Monday, June 26, 2017

The Promised Land


TRANSFERS! I am going to the promised land! If anybody has served in the CRM, you know that the promised land for Spanish missionaries is the De Anza ward, in the Jurupa Stake! Yay!!! Jurupa is like the surrounding area of Riverside. From what I've heard there are a lot of hispanics there and a lot of like "ranch" areas. My companion will be Hna Alvey! She is from Utah, is 25 years old and just finished her training. So that'll be a lot of fun! It'll be weird not having a native companion after 3 transfers!
In Jurupa there used to be 4 sets of spanish companionships in the ward. But now there are only 3: the hermanas, the ZLs, and the APs. So I'm surrounded by leadership! But I've heard great things about the ward! It should be A LOT bigger than the El Cariso ward!
So I'll leave Lake Elsinore this afternoon. It'll be weird! I'm kind of glad I don't have 7 more weeks here in Lk El, but I feel like I still need like 3 more weeks here before I leave. Oh well! I'm super excited to go to the promised land!
The Valerios!

Here is this week in a nutshell!
We went to try this less active family and there is this man standing near their house. Turns out he is a member of the english ward. And he was currently sending an email to his missionary son. What are the odds. With that less active family, they became less active once they moved here. The Hna wants to go to church, but her husband doesn't want to go, most likely b/c he hasn't made any friends in the ward yet. We tried to encourage hermana to go w/o him, and to be that example. So the Hermanas will continue working with them.
We found a new investigator while seeking with faith! She seemed pretty cool! she studied w/ the JWs about 2 years ago but then wanted a break. She told us she was looking for the truth. So we taught her and her 3 little kids. But then when we confirmed our next cita w/ her, she told us she didn't really want to study again right now. That's ok! In the future!
We did a service project this week! The city of Lake Elsinore is doing service projects once a month to "beautify" and clean up the city. So we went to the lake and picked up trash with those cool hand claw picker upper things. Lots of cigarettes, beer tops, glass, etc. Yep. Classy Lake Elsinore.
We found Maria again! And we officially paused her :( this time she is going to Mexico for a month or more. So we told her where the church is in Tijuana and will send her info off the missionaries down south. Hopefully the hermanas can teach her again once she is in town more often and things are more stable. I love Maria though! Such a sweet and funny woman!
Lovely Maria!

At a dinner this week, this 6 year old girl was near me digging through her mom's purse. She pulls out an inhaler, puffs some in her mouth, then tells me: It is like a cigarette or something. Hmm... yeah, exactly. Then she finds a nail (like nail & hammer kind of nail) and tells me it is a needle. Sweet. 
The Perez Seniors moved this weekend. :( So sad. They were ward missionaries and always were AMAZING team ups. The ward will miss them so much! Great couple! 
Los Hermanos Perez Sr. 

We got this referral this week and finally contacted him! He had a visita so he told us to come back in like 1 hour. Then we did and he had another visita, and then told us he was leaving for Guatemala tomorrow. He'll be back in August. #SummerStruggles #tooclosetoMexicotodomissionarywork
Speaking of summer it is getting hot! I'm not sure if our car thermometer is always right, but I think the highest I saw it this week was probably 117. High for today is 105. that's all I know. This week I learned there is a difference, a pretty big difference, between being in the 90's and in the 100's. 90's are ok. 100's get rough. Grateful I have a car! We've asked some people for tips on how to survive the heat. Most common answer: don't go outside. Hmm.. sorry not an option as a missionary. 
We had dinner w/ the Aguilars this week. We had flan for dessert. I have NEVER had some flan THAT GOOD before! Flan is like an egg dessert w/ some like caramel sauce type stuff over it. Man, it was good. She made a whole pan just for us, so we have like half a pan still in our fridge. I'll probably eat some more before I leave because it was that good.
Also, at the dinner we had some mexican rice. Hna put banana slices and jalepenos in her mexican rice. She said she grew up doing that... weird... I don't know if I'll try it...
We picked up a cute young couple this week!  The wife once was a referral we could never contact, so when I saw water coming from a hose while we were seeking there, I was like- we have to go there! somebody is outside! Anyways They are SUPER catholic, but willing to listen. The husband was super surprised when I started speaking Spanish. I think a lot of people think that the native companion only speaks spanish and I'm just there to teach people in english. Not true! Anyways the husband realizes he has some false info about the LDS church and was to be clarified. 
Another new investigator is Eddie! We found him seeking w/ faith as well. He was kind of weird. Told us he wanted us to come back and share our message on Saturday. So we did. He kind of more wanted to preach to us and then he really wanted to know Hna Godoy's first name. It was a little weird.
Yesterday we tried this potential I talked to. The husband came out and said his wife was busy, but then went in to get her. She came out super slowly, and then once she got to the drive way she started puking. It looked like she was about to faint, but the gate was locked so we couldn't help her. So we just told her we would stop by another day and told her to get inside and sit down.
Yesterday was June 25th- aka 6 months until Christmas, so we decided to celebrate! We listened to Christmas music and took a christmas pic! It was kind of weird, especially since it was SO HOT!
Happy 1/2 way to Christmas! (totally wasn't like 110+ degrees on June 25th)

That's about all I can think of from this past week. Got to say goodbye to everyone yesterday at church! I love the El Cariso ward! It may be small, but has such a huge heart. There are so many amazing hermanos y hermanas there! Such cute families! I will miss them!

At interviews President set a goal w/ me to record how many spiritual experiences I have a day and to write about the best one every night. So over 13 days I logged 55 spiritual experiences! pretty cool! I've really enjoyed doing that, reflecting each night and being able to see the hand of the Lord after each day. It has been really cool.
One experience I had was reading a conference talk! Lately I think I've struggled a bit w/ comparing myself to other missionaries. Sometimes it seems like everyone is having a lot more "success" than I am. One day during lunch I read this talk from the Feb. 2017 Ensign, called "Making the most of what we have". It talks about card games and how we are all dealt different hands in life. Some of us may be on winning streaks at times, others may feel like we have a bad hand. But our hands will change and we can use the cards that we DO have to their full advantage. There is a lot more so I encourage you all to read it! It ends by quoting from the BOM- men are that they might have joy. That's a promise, and it is not conditional. We are that we can experience joy, even through hard times. Maybe you just have to look at your hand differently. Who knows!

The district!

I hope you all have a great week, don't see too many people puking, stay cool, and have lots of spiritual experiences!

Hermana Schooff

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