Monday, July 24, 2017

tengo 20 anos!


So I'm old now. Lame. Just kidding! It is alright! 
Not much time today....
So this week:

If you see my pictures, you'll see a ton of flies. Our homeshare was out of town and a ton of flies came in I guess when the door is open for the dog. So we came home like 2 or 3 nights and killed a ton of flies. Secret is, I'm actually pretty good. I went a little crazy too. But nothing is broken. Except for those flies. 

Looks innocent and sweet, but can kill flies like no other

Ssshh.... It's a secret, but I'm a fly killing professional now
and that was only day 1

Service this week! The elders got to build some office desks and Hna Alvey and I built a coffee cart thing. We're pretty handy. Not really. We also visited the old people again. It is always very interesting since the old people like to repeat themselves. 
2 of our investigators (father and son) work for this small company that creates small, old fashioned planes (pilots can use them after they lose their licenses). Super smart and pretty cool looking! People from all of the world buy them! The guy they work for is super rich and trying to send people to live on mars I guess.
We had exchanges this week! Hermana Garcia (she came in with me) came with me here in De Anza (where she served her first transfer). She loved being back in this area and we saw a lot of members and less actives! It was a busy, but fun day!
So in Nebraska, June bugs are big, brown bugs. In California, june bugs are huge black/green bugs that are nasty and fly around a ton and they just appeared out of nowhere! After service friday one elder caught a june bug and Hermana Garcia helped him tie a string on him to be like a leash/kite. So then this giant june bug flew around like a kite, or sometimes would go straight at the elders. so funny!
No other way to celebrate a birthday!
So yes I am 20 now! I had a good birthday! Thanks to everyone for the cards and packages! I loved them! On my birthday we had a blitz, a meeting, and tried to work as much as we could! Our dinner had to cancel on us, but it was perfect because I could choose my birthday dinner. Where did we go? To get pupusas!!! yay!!! such a good choice. no regrets. we had a good lesson that night too, description coming up. 
PUPUSAS!! <3 (shout out to the horchata next to it!)

So the people we are teaching!
Monica is doing well! We had an AWESOME lesson with her last monday. She wants to be baptized, but wants to talk to her family/boyfriend's family before picking a date. She is so ready though!!! Hopefully her family will be supportive with everything! Cute thing she told us, she has a goal to bear her testimony in sacrament meeting one day! 
Baltazar! We meet with him twice! First was just us. Remember, his first language is Mayan and Spanish is his second language. Sometimes all of us have struggles understanding each other (especially over the phone). He has a lot of hard things going on with his family and such, and it was a miracle that I could understand all he was saying about his family, finances, questions, etc. And that he could understand us! Saturday we had a lesson w/ our ward mission leader, a super awesome hermano, y obispo. It went well! They explained tithing super well and Baltazar wants to pay tithing! He came to church again and told an hermano he wants to stay in the church!
We learned J did not go to the men's home because of his dad. We have not been able to see him yet, but we'll see what we can do!
twinning w/ the stripes

We meet w/ this returning less active member who has been in jail a lot. He's in his 20's and was telling us all about gang life, jail, etc. It was a little different for me. But he is actually a really kind person and we had a super awesome lesson w/ him talking about peter walking on water
We had a lesson w/ Chaba again! He thinks we are good singers which is not true. We read the introduction to the Book of Mormon together and he loves learning more about Joseph Smith and what happened with him. Chaba always says, "I've never heard that before! Wow I'm learning a lot with you two!" 
We are working with so many people, we do not have time to see them all! we made some plans on how to get more working time and use our time more effectively! 
lots of cool things happpening in this area!
this is a pomegranate tree!

One thing I've started to do in my studies is what I call "unplanned finding" in the scriptures. If I look for a verse in the topical guide, etc. I will also read the verses around it. And I find a lot of super cool things- not necessarily about the topic I was looking for! That happened a lot this week!
One of those times was when I found a verse when Christ invited us to come as little children unto Him. We really are like little children. We have our own mind and rebel often. But really we don't know what we are doing most of the time. But even though we will all make mistakes, Christ is the perfect loving parent who always has His arms outstretched towards us. He will never send us away. He'll forgive us and love us. He knows we'll make mistakes and that we are still learning and takes us as we are and strives to help us through it all.

I hope you all have a great week! Can you believe July is almost over?
Also it started raining this morning....magical! But I want a thunderstorm!

Hermana Schooff

we are actually really bad at silly pictures

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