Monday, July 17, 2017

last minute miracles - everywhere!

Hola! Como estan?

We had a good and busy week here in Jurupa. I'm still loving it here! Here's a little of how our week went!

Monday we had a FHE activity for the ward/investigators. Sadly no investigators came, but some less active and recent convert families did. We watched the testaments (kind of awkward to watch as a missionary FYI), a couple of testimonies, and had treats.
Wednesday mornings we usually have service, but we had some appointments so we didn't go. Instead we had 3 lessons in like 3 hours! and 2 new investigators! Super productive morning! 5 lessons total that day w/ investigators! Sweet!
One of our new investigators was Chaba! haha what a funny man! the first time we saw him he played the guitar and harmonica for us and sang some of his church songs. He is pretty talented! The second lesson he pulled out his accordian (apparently I can't spell that word)! So cool! Haha we sang "Soy un hijo de dios" (I am a child of God) and he loved it. We even made a recording of us singing w/ him playing the guitar and harmonica. Jammin' for days! He wants to come to church next week to listen to our hymns. He also says he is learning a lot from us, and he also wants to teach us how to play guitar, etc. Sweet man!

This is Chaba! Accordian in hand, guitar pick in mouth. What a guy! Oh down below is the thing he uses to play the harmonica w/ no hands.

One of our investigators, J, should be leaving California today. He has some drinking issues and he wants to go back to a men's home, but his father wants him to go to one in Tijuana. J says he wants to stay for 3 months, but his dad wants him to stay for 18. So we'll see what happens. But we taught him the plan of salvation and he loved it! answered a lot of his questions! He has a great desire to change, but really needs a change of environment at this point.
Friday was a crazy busy day! We had a breakfast at the stake president's house w/ all the missionaries in the stake and President and Sister Hammon. Introductions and goals mostly. Then we had service at the old folks home. Mostly talked to the residents and then we tried to play some games with them. I was given connect 4, but the residents didn't know how to play and didn't understand. So we just put the pieces in, and they really liked when you're doing and the pieces get to fall down. Then we had interviews with President Hammon at the mission office. 
Ready for this? Play a movie in your mind as you read this. We park at the mission office. We are standing outside the door as Hna Alvey talks to her trainer (she was there b/c they were getting a new car). The door to the mission office opens. It is hermana Flores. She sees me, mouth opens from surprise. We run and hug each other. 
Wow! Wasn't that dramatic!

So yeah I saw Hermana Flores again! yay! they were also getting a new car (after dealing w/ that old chevy cruz, she finally gets a newer car!) There were so many missionaries in the office, it was a lot of fun! It is fun to be at this stage of my mission because I feel like I know so many people!
Interviews w/ President were good! Mostly getting to know each other, sharing testimony, setting goals. All good stuff! He seems like a great, loving man with a strong testimony and  a desire to work. 
Saturday we had a blitz for the Norco elders. I want everyone to go on google, serach Norco, CA. AKA Horsetown USA. No joke, that's what they call it. So we went seeking w/ faith in "downtown" Norco. In norco there are no sidewalks, instead horse trails (smelly and gross FYI). You see more people riding horses than anyone else outside. Looks like a normal neighborhood, but almost everyone has horses out back. Please, just google it. Put in the end we actually found some pretty cool people!
Yesterday we taught this young girl, Tanya. Hna Alvey had taught her before but hadn't gotten in with her in a few weeks. But we found her and she was ready to listen. She had a lot of good questions- all answered by the Restoration. It was a really good lesson and she accepted all our commitments! It was awesome! It is cool to see the Lord's timing. The Hermanas found her in her time of need one night. And within the past few weeks she has had some changes in her life, though hard, that have helped her be ready to learn of this message and be willing to make changes in her life. Super cool!
Biggest miracle of the week- church! We had a few people we were planning on going to church. They didn't come. So like 2 hours before church, we texted and called like all of the people we've had lessons with the past couple weeks and invited them. Yesterday we had 3 people at church- none of whom we thought we come! Baltazar came- even though the day before he told me on the phone he couldn't come (shoutout to the hermanos in our ward, calling him and picking him up. Not sure what changed, but there hermanos are awesome!). Monica came- even though she prefers going to the Spanish ward in Riverside where she started attending. Antonio came- right after returning from a trip in Utah and even though his daughter (who is the most solid person we're teaching) is out of town. It was awesome!
So overall this week, Hna Alvey and I had a lot of "last minute miracles". Church- all those 3 were last minute, unplanned people at church. Not the people we thought would be there, but miracles! New investigators- a lot of the new we found this week and last week were the last tries of the night. We didn't head home at 8:40PM, but we kept trying a couple more people if we had the time. And in those last minute tries, we found new investigators. Seeking- we would seek with faith either nobody interested would be outside or just nobody would be outside, until the last like 10 minutes. Then we would find cool referrals and potentials. 
The Lord rewards us for our obedience. If you show Him you are obedient, you are willing, you are working, you are doing your best, He WILL bless you. In His time of course, but he will do it. It might be in the last 10 minutes of your day, or whatever you are doing. But as we do our part, He certainly does His. 

And that was our week in a nutshell! This coming week we have exchanges. I'll be with Hna Garcia here! Yay! There is so much work to do here! WIth current investigators, referrals, potentials, less actives, part member families, etc. I just wish there was more time in the day!

Went to the mission office for interviews, found two of the favs! Actually make that 3. My amazing old comp Hna Flores, and the dream Spanish incoming team of Hna Garcia, Elder Rivas, and I. Fun times!

Hope you all have a great week!
Hermana Schooff

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