Monday, July 31, 2017

happy last day of july!


Wow! Crazy! Tomorrow is August! it is so weird! It just means we are slowly getting closer to cooler weather... but that won't happen anytime soon!
Time is flying by! I can't believe it has already been another week! If this was a normal transfer, this would be the last week. But instead we have a 7 week transfer. Crazy that the longest transfer feels like the shortest
This week!
Well overall not a lot happened Monday-Thursday AM. We did a lot of work, but weren't finding a lot of success. But Thursday evening our luck changed and Thursday-Sunday we were super busy, running around teaching people. We found 10 new investigators in those 4 days while also visiting current investigators! Crazy!
We stopped by one of our current investigators. She has 11 cats who chill on her front porch. They are way cute, but sadly don't want to come chill with me as much as I want them too. She is such a sweet, funny lady, but we are trying to find out if she is willing to act at all or just likes to listen to us. 
So on the same day I heard the high school band practicing what I think was a song we played in the BYU marching band (Beethoven's 5th salsa) and I found out the son of a family in our ward was in the BYU marching band for a few years, maybe when I was there. But their niece was the person in charge of uniforms so I knew her! It is a small world! The Najarro family!
Jurupa Valley!!

We had a lesson with Antonio and his son. Antonio saw my insulin pump on my arm and freaked out. He was like, "how could somebody like you have diabetes?" Because it is type 1. Like 5 minutes later I don't think he understood any better. Ha, also my ward mission leader told me he wants to get me special bread for diabetes for when we have food at our meetings. 
We started teaching this former Hna Garcia told us to visit. He was pretty drunk. His eyes were like swollen and red. It was really sad to see. But he has faith in God and prays. But he seems like a pretty bad alcoholic. We'll see what happens as we work with him.
This week at the old folks home we did water color painting! Which for me basically meant listening to the lady next to me tell me she never has been a painter before. Surprisingly a lot of the elders are really good artists. 
This week I ate tacos de Jamica! The members told us other members of the ward showed them how to cook Jamica so you can eat it in tacos (jamica, if i remember correctly, is a flower type thing they use to create a drink. but I've never EATEN it before). It was pretty good!
This one evening, we had a church tour set up with an investigator family, but she cancelled on us (kind of typical with her, she's got some crazy things happening in her life). So instead we decided to seek with faith in Rubidoux. We prayed and both felt like we should go to this one neighborhood. In 1.5 hours we walked down a total of 2 smallish streets, had 2 lesson and found 5 new investigators! Crazy! They seem pretty cool as well! It was awesome! We joked that we both picked that place b/c on the map there was some tape over it which made it shine in the sun. Maybe it was that, but better it was revelation!
norco.... goodness...

We also taught a former of my trainer! Poor thing! She has a son in his 20's who has MS and believes God doesn't love him. We didn't get to sit down w/ the son, but we want to next time. But also she said her husband is cheating on her and a man from her old church is demanding money from her and threatening her! so sad! We talked a lot about God's love and of the Spirit in the church. She said she might be able to come this next sunday! Ojala!
Sunday! Haha what a day it was. It was the 5th sunday of the month, so the ward makes sacrament meeting about missionary work. So us missionaries have to create the program. A recent convert shared his testimony, a ward missionary gave a talk, and an elder gave a talk. The elders put us in charge a musical number, so we asked our good friend and investigator Chaba for a favor. That's right. Chaba was so down to play the guitar/harmonica for us! But it was to be in the combined 3rd hour for the guitar. So I played the flute in sacrament meeting (Where can I turn for peace) and in 3rd hour Chaba played the guitar and harmonica and all the missionaries sang How Great Thou Art. Haha it was great! A little different for some of the members, but everybody loved Chaba! Poor guy, his guitar strap fell off part way through, but the bishopric helped put it back on. Some members afterwards even asked Chaba if he could teach their kids how to play the guitar! In our lesson with him, he read Moroni and Omni from the Book of Mormon! Haha. He loves Joseph Smith and every time he heard his name at church he turned to me and say, "Oh! Jose Smith?" haha. Chaba is just one of the friendliest guys you'll ever meet. Just a happy, content, musically talented, hispanic rancher guy. 
Baltazar finally got a blessing from the hermanos! It was great! We had a quick lesson on faith, then the blessing. Afterwards the spirit was super strong and Hna Alvey invited him to be baptized. Right now he is on date for the 13th, but we might have to move it back. We have to teach him a bit slow since Spanish is his second language. But we are super excited! All the hermanos have been great with him and he really feels at home at church I think! The recent convert who spoke sunday will be coming to our lesson w/ Baltazar tomorrow!

2 closing thoughts!
One of my friends from high school was baptized a little over a week ago! Which is crazy! In high school, I had a couple conversations with her about religion and the church, but nothing crazy or major. But later with other LDS friends, she began to go to church, read the Book of Mormon, and meet with the sister missionaries. And now she has been baptized! Crazy! I never thought those few conversations we had would ever lead to this, but it makes me so happy. It really shows me, as a missionary now, how important and powerful members are in this work. The Lord promises if we are worthy to have the Spirit, the Spirit will show as all things that we should do and what we should say. We need not be scared of sharing the gospel, even in small ways, if we are worthy of the gift of the Holy Ghost.
I got a letter from my Mom this week that talked about how now days so many things are instantaneous. Food, information, etc. But that's not how God works 99% of the time (that's not a correct statistic FYI). If we are looking for an answer, often it doesn't come after the first prayer. If we are looking for a miracle, if doesn't come the same day necessarily. We have to search, ponder, and work for it. God knows what timing is best for us. He knows us better than we do. Trust in His timing. In the end, it'll be better for you and your character than an instant miracle or an instant microwave dinner. 

Hope you all have a great week!
Hermana Schooff
the foot tan line looks worse in person. And my arm and leg look like they come from 2 different people from 2 different races

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