 days a week where they don't go to church! Her kids are attending bible study classes and love them! We didn't get to meet w/ them for long but we'll see how it goes!
A few weeks ago while on a blitz, Hna Godoy talked to this man and he said his wife is a member but isn't active. She is not on our ward directory. So we visited with her and her kids (her husband wasn't there, but he told Hna he wasn't interested). She was baptized in mexico about 8 years ago I believe and then stopped going to church when her kids were younger and would be noisy in church. We are hoping to meet with them more and get the ward involved!
And then a man named Baltazar! Weird name, I know. We meet him in the street a few weeks ago. He goes to a Christian church in Murrieta and told us this crazy story about when his father, a pastor, healed this lady and about this evil spirit/animal type thing. It was crazy folks.
trying to keep it cool in lake elsinore

We were trying to contact a former investigator this week, and this not skinny man opens the door wearing a batman shirt w/ abs printed on it. So Hna Godoy asks him if he is batman? He says, "No. I'm fat man!". Weirdest door contact ever.
Hno Aguilar! He is doing well! He came to church again yesterday! He had a super awesome lesson w/ him this past week! We brought the perfect member with us who has a similar conversion story to what Hno is going through right now. And we just simply asked Hermano about his testimony and if he believes certain things- which was actually really great. We weren't really sure where he was at, but he has a testimony of the restoration and such! It was cool to see him share his testimony and explain what he knows. He is currently praying about a baptismal date for the end on June. His older children aren't super active so he said he wants to talk to them about that as well. We are excited to keep working with him and his family! They are so close to being an eternal family!

So on Saturday we had dinner w/ this hermana, but we were a little late so us and the elders got there at like the same time and in the Cali Riverside Mission elders and sisters cannot eat dinners together unless it is w/ the bishop. So since we were late, we ate our food in the car so the elders could eat in the house. Well we were eating tostadas, AKA the messiest Mexican food on earth. Hna Godoy and I were both wearing black skirts. On the tostadas were beans, chipotle chicken, lettuce, sour cream, and queso (like white, thin, sprinkling queso). We made a mess.
Tostadas in car = no bueno

On Friday we had exchanges! I was w/ Sister Jensen in my area. I met Sister Jensen my first transfer in Hemet! So it was fun to be with her! We had a full day w/ seeking, studies, and in the end 3 lessons. One was w/ an investigator David. We talked to him about the sabbath day, because he was always just telling us, "yeah I'll come to church one day- but when you least expect it! I can't promise you I'll come this week..." and so on. But he said he'll come next week because he couldn't go this week b/c of a funeral. He wants to see how the church and people are and if he likes it. Also we started teaching a less active 18 year old girl. She is super cool and has a great testimony. We want to also start teaching her mother too and help the whole family get back to church. It was a great exchange! Sister Jensen is awesome (she goes home in 2 weeks) and we had fun together!

after a great exchange!

Church yesterday was great too! Awesome talks about families and temples and blessings. We had a full house in gospel principles class- I think there were like 14 of us there! Sweet! All of our recent converts were there, Hno Aguilar, and returning less actives!
Yesterday after the baptism in Hemet we got the chance to give a fireside for the youth about missionary work! It went pretty well, especially since we didn't really get a chance to plan it out well. We talked to them about how they can start becoming a missionary now. It doesn't just start when you enter the MTC, but we can all become missionaries, even if we don't serve full time missions. Then we talked about ways they can share the gospel, shared pre-mission and mission stories, and did a Q&A. We had fun and felt the spirit and there was food at the end. What could be better?

So this upcoming week: tomorrow we have our last interviews w/ President Mullen. Wednesday we have out last multizones w/ President and he'll give his farewell message (or however that works). 

At the end of the week, I realized 1 year ago I received my mission call! Crazy! Time flies by so fast! I remember waiting anxiously for the envelope, and now here I am- 1 year later. This week I will be half way done with my mission. TIME FLIES! ah! It is crazy to think how much I've learned and how I have changed since a year ago. Little did I know about the crazy, awkward, and spiritual adventures that awaited me! I knew I would love the people, but I never imagined how much they would inspire me. I knew it would be hard, but I never imagined how hard, yet how worth is. I am excited to keep going! Here's to 9 more awesome months!

Hermana Schooff
what a great name for a street and a person!

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