Monday, August 28, 2017

Adios Agosto!

Hola Hola!

Here is what happened this past week!

We had a lesson w/ Baltazar, Hna Flores' first time meeting him! We tried to explain how Christ established his church, it was lost in the apostasy, and restored through Joseph Smith using a visual aid! We have a 6 cups to make a tower: bottom 3 were apostles/prophets, priesthood, and revelation. After those we get: Christ's doctrine, ordinances of salvation. Then the top cup is Christ's church! He kind of seemed to get it, but also kind of not. He has also been super busy w/ work. But he likes his kids BoM! We're trying to help him as best as we can. At the end of his lesson he prayed in his dialect (Kan-jo-bal or something like that). Super cool! Then he taught us how to say Hermana, gracias, etc. in his dialect. Hermana is like: gwan-up. Flores is like: scha-mack. So Hermana Flores' real name is gwan-up scha-mack. Or something like that.
Speaking of names, the ASL elders finally gave me my sign name! So when I came into the zone, I told the elders that you pronounce Schooff like a loaf of bread. So my sign name is doing the same for a loaf of bread w/ one hand making the sign for the letter "s". Pretty cool!
Ahhh corn <3

Nebraska or California? Can't tell in this pic!

A lot of the first part of our week was cleaning the board: pausing investigators, contacting referrals, getting rid of potentials, etc. Not always the most exciting, but it has to get done to find more people!
This week while seeking w/ faith I think I found more referrals for the English missionaries than ever before in my mission! Good because one set just got doubled in and they could use the help!
We visited a family in the ward who have a newborn son! He name is Art and when we visited he was 10 days old! Cute!
We were about to pause this family, but then we finally got in again and had a lesson that was really good! They want to baptize their 10 month old son, but then we taught about Christ's baptism and how he was older and babies are innocent and don't need baptism. They totally agreed and completely changed their mind. They agreed to come to church, but in the end weren't there. But they seem pretty cool and super interested!
We were able to put Chaba and Antonio on date for baptism this past week! Yay!! 
Lol Chaba is just so funny and such a happy rancher/musician man. We drew out a chart of the plan of salvation and he is excited to learn more. He wants to be baptized, just wants to keep learning with us. Sadly he was playing music w/ his band yesterday and didn't come to church- when we sang "sirvamos unidas" (as sister's in zion) TWICE! he would've loved it! But he came to the end of a baptism yesterday, but didn't end up seeing anything. But we'll have another one this weekend so hopefully he can go. We see him tonight for a lesson!

The lesson we had w/ Antonio was a little crazy! Started just talking for a little bit and then this lady knocks on the door and wants to chat with him. Turns out she is a convert from like 2 years ago in the Riverside stake, and they haven't seen each other since she was baptized. So we began teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and this random member was our team up. But it worked pretty well! Antonio wants to be baptized, but is afraid of not being perfect afterwards. So there is more we'll have to teach him about that. His daughter, Leticia was also there. She seems to really enjoy being in our lessons, but she seems scared of going to church or showing any sign of commitment. A few years ago she was investigating, went to church, and apparently also got baptized. They both have so much potential, just there are at such different levels.
Hna Flores and I are enjoying the work here! The past week has been a bit of adjusting, since we both are different missionaries since our transfer together in Lake Elsinore. But this is a power companionship! Great things are going to happen!

Not much time left, but a really good talk I read this week was from April conference "Then Jesus Beholding Him Loved Him". 10/10 would recommend! 
It'll be a hot but good week! Here we goooooooooooooooo

Hna Flores calls me Hna Cho since Schooff is like impossible in Spanish

Hermana Cho (Schooff)

