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Junio! Wow June! How did that happen?
June has been pretty hot lately! We've been in the low 100's lately. It is the life! We are starting to mostly do our seeking w/ faith in the morning when it is cooler, do most of our studies in the afternoon, and then try people in the evening. 
So last week!
Well on monday as we were driving home from emailing and grocery shopping, we got a flat tire! Some pretty big metal thing stabbed our tire. So we called the nearest elders and they came and changed our tire for us (yeah, I didn't remember how to do that). Then the next day we took the car into a tire place and they changed the tire while we have district meeting!
This week we started teaching this referral, Maritza! She was super cool! Young mom of a super cute little girl! She really wants to learn more and come closer to God and be a better person! We invited her to church and to be baptized (she wants to!), then she told us they were going to leave for Tennessee this weekend (yesterday). Sad! It might just be a 2 month trip, but if they like the area they are going to move there. So we taught her and her husband the next day, gave them a book of mormon, and send their information of to missionaries in Tennessee. But she is super cool! You're welcome, Spanish missionaries in Tennessee!
We also started to teach the Aguilar Family (not the same Aguilars as Hno. Aguilar). Husband and wife and 3 girls ages 11-4. Cute family! We only taught them super quickly but they're cool! They go to a christian church nearby, but the older daughter, the 11 year old, really likes church and wants her parents to be more active in church. They seem to have a lot of potential! The littlest girl didn't really have an attention span and instead tried to play hand clap games with me.
a chicken the Aguilar's own. "franseau"

Speaking of Aguilar- now Hno. Aguilar! He didn't come to church again, I guess because his company car broke down so he needed to fix it yesterday so he could work today. We finished teaching him the word of wisdom this week and he has a great plan to stop drinking coffee! His wife is going to buy his food to make smoothies instead. Also, I guess papaya is very good to eat in the morning and help you to wake up. So that's his plan! We are still working with him to choose a new baptismal date. We talked to his wife yesterday and she thinks he will need a decent bit of time. Hno really understands what we teach him, but we are just trying to help him gain his own answer/testimony. So for now we have to be patient, but it'll be worth it! One day they will be a wonderful eternal family! They are so close!
Good news! We are going to work with one of our recent converts to go to the San Diego temple with him! I think I've talked about this before, but if not here's that story again. Lake Elsinore is the only stake in my mission that goes to the San Diego temple. We helped 2 recent converts find names to take to the temple, and we were planning a trip with them, but then they went w/ the stake to a temple trip that we couldn't go to and took those names. But President is letting us help them find new names and then we can go with them. So we are in the process of doing that!
We had dinner with a less active and part member family this week! They have a nice backyard, pool and all! We had a little bbq out back and it was great to get to know the family better! One of the daughters, she is 9, asked her mom when they are going to church. She is so cute and really wants to go to church and learn more. The mom said maybe this sunday, but they didn't go. So we'll keep working with them!
This week while seeking we met this guy named Wisdom. Turns out he is homeless and unemployed, but he told us he loves doing service for his neighbors. Pretty chill dude. Then the next day Hna Godoy saw him w/ another sister and I guess he told them a poem that went something like this: I wrote your name in the grass, but then it got mowed away. I wrote your name in the sand, but then the ocean took it away." Yep. That's it. He also invited them to lunch one day, but they politely declined. 
Lake Elsinore!

We stopped by this cool former investigator! Her name is Juanita. Turns out she has cousins who are serving missions. She seems pretty cool! The reason the missionaries stopped visiting her was b/c she didn't have enough time, but she told us we could come by like anytime. So we have a cita w/ her this week!
We saw a ton of dogs and cats this week. We stopped by this one house and there were like 10 cats on the front porch. 
Saturday on the blitz (seeking w/ faith in 1 companionship's area) there was this hispanic lady getting out of her car. I saw she had a plat w/ round things wrapped in tin foil and a baggy of some salad looking stuff- which can only mean 1 thing, especially for hispanics- PUPUSAS! So we started talking about how great pupusas are, and then she starts giving them to us (she had more). She was so sweet and wouldn't let us go w/o giving us 4 pupusas. So we gave some to the english sisters we were with so they can enjoy the wonders of pupusas and we ate the rest for lunch. Such a sweet lady! The spanish elders will stop by her sometime!
Saturday we didn't have a dinner so we went to this new mexican restaurant that just opened up in "downtown" lake elsinore. I got a burrito w/ pastor. Man it was so good, but so huge. Some really got salsas too. And Horchata. Ahh.... hispanic food..... <3
On Sunday Hna Godoy was going to a baptism in Menifee, so I needed somebody to come out with me. We have an 18 year old girl named Keily who wants to go on a mission! So after church we took her w/ us and did our studies, and then she and I went out to work while Hna Godoy went to the baptism! She is such a great missionary! We had a lesson w/ this woman named Evelia. Keily killed it! Once she goes on her mission, she can basically skip the MTC. Evelia is pretty cool! She's pretty catholic but she has a nephew who served a mission and she's been to temple square before. She'll be out of town for awhile, but we'll go back to see her probably after father's day. After that we went to have dinner at Keily's house, and Keily taught the lesson for us. What a great future missionary! Look out world!
Keily! She'll be a great missionary! and baby Leah too

This week we have exchanges! I'll be here in spanish land w/ sister jensen, who was in hemet w/ in back in the good old hemet days! so that'll be fun!
The following week we have interviews w/ President Mullen and President Mullen will be doing his farewell tour :( how sad! The Mullens only have 3 weeks left! They are crazy busy! Interviews, farewell tour, lots of meetings left, packing, transfers, handing off the mission, etc. Poor guy!

This past week I started rereading my first mission journal, from the MTC. It was awesome to see how excited I was to go to the field, teach investigators, etc. It showed me ways that maybe I've kind of relaxed in, so the past couple of days I've been trying to be better. And it has been great! Great to focus on the needs of those I teach and to have greater faith.
One thing I've also realized recently is that sometimes I can get offended easily, haha. Even when people don't really mean to be offensive. But I've realized I just need to not take offense and life is so much more pleasant! I am always in charge of my attitude, and nobody can change it w/o my consent!
From Jenna's mission's blog. The photographer told them to "get in a group and smile at your moms."

Well that's about it for now! I hope you all have a great week! Think cool thoughts for me!
Hermana Schooff

Here is a picture of the goat from last week. 

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