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Hola! Como estan?

Hello from Jurupa! I'm loving it already!
Why did the chicken cross the road? (Keep reading for the answer.)

Ok lets see how much I've learned about my area in 1 week:
The Jurupa stake is pretty big! There used to be 4 sets of missionaries in our ward, but starting this transfer there are only 3. So our area just grew! We work in Rubidoux (aka hispanic city), Jurupa Valley, Glen Avon, Mira Loma, etc. It is pretty big, yet we are given the smallest amount of miles I've had on my mission. Jurupa is filled with hispanics! It is wonderful! Not only that, but the people are pretty willing to at least listen to us (that seemed to be the biggest issue in Lake Elsinore). We are technically in Riverside, but there is a Riverside Stake and that's not our stake. The ward seems pretty good! Bigger than El Cariso with a good amount of strong active families. And of course a lot of less actives, like most spanish wards.

My companion is Hermana Alvey! She is great! In some ways she reminds me a lot of Mindy Lerum! #shoutout   We are getting along just fine! She studied French in high school and college, so that hasn't made learning Spanish too easy. So I'm trying to help her the best I can with whatever Spanish abilities I have- I'm mostly trying to remember what helped me the most as I started learning Spanish. She is from Bountiful Utah and has a HUGE heart, STRONG testimony, and LOVES to work hard. It is going to be an AWESOME 6 more weeks! With lots of miracles- I can already tell.
​Hermana Alvey y yo

Our zone is pretty small! there are 2 districts. In my district there are us and our DL and his comp. That is it. The other zone has 3 companionships (plus the APs but they like never come to DDM). So 6 companionships total, but more like 5. And we're the only sisters which is super weird to me! There is another zone in our zone. We'll meet them tomorrow.

We do a lot of service here! Twice a week. We help out and clean around this senior center. So this week we washed windows and wiped down walls. It was about as exciting as it sounds. On Fridays we go to a different senior center (with so many senior centers you would think this was Hemet) for people with alzheimers and such. We played volleyball w/ balloons and talked to the old people. Some of them are characters it seems. Some of them are more "there" than others. It was fun, but I know working in a senior center is not the place for me.

We live with an English sister, Sister Burrola. She was out of town the beginning of the week, but on Friday she and her daughter's family came. So I haven't really had a chance to get to know her, but I know other hermanas really like her. We live in probably the nicest part of our area (which is good, because after her neighborhood everything is pretty humble). 

Ok random things and then I'll get into some of the people we taught:
One day we were in this lady's garage teaching her and her neighbor (we ended up pausing them b/c they flat out told us, "we're catholic and we'll never change, but we love to listen (meaning talk)". But so we were teaching and then the verduras lady came up! This lady is pushing a grocery cart full of fresh, organic vegetables to sell to her neighbors. Our investigator then calls all her neighbors, telling them the verduras lady is here. 
There are a ton of venders out here! People walk around selling ice cream, elotes, there are a lot of fruit and vegetable stands, people standing at intersections selling bouquets of flowers, etc. Some parts of this area are truly Little Mexicos. I love it!
Classic Mira Loma- people riding horses on the side of the road

So President and Sister Mullen picked up President and Sister Hammon friday and left Saturday morning! It is super weird. Brother Mullen! :P sounds so wrong. We get to meet President Hammon tomorrow (I think just our stake) so that'll be awesome! We've already heard that he's super nice!
We live right next to a high school, so this week while weekly planning we heard their marching band (mostly their drum line) practicing. Wow. That brought back memories. And we could also hear it a little later while in a lesson outside.
Since I've gotten here, when people ask how to say my name (well either other missionaries or people who know english) I tell them it sounds like Loaf, like a loaf of bread (de pan, en Espanol). So on our blitz saturday the Elders wrote: Sisters Alvey and Loaf. Nice elders. 
Yesterday I called this referral. The English Elders told us he plays the accordian, probably for his church. So I called him and he wanted us to come over this upcoming week. Then he asks me if I sing. So I told him poorly. Then he was like, (in spanish of course) "Oh well that's ok we will practice and you'll get better. Did you know this song?" and then he starts singing some kind of Spanish christian song I'm guessing. So I'm on the phone trying not to laugh and Hna Alvey is driving but looking at me like "what is happening?" anyways I told him I didn't know that song, but that we'll stop by later this week. I'm not sure if he actually wants to hear our message, or is the English Elders unknowingly told this man that the Spanish missionaries would sing with him. We'll find out!

This week we had 11 lessons! We found 8 new investigators and put 8 people on date for baptism! It was awesome! A week of miracles! Sadly nobody came to church, so that'll be our focus for this week. Here's some of the people!
Monica was a pass off from the Riverside Hermanas. She lives in our area, but her boyfriend lives in their area. She is 18, super sweet and has a great testimony already! She was going to the ward in Riverside, so our issue will be getting her comfortable to come to the de anza ward. Her family is all really catholic, so she is a little worried about what they think. It seems like she only recently told them she was meeting w/ the missionaries. But she loves the BoM and prophets! We are exciting to be working with her!
At a pass off lesson we had with the Riverside Hermanas (aka a lovely reunion of Hna Flores and I)

We taught Maria D.- she has a ton of kittens! I was so happy! She is super sweet, but we aren't sure how willing to act or change. But she enjoys reading in the LdM with us and liked the message of the restoration!
The Alcasa family! That was crazy! We walk in, mostly trying to teach the guy most interested in the family, but the whole family was there (except the father- mostly young adult kids) and so we taught them all! It was awesome! They, especially the mother, have a strong desire to change and come unto Christ. it was awesome! The main guy, J, is pretty active in another christian church, but we put the family on date for baptism and they all said they would come to church. So we'll follow up why they didn't (they even asked for directions the night before) but we are excited to keep working with them as well!
We picked up this former of Hna Alvey's. Wow her life is super crazy. Apparently as a teen she sold her soul to Satan. So that was interesting. And now everytime she tries to come to God, bad things happen. Like the same day we talked to her, hours later her mom got in a car accident. It was weird. And there is a lot of other things going on there. But she seems to have a desire to change and learn more. So we'll see what happens. 
We were contacting some referrals and trying a less active family, and in the end found 2 new investigators! They are an older couple and rather catholic. Hermana Alvey killed it in the lesson though! Even though she sometimes feels bad about her Spanish, it really doesn't matter. She was still able to show so much love for them, bear her testimony so powerfully, that it didn't matter if her spanish isn't perfect. They ended up crying at the end of the first vision. It was an awesome experience for us both!
That's probably one thing I've learned the most this week- the gift of tongues. By serving w/ Hna Alvey, I can see better my progression in Spanish since the beginning of my mission. But I can also see how powerful and real the gift of tongues is- both for the speaker and the listener. It is crazy. Love is the universal language- however cheasy that may sound. 

There is so much work to do in this area! we have so many investigators, referrals, and potentials to try! I'm excited to be here and to work hard!

Tonight our neighborhood is having apparently a HUGE fireworks show. They'll close the main street down around 3pm. The show starts at 9. We'll see if we can get in our neighborhood and how well we can sleep.
For the 4th of July, we'll meet President and Sister Hammon and have a zone activity in the evening.
That's all I can think of for now!
I hope you all have a great week!

Answer: Who knows, but at least we didn't run it over.

Hermana Schooff

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