Monday, August 21, 2017

Flo-Scho takes Jurupa


So we were forgetful and forgot the camera cord at home.... so pictures will have to wait until next week. But Flo-Scho is alive and well!
I feel like a lot happened this past week, but we were so busy that I was terrible at writing in my journal. 
So Monday! We packed up all our stuff and literally when I was packing my last thing the APs called. They said the english trio that was moving into the homeshare was being dissolved. No trio- only 2 sisters. So they asked if we still wanted to move. I panicked and said yes. I mean I was all the way done packing anyways. So one english sister came and the other didn't until like 6:30. Not sure why. So we had to stay w/ the english sister until then. One of them had a 13 passenger van FULL of her stuff. Craziness. Missionaries: Don't be hoarders! Transfers come much quicker than you think!
Being with Hna Flores has just felt normal/comfortable. We've spent many hours laughing together this week. It was an easy adjustment- no get to know you small talk, just straight into the laughs and work. It feels just like Lake Elsinore, except we are in a different place with different people and we have a little bit more experience now. We're loving it!
Crazy- it has been like 5 months since we've been together. I hit my 6 month mark w/ Hna Flores in Lake Elsinore, and I'll hit my year with her this transfer.
Things that happened this week:
We picked up 8 new investigators! Pretty sweet! One is the boyfriend of this young adult we were about to pause, but we sat down w/ both of them. She remembered the restoration lesson we taught like a month ago SUPER well and told her boyfriend about it a few days before. They have a lot of questions and a LOT of potential. Only struggle is getting in with them :/
We taught the mother of one of our investigators. Poor things! The mother has cancer and they don't know how much time she has left, the daughter is the one with the boyfriend who is like a drug addict. So the daughter (who is in like her 30's) ran off with her boyfriend a few weeks ago and somehow the mom heard that her daughter might be in the hospital. So we only had a few minutes to teach her before they were going to try and find her at the hospital. Hopefully all is well!
Funny story: So we were contacting this referral we had. The door has a metal screen door that is locked on the outside and a wooden door that is closed behind that. Knock at the door like 3 times and nothing. Hna Flores goes to knock one more time and the wood door behind the screen door just like shoots open, but nobody opened it. So Hna yells "Buenas" (basically hello, just not hola) and this lady I guess is in her house (you often can see through these metal screen doors) and we totally scared her. Haha! It was so weird that the door flew open. I wish I could say we found the lady and had a super awesome lesson, but she wasn't there. Funny story still!
We did a lot of organize this week: in the area book, moving into our new apartment, and looking through all the material we had in the homeshare and in the car. We found over 150 plan of salvation pamphlets. just in spanish. Who orders that many??? We're not sure, but we won't need to order any for a couple of years maybe. 
Our new apartment is really nice! We have our own garage #spoiled (but I'll take it). It is the nicest apartment I've lived in so far and probably the nicest I'll have. 
This week at service at the old folks home, Hna and I got to go to "memory care" where some of the seniors have more memory issues, etc. Kind of sad, a lot of old people just sitting in wheel chairs asleep. This one lady I sat by just was shouting out random numbers, but I got to feed her a little bit of applesauce and she actually started to talk to me! She said the applesauce was delicious and her blanket was blue, etc. cool moment between all the random numbers.
Our ward mission leader, Hermano Villalobos is the best. Great man! He is super willing to help us with basically everything. He wants to be super involved in our work and loves getting updates on our progressing investigators. Shout out to him, even though he won't see this.
Antonio and Chaba came to church on sunday! And we were able to teach them both once last week. We called Chaba and he told us he looked at the hymn book we gave him and he listened to some songs online. Which was is favorite? SIRVAMOS UNIDAS (as sisters in zion in english). Hahahahaha it killed us both. He began singing it too. At the beginning of our lesson we sang it while he played the guitar and harmonica. que talento! Chaba is hilarious. 
Cool experience from this week:
We got out of this lesson and had less time to work than we expected, so we couldn't go to the other side of our area like we planned. So we prayed to know where to go/who to see. As soon as we ended I had one name come to mind immediately- Gloria. That was like the first time I ever had 1 specific name come to mind after a prayer. Turns out we had 2 Glorias who were referrals in the area we were parked. Went by one, didn't find her, but her son told us to try again a different day. The other one didn't have an exact address, but the elder who gave it to us gave us instructions how to get there. In the end the instructions weren't very good. It was dark and we were driving around trying to guess where this lady lived. Our instructions were like the first street on the right after this street. it doesn't have a name. Not quite accurate. After turning around like 5 times we went further along. We both we thinking about just trying her again when there was more light, but we tried one more time. And found a bunch of little houses to the right of the main road. We went, found the house number. No Gloria lived there, but we taught a Maria and her family. They agreed to come to church (sadly that didn't happen) and also agreed to baptism! It was a good lesson and they have a lot of potential! And then yesterday we stopped by the other Gloria and taught her! Super sweet older lady. She seems to have a good amount of potential as well! 2 great lessons!
One thing I've learned a lot on my mission is to rely on the Lord more. Yes, as missionaries we have a lot of resources. I can look at a list full of potentials and figure out when would be the best day/time to stop by and how to save the most miles and be the most efficient in contacting them. Yes my efforts alone can bring forth some success, but there is so much more success as I follow the guidance of the Spirit. We can find those people who are ready, who are home, who are waiting. We find them in the Lord's time. 
Not much else to say and not much time left!
Pictures next week!
Hermana Schooff 

