Monday, June 19, 2017

our busy week


This week was pretty busy! Here's what happened!
Tuesday we had our last interviews with President Mullen! Crazy! It was really good! We talked about how to increase our faith in order to have miracles, and we increase our faith by having spiritual experiences! To help me do this, we set a goal for me to count how many spiritual experiences I have a day and to write about the more significant one in my journal each night, so that I can better recognize/remember the spiritual experiences I have had and help them increase my faith. So that has been going really well! 
Wednesday we had our last multi-zones with the Mullens! That was sad! We took our last pictures with the Mullens, the incoming and outgoing missionaries shared their testimonies (there are a lot of time b/c it is the summer), and President Mullen gave his last training. Of course on the doctrine of Christ! It was really good, more about application for our lives than in missionary work. We sang "Called to Serve" and both of the Mullens started crying. That was sad :( Then the Mullens shared their final testimonies with us and went to the next multi-zone. Poor things are crazy busy right now. 
Last picture with the Mullens! :(

the Lake Elsinore zone! And Elder and Sister Just

what a zone- and the Mullens, once again

Thursday I got to leave the mission! I had to do some medical labs in Beaumont (north of Hemet). So it was fun driving through Hemet again! Our ward mission leader and his wife took me. She came in the waiting room with me and there was us two and then a lot of old people. She looks around, and leans over and whispers to me, "Puros ninos!" haha so cute! I was like yes hermana! todos somos ninos aqui!
Yesterday Hna Godoy and I did our musical number! It went pretty well! It was "Oh my Father", she sang, I played the flute, and our ward pianist was on the piano.
Two of the best people in our ward are moving this week! The Perez Seniors (Senior b/c their son lives in our ward). They are the cutest couple over, strong strong strong members, and were ward missionaries. We will miss them so much!
Saturday we were trying to contact referrals and we pulled up by this man's house and we saw this lady sweeping across the street. We went over to talk to her and she said her son threw glass down and now she had been trying to clean it up for a few hours. So we helped her clean it up as best as we good admist the grass, weeds, and dirt (and a random toilet that was sitting out there). She didn't magical want the missionaries to stop by and teach her, but she did thank us!
fireworks from the baseball stadium super close to our apartment! 

Ok now onto some of the people we taught this week!
We taught this lady Cecilia, a mother in-law of a former I taught with Hermana Flores. She seems pretty cool- a cute old lady! She really understood the Restoration well! But they are headed to Oklahoma sometime soon (summertime struggles).
We stopped by this former, Juanita, who has a few LDS cousins who have served missions. We were going to teach her, but her daughter who has a lot of health issues was super sick and legit threw up right then and there. Poor thing. And she got a phone call saying her daughter's meds were ready to be picked up. So hopefully this week we'll get in with her!
Friday morning we found 3 new investigators in like 1.5 hours! One is a young couple, the Centano family! They go to a church super far away and are interested in finding a church nearby. They said they'd come to church, but didn't. But they seem like they have a lot of potential!
The other was Socorro, another former. It was a pretty quick lesson. She also has LDS relatives and has attended church with them when she has visited them! She said the closing prayer and we learned that her son in-law was just taken by immigration and might be sent back to Guatemala (which is like super dangerous to be sent back after coming to the states b/c if people know you've gone to the states I guess they'll kidnap you and eventually kill you) and leave his wife and kids here. So that was super sad!
We had a lesson w/ a less active family we've been working with! When I came into the ward, they just moved here and started coming back to church. The daughter is getting her patriarchal blessing next Sunday, the Hna is taking the sacrament again and will start taking the temple preparation classes! It is sweet!
And finally Hno Aguilar. It is kind of sad. We've taught him so much, he has no problems with like any of the commandments. He accepted tithing super easily, he has stopped drinking coffee, etc. But he told us this week he doesn't feel prepared yet. But he wants to keep studying. learning, reading, praying, and attending church. So we'll still work with him, but just won't be stopping by as often. He has a testimony, he is doing the right things, he has a testimony- And I know one day he will finally feel ready to be baptized. He is such a good man, with a great love for his family. I know things are headed in the right direction for him and his family, and the timing is in the Lord's hands.
found this while seeking with faith! yes! mexican food! And I've had all of these things!

This is the last week of the transfer since it  is a 5 week transfer! On June 30th the Mullens will leave and the Hammons will come in. 
So next week I'll let you know mostly likely where I am headed! But who knows, I could stay here for a fourth transfer!
I need to be better at sending more spiritual things in my emails so here I go:
First D&C 6. such an awesome chapter. In multi-zones we read verses 33-37. These have always been some of my favorite verses, but we read them more specifically in the context of faith. Faith is not fearing, not doubting, but trusting and relying on the Lord.
We sang "I"ll go where you want me to go" yesterday and I paid more attention to the lyrics/structure of the song. The chorus talks about going where the Lord wants us to go, saying what He wants us to say, and becoming who He wants us to be. And the verses follow this structure. Sometimes we don't know where the Lord needs us to be, but He will call us and lead us by His hand. We can share Christ's words of love with others to help them along their path. As we trust in the Lord, and accept His will for us, in the end we will become who He wants us to be. That's really how missionary work works! First we go, then we say, and through our experiences we become. All by seeking and following His will and example!
Well that's it for this week! I hope you all have a great week! 

Hermana Schooff

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