Monday, August 7, 2017

our week inside


This will probably be my shortest email yet. Why? Hna Alvey was sick so we were inside for like 4 days! No bueno!
So she felt sick Tuesday and her nurse sent us to urgent care. She felt like she had a cold for the past 2 months and it suddenly got worse. She had a double ear infection, broncitus (wow how do you spell that?), and a sinus infection. Poor thing! So we got some medicine from the pharmacy (also some thai food- first time I've had thai on my mission!) and went home to rest. Over 4 days we watched basically every movie we are allowed to watch. Hna Alvey rested a lot and I made more progress in trying to complete the Old Testament. Our home share loves using natural products and stuff so she was like a mini doctor for Hermana. She used a few ear candles- crazy things! The smoke from the candle is supposed to bring up anything in your ear (including a lot of powder for hna- aka infection). She also did this foot detox thing on both of us. We put our feet in a little bit of salty water and she had this machine that I guess turned our bodies into batteries. Then it took all the toxins in our bodies and made them come out through the feet (If I'm understanding this right- which is a big if). Ew. It looked gross. She had this chart of what the different colors, etc. meant. Guess what?! My stuff said basically I have diabetes! Wow! Imagine that!
We tried to get some splits going, but it never worked out. So We had 2 lessons this week with current invesitgators.
With Baltazar we are having some struggles with his understanding. We have to find a way to teach simply and slowly, checking for understanding. Sometimes he'll get stuck on little things or not understand the big picture. But we'll keep working with him. We got 3 Book of Mormons in 3 Guatemalan dialects, so hopefully he can read one of those, but odds are they are not his correct dialect. Quiche is totally too common. But we'll see.
The 18 year old girl we were teaching, she was going to the spanish ward in the Riverside stake where her boyfriend's family attends. Well last sunday her boyfriend (who is less active) went and wanted to come again. So the two bishops talked and they are both ok if she attends that ward and is baptized there. We called her and she sounded surprised but relieved! We are so excited for her and hope to attend her baptism in the next few weeks! But sad that we will not be the ones to keep teaching her. She's so sweet!
So we basically had 1 lesson tuesday night, and worked friday night and all saturday and sunday. We stopped but a lot of families that were former investigators. We got some return appointments for sunday, but all fell through. We stopped by a ton of people though! We are excited to have a week full of work!
This past week the YW and YM had their camps, so sunday they all bore their testimonies. The YW were cute, the boys were boys. But it made me think back to all my good girls camp memories! Late nights, hikes, snipe hunting, jokes, etc. Good times!
This is week 7! The only 7 week transfer I'll have. This transfer has seriously flown by! Crazy to think if it was a normal transfer I'd likely be getting a new comp today. We are excited to have at least 1 week more together (maybe 7- who knows!). The longest transfer has gone by the quickest! Most likely I'll stay here, but there is a decent chance Hna Alvey will leave. Stay tuned!
And that's about it for now! We had a FHE activity tonight and we hope a lot of our investigators can come! Chaba might even sing/play a song for us all!

Hermana Schooff

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