Monday, August 14, 2017

hello transfer 9!

Buenos dias!
Como estan?

I wish I could easily type accents but that's too much effort.
Ojala que tuvieran una buena semana!

Ok let us just straight into the good, juicy info you all want. AKA TRANSFERS!
Well a few things happened this week that totally changed up our transfer predictions. First we got a call saying the office elders were going to drop off a third bed in our homeshare. so we were thinking trio!! (I wish!) and we learned 4 new hermanas will be coming in next transfer (end of sept.) and nobody is going home until december so they will either need to make NEW hermana areas or have a TON of trios. 
Our lovely homeshare! Mama B (Sister Burrola)! We'll miss her! Those english sisters are lucky!

Anyways here is what happened. 
Lovely hermana Alvey is leaving me :( She is headed to the spanish ward in the Riverside stake, so not too far! She'll be with Hermana Garcia.
we were matching like multiple times this week. didn't get pics of all of them #compunity
stripes & ruffled shirts

As for me, well you'll never guess. I joked about it, but never thought it'd happen. Are you curious now? My wonderful new/old companion is HERMANA FLORES!!! Once again! I'm super pumped. It'll be flo-scho once again. Flo-Scho 2.0. It'll be great!
Also we are moving out of our homeshare :( They are putting a new english trio there. So not only did Hna Alvey have to pack today, but I had to pack all my stuff and all our stuff for the area. We'll move into our new apartment (that elders are leaving- they said it is clean) this afternoon. It'll be a crazy pday! (They say the sabbath is a day of rest- well not true as a missionary. and pday, even less true.)
from last pday- a hike

Here's what happened this past week:
We had an FHE and Baltazar came! The Elders cancelled super last minute so we had to do the lesson. We talked about the Holy Ghost and focused on guidance from the Holy Ghost. We did a little activity of blindfolding kids with an Hna Schooff scarf and having them go through a lovely maze of church furniture we found and having the quiet guidance of the Holy Ghost (aka their Mom) guide them vs having no guidance. We weren't sure if Baltazar would understand, but he totally did! It was great! We gave him all the book of mormons the church has in guatemalan dialects and none work. But we gave him a child libro de mormon and he said he has been reading from it and likes it! yay! success!
Tuesday we went back to the doctor for Hna Alvey. She still had infection in her, even though she was done w/ antibiotics. So we had a few days of partial rest and 1 full day of complete rest where Hna slept the majority of the day. But by saturday she was a new hermana and felt a ton better! (good right before transfers). 
We had a lesson w/ a member family and this lady they referred us. She seemed a little surprised that we were there and wanted to teach a lesson, but she has some good questions and let us set up a return appointment.
We had dinner w/ Antonio Madrid and his young adult kids. They taught us how to make the sauce for enchaladas, etc. It was really good! Antonio went to a baptism in our ward this week and he seemed to like it! At church yesterday this hermana leaned over to him and asked when he'll be getting baptized b/c she wants to attend. He told her very soon. But later he told us he wants his daughter to be baptized with him and she doesn't seem too interested. We'll see what happens! Antonio and his kids each are on such different levels/beliefs so it makes teaching more difficult. 
the La Sierra Zone!!
A bunch of characters here....

We paused a decent amount of people this week (and more to come in this coming week). Sometimes it can seem hard, but I've seen plenty of times on my mission when you pause people who aren't acting, you'll find plenty of new people to teach.
While seeking we ran into the less active man of an english ward. He is starting up a new church w/ a few other people. We asked him why he joined the LDS church and told us this sweet story! He had this dream about a river and eating fruit from this tree, etc. Just like Lehi's dream in the book of mormon. Soon after missionaries started teaching him and he told them about this dream. They showed him that chapter in the Book of Mormon and he said his dream was the exact same thing. Then he told us just recently he started having that dream again, and then we walked by on the weekend. We gave him another book of mormon and invited him to attend church again. Pretty cool experience! We only had a few minutes to seek that day, but we looked at our map, prayed, and picked 2 streets to walk down. He was at the end of the second one. awesome!

I can't believe the 7 week transfer is over already. It went by fast! It was 5 weeks of crazy busy awesome work and 2 weeks of rest and healing for Hna Alvey. I'm so excited to be able to work with Hna Flores again. Last time she was just finished training and I had only finished training 1 transfer before her. Now we a decent bit more experience under our belts. 

Sister Fuller- senior couple who works in our stake. A HUGE help to us!

Anyways that is about it for today! Time to go get busy packing, changing companions, unpacking, and TEACHING! yay!

Hermana Schooff

Monday, August 7, 2017

our week inside


This will probably be my shortest email yet. Why? Hna Alvey was sick so we were inside for like 4 days! No bueno!
So she felt sick Tuesday and her nurse sent us to urgent care. She felt like she had a cold for the past 2 months and it suddenly got worse. She had a double ear infection, broncitus (wow how do you spell that?), and a sinus infection. Poor thing! So we got some medicine from the pharmacy (also some thai food- first time I've had thai on my mission!) and went home to rest. Over 4 days we watched basically every movie we are allowed to watch. Hna Alvey rested a lot and I made more progress in trying to complete the Old Testament. Our home share loves using natural products and stuff so she was like a mini doctor for Hermana. She used a few ear candles- crazy things! The smoke from the candle is supposed to bring up anything in your ear (including a lot of powder for hna- aka infection). She also did this foot detox thing on both of us. We put our feet in a little bit of salty water and she had this machine that I guess turned our bodies into batteries. Then it took all the toxins in our bodies and made them come out through the feet (If I'm understanding this right- which is a big if). Ew. It looked gross. She had this chart of what the different colors, etc. meant. Guess what?! My stuff said basically I have diabetes! Wow! Imagine that!
We tried to get some splits going, but it never worked out. So We had 2 lessons this week with current invesitgators.
With Baltazar we are having some struggles with his understanding. We have to find a way to teach simply and slowly, checking for understanding. Sometimes he'll get stuck on little things or not understand the big picture. But we'll keep working with him. We got 3 Book of Mormons in 3 Guatemalan dialects, so hopefully he can read one of those, but odds are they are not his correct dialect. Quiche is totally too common. But we'll see.
The 18 year old girl we were teaching, she was going to the spanish ward in the Riverside stake where her boyfriend's family attends. Well last sunday her boyfriend (who is less active) went and wanted to come again. So the two bishops talked and they are both ok if she attends that ward and is baptized there. We called her and she sounded surprised but relieved! We are so excited for her and hope to attend her baptism in the next few weeks! But sad that we will not be the ones to keep teaching her. She's so sweet!
So we basically had 1 lesson tuesday night, and worked friday night and all saturday and sunday. We stopped but a lot of families that were former investigators. We got some return appointments for sunday, but all fell through. We stopped by a ton of people though! We are excited to have a week full of work!
This past week the YW and YM had their camps, so sunday they all bore their testimonies. The YW were cute, the boys were boys. But it made me think back to all my good girls camp memories! Late nights, hikes, snipe hunting, jokes, etc. Good times!
This is week 7! The only 7 week transfer I'll have. This transfer has seriously flown by! Crazy to think if it was a normal transfer I'd likely be getting a new comp today. We are excited to have at least 1 week more together (maybe 7- who knows!). The longest transfer has gone by the quickest! Most likely I'll stay here, but there is a decent chance Hna Alvey will leave. Stay tuned!
And that's about it for now! We had a FHE activity tonight and we hope a lot of our investigators can come! Chaba might even sing/play a song for us all!

Hermana Schooff